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Perfect Pillows: How To Easily Find The Right Ones To Improve Your Living Room

Decorating your home is fun, exciting and is a true representation of how you live, who you are, and what lifestyle you lead. Whether you want a space for the family to relax in or a living area that is just for you what you feature, and what you include in the living area will determine how comfortable the room is, and ultimately how much it is used. All too often it can be easy to focus on the larger pieces such as furniture for your space while overlooking the accessories and finishing touches that finish any room off. One of the key finishing touches that are often overlooked is the use and addition of pillows and cushions. 

Good cushions and pillows can change the ambiance, look and feel of a room so their importance should not be overlooked. Getting the right pillows and cushions will ensure that your room functions, feels, and looks the same as your vision.

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Things To Consider When Adding Pillows And Cushions

Considering various aspects and elements will ensure you get the right pillows and cushions for your rooms, and for your surroundings, so take time to think about what you want and need before hitting the stores. Whether you are creating a room from scratch, or you are improving your living room, what pillows and cushions you add can make or break a design.

What Is The Color Scheme

The color of your living room will no doubt affect what color cushions and pillows you want. For example, do you want accessories to match, contrast or stand out? In a luxurious living area, you would benefit from using rich purple cushions and strong colors to display opulence. Whereas if you are going for a more neutral scheme you would be focusing on more neutral and natural colors such as whites, creams. and possibly even terracottas. The colors you use in accessories will determine what theme you ultimately want to achieve. So decide on the color, or colors that you want to use. Think about using colors that stand out and gain attention, especially if you are keeping a more minimalistic style living room.

Does The Size Matter

Are you putting pillows and cushions on a sofa, on a settee, or perhaps even on a feature armchair? How much space do you have free and how much space do you have to play with. Cushions and pillows need enough space to look effective and to be useful, so think carefully about what size pillows and cushions you want to purchase. Once you have established the size think also about how many you want. Do you want a few feature cushions to create a statement, or are you going to use cushions and pillows to create a more layered and cozy look? When thinking about the size also think about whether you want to have a mixture of different sizes, or if you just want to stick to one universal size.

Shape And Style

Pillows and cushions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from bolster cushions to mini cushions in circular shapes or rectangular shapes, the choice and selection are huge. The shape and size you choose will largely depend on the style and theme of your room so think about what look you want to create. For example, bolster cushions look more formal and can look nice in a more formal living room, whereas large square cushions can look comfy and sumptuous, meaning that they won’t look out of place in a family living room.

Filling And Inserts

Most if not all cushions and pillow inserts are fire or flame retardants so safety is not something you will have to consider. However, you will want to consider what filling and inserts you want. For example, do you want a foam or polyester filling, feather filling, or would foam balls be your insert or filling of choice? Knowing what you want your cushions to feel like will help you narrow down your search criteria which will ultimately make the whole cushion and pillow buying process a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Good quality cushions and fabrics make a house a home and you also need to look at what fabrics and materials you want to use. Satin and silk are lovely to look at but not functional in a family home. Faux fur gives you a comfortable and soft feel which is snuggly and ideal for those long cold winter months and polyester is wash, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

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