Impress Your Friends With These Simple and Easy Card Tricks

Everyone loves card tricks. But not everyone knows how to do them. Luckily for you, here are some simple and easy tricks that will impress your friends and make you look like a pro.

Learn these little-known secrets of sleight of hand, and you’ll be the one who’s always pulling out the cards when it’s time to play games!

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The Slip Cut

For this trick, you’ll need to use a card that has been previously selected and signed by your friend. Have in mind that there are decks of cards previously marked, and you can find out more about marked cards here. They can be easily ordered and easily used with their subtle markings. But if you’re not using a marked deck, the regular card can be also chosen and signed.

Start by having them hold the deck of cards in their hands, face down. Tell them to imagine that their chosen card is at the very bottom of the deck (even though it’s not). Then, ask them to cut the deck anywhere they’d like and place the top half on the bottom. 

As they’re doing this, quickly take the chosen card and insert it into the middle of the deck (between where their cut was and where the top half of the deck is). Now, have them continue cutting the cards as normal. When they’re done, tell them to turn over the top card of their pile-it will be their chosen and signed card!

The Bottom Deal 

This trick is an old classic. It’s easy to learn and puts on a good show when performed correctly. To do this trick, you’ll need about one minute of practice with your deck beforehand. You can ask any friend or family member if they want to see a magic trick – even if they’ve never played cards before

Start by having your friend choose any card from the deck and then cut it into four even piles. Take the bottom card off of the leftmost pile and place it on top of the rightmost pile. This will leave you with three piles, each with one less card than before. Now, take the bottom card off of the rightmost pile and put it on top of the leftmost pile (so you’re back to four piles). Finally, take the bottom card off of the middle pile and place it on top of the first pile (now there are only two piles). 

Your friend chooses one of these two piles, and you take the other. Swipe through the cards in your hand as if you’re looking for the card they chose and then say, “Sorry, it’s not in there. Can you check again?” When your friend picks up their pile, they’ll find their original card on top!

The One-Handed Cut

This trick is a lot of fun and looks really impressive when done correctly.

Start by having your friend choose a card from the deck and place it back anywhere in the middle of the cards. Then, have them shuffle the remaining cards as much as they’d like. Finally, have them hold the pack vertically, so the short side is facing them and takes off about half of their fingers’ length worth of cards from the top left side (this means you’ll be holding onto those that remain). 

Place your index finger on this “pile” about an inch away from where you’re cutting it off and simply lift it up-it should now look as though there’s only one card in your hand! Let your friend remove this single card for a quick surprise.

The Double Lift

This is probably the most basic card trick out there, but it’s still really impressive. To do this one, you’ll need a regular deck of cards and some practice. 

Start by having your friend choose any two cards from the deck and place them face down in front of you. Next, take the top card off of the deck and place it face up next to the first card. Now, take the bottom card off of the deck and place it on top of the first two cards (so you now have three cards – two faces down and one face up). 

Ask your friend to lift the topmost card – it will be their first chosen card. Then, ask them to flip over the next card – it’ll be the second one they chose!

These easy and simple card tricks will impress your friends, whether it be a party or just hanging out with them. Remember: practice makes perfect. If these tricks seem too difficult for you, try practicing them before trying them on someone! Have fun and good luck!

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