6 Signs Your Home Is Falling Apart

We like to think of our homes as everlasting structures that will outlive us many times over. But look at any unoccupied property, and you’ll soon see that that’s not the case. Homes fall apart much faster than you might imagine. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the signs that your home is falling apart so that you can take action now to prevent higher repair costs in the future. 

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Your Walls Are Uneven

Older homes have all sorts of problems, but uneven walls shouldn’t be among them. Usually, this indicates serious structural defects that you need to deal with immediately to keep your property safe and prevent it from falling down. Most commonly it is a foundation issue, although pressure from outside can also cause it to happen.

You Can Smell Gunpowder

If it isn’t a national holiday and you can smell gunpowder, there’s either a medieval war going on outside, or you have a problem with your electrics. 

According to experts, a gunpowder-like aroma usually comes from fried electrical circuits. Your best bet is to call out help when you smell this immediately to ensure that it doesn’t turn into a fire. Also switch off all your electrics until help arrives to prevent further damage and risk. 

Cracks Around Doorway Frames

Sometimes, the wood that comprises doorway frames warps, shrinks and changes shape. That’s usually a simple repair. But if the wood is new and isn’t exposed to moisture, it could be a sign of shifting walls, according to walesonline.co.uk

If you notice cracking, start by identifying sources of moisture and eliminate them. Then recoat with a fresh layer of paint to see if that solves the issue. 

If the cracks reappear, consult with a foundation expert. Sites like edensstructural.com provide more detail about the types of services that you can get. It may be that your foundations are moving and that’s causing the door frame to shift with them. 

Bubbling Paint

Bubbling paint is usually the result of substandard decorating. You just didn’t do a particularly good job. However, if you’re a DIY maestro, it could also be a sign of pest infestation. 

According to pest controllers, bubbles appear in paint during termite infestation. If you think that you might have a termite issue, check around your home for any shrubs or branches leaning up against it and remove them. If the problem persists, call the exterminator. 

The Ceiling Below The Bathroom Has Spots

Spots on the ceiling below the bathroom are indicative of a slow leak, usually because of a busted pipe. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find where the leak is coming from. Sometimes, it is right above the point of ceiling damage, but not always. Often beads of water can run along the outside of pipes for several meters before dripping off.

Low Pressure

Lastly, low plumbing pressure can be a sign that you have serious plumbing issues. After all, most wonder under the simple influence of gravity. However, it could be something as simple as a broken, half-open valve. 

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