How to choose the right water bottle to customize

With so many varieties, finding the right custom water bottle for your audience can be challenging. It’s important to match your audience’s needs with the perfect water bottle product for your brand. First of all, consider two of the utmost decisions. Find the right brand and suitable material that should resonate with your target audience.

There are other things to consider before choosing the perfect bottle, such as unique features, price, environmental aspects, how quickly you need it, and where it originated. This article will discuss how you can choose the right water bottle to customize. 

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Materials, Stainless steel, and glass 

Choosing the perfect material is the key to finding the right custom bottle for your audience. Stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and plastic are the four most popular bottle materials, each having its advantages and disadvantages. Your choice may vary depending on what you consider the most vital aspect of your bottle and its intended use. 

A stainless steel water bottle is gaining popularity, especially with some customers’ concerns about plastic bottles and the environment. They’re eco-friendly, extremely durable, and the metal cannot leach. If you are a dedicated hiker, outdoor enthusiast, or prefer your liquids to maintain their temperature longer, stainless steel is the way to go. The best part of it is that you can get water bottles bulk printed and customize them.

Before choosing a glass water bottle, reflect its intended use carefully. Glasses are sustainable and sleek, making them the perfect option for long-term office and home use, or even bringing to yoga. Glass bottles are an investment since they have high quality and no associated health risks. However, it is not ideal for heavy exercise or outdoor-use, since it breaks easily than other materials and is a heavier material. If you’re looking for a more lightweight preference, aluminum bottles are much lighter and easier to carry.

Aluminum, plastic, and brand  

Aluminum water bottles are the ideal choice for bikers, joggers, and travelers. They’re lightweight, so you can easily attach them to backpacks, belts, and bicycles. Nevertheless, if you need a bottle with insulation, aluminum is not the best material for you. You can choose stainless steel bottles for retaining liquid temperature longer.

With its affordability, ease to clean, and brand of designs, plastic is the most common material on the market. Nowadays, many plastic options are environmentally friendly and pose no health anxieties. They’re great for athletes, daily use, and kids and offer a brand of lid styles to match the intent for the bottle. But, note that most plastic bottles are not for insulation. Stainless is the best option for retaining liquid temperature.

Lastly, brand recognition can play a vital role in choosing promotional water bottles. Customers are likely to use a bottle from a brand they trust. You want to select the faultless brand that your audience can rely on, relate to, and trust. Look out for the top water bottle brands that may help you determine which brand is best for your audience.   

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