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Looking For a Good Sandwich? Here Are The Fast Food Chains to Check Out

Sandwiches are the ultimate comfort food, perhaps because they remind us of our childhoods when our parents used to make us lunch with love. Sandwiches are among the most versatile foods because thereโ€™s literally something for everyone. Regardless of the bread you choose, the fillings, or toppings you fancy, itโ€™s easy to make a sandwich delicious with just a few ingredients. However, some brands have perfected a freshly cut sandwich. So if you want to try the best of the best, check out these popular fast food chains below.ย 

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Submarine sandwiches have been all the rage since the Subway sandwich shop first came into our lives in Connecticut in 1965. Since then it has remained a popular choice all over the world with branches in almost every country. Subway sandwiches are cheap and can be up to a foot long. The reason for its popularity is because, as the franchise proudly states, it offers something for everyone. Offering a buffet of toppings, sauces, and the choice of a hot or cold serving, people can customize their sandwiches to their tastes. This fast-food chain is great for both the picky-eater and the Iโ€™ll-try-anything foodie. 


Itโ€™s no secret that Arbyโ€™s is one of the most famous fast-food chains in the US. In fact, its logo alone is recognized all over the world. Arbyโ€™s is the second-largest sandwich chain in America, founded in Ohio in 1964. Why do so many people obsess over Arbyโ€™s? Well, they offer every meat you could possibly want, and itโ€™s all served super fresh. The classic roast beef sandwich is so popular among meat-eaters, it has a following of its own. 

Jimmy Johnโ€™s

Jimmy Johnโ€™s franchise was founded in 1983 in Illinois, and is among the most popular fast-food restaurant chains, and has over 2000 locations across the US. Renowned for making their sandwiches with freshly made ingredients, you cannot go wrong with their delicious subs. Their meat products are all made in the United States, their bread is freshly baked daily, and they adhere to sustainable practices, making it a fan-favorite for all Americans. Aside from that, they are also one of the most affordable sandwich shops, offering a Jimmy Johns discount code, among other deals, for loyal customers. The top sandwiches that are a must-try are all the plain slims, the JJ BLT, the JJ Gargantuan, the spicy east coast Italian, and the Jimmy Cubano. 

Tim Hortons

Canadaโ€™s Tim Hortons has made a name for itself since it was founded in 1964 that there are now so many branches across America and the rest of the world, including Indiaโ€™s fast food restaurant, Tim Hottens, modeling after it. Tim Hortonsโ€™ artisan sliced sandwiches, wraps, and paninis arenโ€™t the only thing that keeps customers interested, theyโ€™re also renowned for their soups, donuts, and serve about as much coffee as Starbucks – itโ€™s that good! 

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Milkshake lovers can rejoice when they step into a Potbelly sandwich shop. This fast-casual restaurant chain was first founded in Illinois in 1977. This corporation, known for its submarines and milkshakes, is also good at offering many healthy substitutes for their meals. With multigrain bread options and many nutritious greens served in their delicious salads, you can head to Potbelly even on a diet. 

Jersey Mikeโ€™s Subs

Jersey Mikeโ€™s is one of the most authentic sandwich chains in the United States. Founded in Jersey in 1956, making it one of a very few sandwiches and hamburger joints of the times, only two years after Burger King had opened. Jersey Mikeโ€™s is known for its fresh grilled/sliced subs and gives locals and tourists a taste of the American lifestyle. Plus, the franchise has a secret menu available for customers who want to try new flavors of the chainโ€™s concoction.

You will most likely have heard of some, if not all, of these sandwich chains because not only are their delicacies highly sought after but even their names are recognized all over the world. The reason these sandwich shops always make the top of the list is that they serve fresh food, offer the best meats, and provide clean, freshly sliced veggies. They also all have a signature sub or special that keeps their loyal customers coming back for more. You can find at least one of these fast food restaurant chains in every country. So whether youโ€™re craving a heated footlong, an Italian-style panini, or a good flavorful wrap, you can find them in one of these chains with the added bonus of a snack and beverage to complement your sub. 

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