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7 Ways to Use Dollar Store Picture Frames

You may have noticed that your local dollar store has a wide selection of picture frames. You can find picture frames in all styles, colors, and sizes, perfect for all of your framing needs. But did you know that these Dollar Tree frames have more uses you may not have thought about? Take a look below at seven things to do with cheap picture frames that you can try!

Dollar Store Picture Frames

Dollar Tree Frames

1. Make table markers. Small frames are perfect for making table markers for weddings and parties. You can also use small frames to make framed place setting cards. This is a fun and frugal way to make your formal party a little fancier.

2. Frame children’s artwork. Did you child bring a special piece of artwork home? Make it look like a work of art by placing it in a colorful frame.

3. Treasure keepsakes. Did you go to a concert with your loved one? Perhaps there is a movie you never want to forget. Frame your paper keepsakes such as ticket stubs, receipts, and programs.

4. Use as dry erase boards. Place a piece of colorful scrap paper in the frame and then use a dry erase marker on the glass. It can make for a great memo board. In fact, you can grab the dry erase markers while you are at Dollar Tree too!

My Favorite Dollar Tree Frames

VIsion Printable
I do this a lot with my printables. Just this week I shared a vision map printable that I framed inside a dollar plastic frame. I’m using this in my office as decor and a friendly reminder to push me toward my daily goals.

5. Craft a dresser tray. Place a colorful piece of scrap paper inside the frame and lay it flat. It is now a dresser tray perfect for holding jewelry, coins, etc. If you wish, you can spray paint the frame first for an extra pop of color.

6. Make your business card picture perfect. A small picture frame is great for framing your business card. Display your card at trade shows, in your office, or just for yourself.

Dollar Photo Frames
7. Create a chalkboard. You can create a chalkboard by applying three to four coats of chalkboard paint over the glass. Allow to dry and then place it back in the frame. You now have a small chalkboard! Like the dresser tray, you can spray paint the frame first for even more color.

Did you ever think a simple picture frame could have so many uses? Give these tips a try and see what you can create for just $1, there is no limit to all of the fun you can have.

What do you use photo frames for {besides pictures of course}? What topic should I feature in my next 52 Weeks of Dollar Deals post?

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