5 Interesting Dog Behaviors And What Do They Mean

A lot of animal lovers love to accentuate the fact that dogs are their best friends. And who could blame them, since these adorable animals are very loyal, cuddly, sometimes a bit mischievous, but all in all wonderful?But just like any other pet, at times, theyโ€™ll be doing some things we wonโ€™t be able to understand and yet, frequently, their actions can speak louder than anything else. Even though you have not perfected the canine language, itโ€™s important to do your best to figure out what is going on.Now, if youโ€™re about to get your first puppy, or youโ€™re concerned about your dog due to his strange behavior, and you need some information, then below you just might get the explanation you long for.

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Most Common Dog Behavior And What Do They Represent?


When youโ€™re having a puppy, itโ€™s completely normal if he nips at you because they are trying to communicate with their pet parents. This normally occurs while he is playing, especially as a young dog because thatโ€™s the way they are interacting with you. Furthermore, it may also occur during training, however, if you notice that the biting has become very aggressive and without any particular reason, then you should definitely try to figure out what is going on. You do not want it to develop into something more serious.

Huffing And Puffing

It is widely known that dogs are expressive creatures and sometimes, your dog may huff and puff at you. If youโ€™re currently dealing with a huffing dog, these are the reasons behind this behavior. Let’s start with something more positive, overexcitement. This just goes to show that your fur baby is excited to see you. Generally speaking, some breeds are more prone to this than others, such as boxers and flat-face dogs. Now, this can also happen if your puppy has an underlying health problem. Although this is highly unlikely, huffing and puffing can happen if your doggo has a problem with the respiratory system, or is experiencing any pain. Sometimes, this type of behavior can be due to stress or anxiety. If this is something that occurs a lot, then maybe you should keep an eye on him to see if there is anything in particular that triggers him and causes this type of reaction. At times, huffing can arise when the pet owner leaves the house for a while and the dog is stressed because he knows that he is going to be alone.

Any Other Behaviors Worth Mentioning?

Staring At You

When your pet stares at you for a while, this means that he is waiting for a treat, wants to cuddle with you, or generally wants any type of attention. What’s interesting is the fact that some pups avoid direct eye contact.It makes them feel very uncomfortable because they perceive it as a threat. So in the beginning, just start with short eye contact with your fur baby just to be sure that he is one hundred percent comfortable with it.Furthermore, thereโ€™s an exercise thatโ€™s known as โ€œwatch or looksโ€ and it teaches them to simply enjoy looking to their pet parents for any form of instruction or direction. Moreover, this is a perfect exercise to help you with training, plus it enhances your relationship with the dog.

Being Very Clingy

It is widely known that most dogs perceive their owners as their whole world, so itโ€™s perfectly normal if you notice that your puppy is following your around wherever you go. It just means that he wants to spend every single minute with you. Now, at times, dogs can become extremely clingy (like “please don’t ever leave me, even for a split second” clingy) and if that’s the case with your pet, then it would be recommendable to do some training because he simply must know how to function even when you’re not around. So what can you do in this case? For instance, you can leave him for a short period of time somewhere where he feels safe and comfortable and then, gradually, just increase this period. Quickly, he will realize that you will come back and will not be worried so much.

Eating Poop

This is definitely one of the grossest things they do. No one knows for sure why they do it. Some may think it’s due to malnutrition, or illness, while others think it’s just part of their instinct.

Youโ€™ve probably figured out by now that dogs are wonderful creatures. Sometimes itโ€™s difficult to understand everything they do, and thatโ€™s precisely why weโ€™ve created this tiny guide to help you comprehend it better.

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