Create a Goldfish Tale

Creativity can go a long way with the right supplies! We are a technology-friendly family who likes to try new things. We recently had a fun new tripod, clay,ย Goldfish, and backdrops provided to us so we could create our own special smile-worthy scene.


Tips to Create Your Ownย Goldfishย Tale

Think outside the BOX! Yes, you should stage your scene using a box since itโ€™s affordable and easy…but think of a creative idea that your family is going to love. We decided to do a stand up comedy scene with my sonโ€™s favorite jokes. He has been on a knock-knock joke kick, and just discovered puns.

Get silly. It doesnโ€™t have to be perfect. In fact, the imperfections are going to be what makes it fun.

Go outside! We light the natural light on our patio to make our photos and videos brightly lit.


Let your personalities shine. No need to act different in front of the camera. My sonโ€™s mistakes telling his jokes are what make ourย Goldfishย tale even more special.


Not only were theย Goldfishย fun to create with, but theyโ€™re an easy snack that are always baked with real cheddar cheese. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, itโ€™s a snack that you can feel goodย about serving your kids. PLUS, the colors are sourced from plants.


Are you ready to watch and create your ownย Goldfishย Tale? Click here!


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