Car vs Truck Accident: What Are The Major Differences Between Them

A car accident is a crash involving one or more cars. It can happen anywhere – on the freeway, in a parking lot, even at home. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 5 million car accidents are reported each year.

Although people often use the word “car” to refer to any vehicle that carries passengers, it usually refers only to automobiles. Trucks are usually called semi-trucks because they have three axles and are designed for long hauls. Semi-trucks carry heavy loads of goods all over the country. They also transport livestock and other difficult cargo. We’d consider what the major differences between car and truck accidents are in this article.


Trucks Carry More Insurance

Trucks carry more insurance than cars. They’re designed to carry heavy loads and sometimes that means carrying things like livestock. Car accidents often involve only the driver and the car, but if there’s livestock involved in a truck accident, you can bet those damages won’t be cheap! Also, the injuries sustained during a car accident may require only a few days of hospitalization. However, injuries from a truck accident often require weeks or months of hospitalization.

The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted a study to determine the percentage of uninsured drivers in fatal crashes. The study found that trucks had a higher percentage of uninsured drivers – 12% compared to 8%. Trucks are more likely to cause accidents because fewer truck drivers are insured.

Car Accidents Usually Occur Due to Human Error

The NHTSA reports that the most common cause of car accidents is failure to yield. It is the difference between a car accident and a truck accident in Pasadena, CA. This means not yielding to traffic at a stop sign or red light. Other causes include speeding, impaired driving, distracted driving, and aggressive driving.

Many car accidents are caused by human error – particularly driver error. When you think about it, this makes sense. Most people are driving their own car, so they’re probably the most familiar with all of that car’s controls. When someone else is driving your car, you don’t know how it will respond to different situations or hazards on the road – another reason for choosing an experienced chauffeur service!

Trucks Are Harder to Control

Car accidents usually happen at low speeds. When a truck is involved, the speed can often be much higher – in fact, many collisions between trucks and cars end in a fatality. Trucks are harder to control than cars because they’re meant to haul heavy loads. Their brakes may need more time to stop and their tires offer less grip on the road. An out-of-control truck can easily roll over and cause serious damage to anything in its path.

Because semi-trucks are so difficult to control, it’s important that they have a ‘spotter’ when on the road. A spotter assists the trucker by providing a second set of eyes and telling them which way to move their truck if there isn’t enough room for it to fit where it needs to go.

Different Evidence Gets Presented in Court

In a car accident, you usually have the driver, passengers, and any witnesses all pointing to who was at fault. In truck accidents, there’s often a lot more evidence that needs to be presented in court. Because of their weight and size, trucks cause a lot of property damage when they get involved in an accident with a car or another smaller vehicle. You can bet that if a car and a semi-truck collided, the truck driver will not be held liable for damages and injuries. When trying to determine which party is at fault, you’ll need to talk to witnesses and take into account what they saw or heard prior to the collision.

Accident scenes for trucks are also more complicated than for cars. For example, let’s say a truck needs to make a right turn at an intersection and this is taking longer than usual due to oncoming traffic. What happens when the inevitable car comes speeding up behind them while the truck is still trying to make its turn? A collision between the two will be even more devastating!

Liability is Different

Even if you’re in a car accident with a semi-truck, the truck driver will always be held liable for damages and injuries. In most cases, this means they’ll also be cited for the violation.

In a truck accident, when there’s an injury or fatality involved, the insurance company of either party involved in the crash may try to avoid liability for this injury. The owner of the truck may have subcontracted their work out to another company – so, even though they own it, it technically isn’t theirs. Or maybe the driver was illegally hired or had a bad driving history. This is where an experienced personal injury attorney comes in!

As explained earlier, car accidents happen when drivers make mistakes. Trucks usually get in car accidents because they’re so hard to control and easier to crash into other vehicles. The aftermath of a truck accident is far more complicated than a car accident, too. When you have any doubts about what happened or who was at fault, let an experienced personal injury attorney help you out.

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