8 Must-Have Board Game Accessories

Every board games enthusiast knows the hustle of keeping them intact and in good condition. Often, small components like cards, dice, and other essential attachments required to play the game get lost, rendering the whole board useless. Fortunately, several accessories can be used to make your life easier. Theseย board game accessoriesย can be spare components for different games or organizers to store the parts in. Here is a list of 8 accessories that every board game must-have.

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1. Dice tower

When rolling a dice using hands, there are multiple ways to roll unfairly or cheat. Most cheaters have mastered the craft of dropping or sliding a die in a way that only the desired number appears. These controlled throws give one party an added advantage, which is unethical in gaming. Using a dice tower instead ensures fair and random dice rolls with every turn.

2. Game organizers

 Game organizers will save you time and can minimize the setup. Utilizing game organizers designed for specific games, players get into gaming easily and fast, without having to single all the pieces. Organizers also protect the gaming components and the game box stability, making it easy to transport games.

3. Card sleeves

Any gamer familiar with things like Pokemon or Dominion know how important card sleeves are. They are an excellent way to protect the card, especially where the secrecy of the cards is paramount or where a lot of shuffling is involved.

4. Board game tables

While most people play board games on a casual level, others take this hobby seriously. For board game aficionados, a board game table is a must-have. These tables come with sunken spaces covered with play mats, making handling different components easy. The lips on the table prevent dice and other gaming components from rolling off the board. While these boards are pretty expensive, theyโ€™ll undoubtedly transform your gaming experience instantly.

5. Poker chips

Gamers will agree that paper money is a hated component in any board game. Money isnโ€™t long-lasting, and one wind gust would cost the players a lot; therefore, most players opt to use poker chips. Poker chips are readily available, portable, and less risky to carry around. Some gamers use custom metal coins, too, instead of paper money.

6. Turntables

When playing, especially on bigger tables, reaching out for this or that can sometimes be irritating. However, having a turntable makes it easy to grab whatever you need without disrupting the game. You need to spin it around, get what you need, and pass it over to the next player.

7. Dice trays

A dice tray is a must-have where a game requires you to roll one or two dice. Dice trays are essential when rolling a big pool of dice. This is a great way to contain your dies in one area for better result assessment. The growing popularity of metal dice is also a great way to protect your gaming surface from being damaged by the sharp edges.

8. Lapboards

Hand out some dry-erase boards, erasers, and markers to all players before the game starts, and youโ€™ll be stunned by how useful they get. With these boards, players can do quick calculations, draft secret messages to their counterparts, take notes, doodle in between breaks, and so much more.

Board game accessories are not only a fancy addition, but also make your gaming experience pleasurable. They are also vital for fast and smooth gameplay, leaving you more time to play the game rather than looking for lost pieces. Check out the different accessories available in the market and keep increasing your collection. Be sure to bring one of these items to your next game night and watch the transformation and difference they make.

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