6 Signs That You Found a Good Lawyer for Your Case

If you are in trouble with the police or need to make a claim against somebody, then you will need to find a good lawyer. There are lots of ways that you can find a good lawyer, from browsing directories to asking friends for referrals. Unfortunately, not all lawyers are good. Some are lazy, hurried, and frankly underqualified. Itโ€™s important to go to great lengths in order to find the perfect lawyer.

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In this article, we will present six signs that indicate that you have found the lawyer thatโ€™s perfect for your case:


The perfect lawyer will exude professionalism. Itโ€™s very easy to tell when youโ€™ve found a lawyer whoโ€™s not up to scratch because they wonโ€™t appear professional. They might swear, they might not dress formally, and they might be over-friendly. A good lawyer will always be dressed appropriately, will always speak clearly and concisely, and will keep your relationship purely professional. If you find yourself stuck with a lawyer who displays any unprofessional characteristics, then itโ€™s worth looking elsewhere. If you find yourself stuck with an unprofessional lawyer, you canโ€™t guarantee that they wonโ€™t take shortcuts with your case.


A good lawyer will also be compassionate. If theyโ€™re compassionate and show that they care [in a professional way], then you can be certain that theyโ€™re going to fight for you. In addition, if your lawyer shows compassion for you, you will find it much easier to speak to them and reveal the details of your case. However, if a lawyer is overly compassionate and appears too emotional then it should be a red flag. Your lawyer shouldnโ€™t break down in tears when they discuss the details of your case. Thereโ€™s a fine line. If your lawyer crosses it, donโ€™t hesitate to cut them off.


A lawyer should have time to manage all of their cases. While you wonโ€™t be your lawyerโ€™s only case, you should receive the priority and attention that you deserve. This is a sentiment shared by the injury lawyers behind the Callahan Law Firm, who only take on a specific number of cases so that theyโ€™re able to focus on all of their clients. This is something you should be looking for in a lawyer. If your lawyer is overburdened with cases, then they wonโ€™t be able to fight for you as effectively as they should be doing.


When we say aggression, we donโ€™t mean physical aggression. Instead, what we mean is that your lawyer should fight aggressively for you to receive the justice that you deserve. If your lawyer doesnโ€™t fight for you, then thereโ€™s no point in hiring them. Itโ€™s their job to ensure that you get the best result in your case. This is something that can only be achieved if they fight tooth and nail for you. Whether itโ€™s in the courtroom, over the phone, or even in emails, make sure that your lawyerโ€™s a fighter. If they appear lazy or donโ€™t seem interested in fighting for you, then give them a pass.

A good way to find out how aggressive your lawyer is is to examine their previous cases. You can often find this information on the internet, complete with court transcripts and the caseโ€™s outcome.

Analytical Skills

Itโ€™s very important that your lawyer has good analytical skills. Your lawyer needs these so that they can deal with your case more effectively. Lawyers have to absorb large quantities of information every day. They then have to break this information down, filtering out the unnecessary bits and distilling it. Itโ€™s crucial that your lawyer is able to do this, otherwise, your case could be impacted. They will need to analyze everything, from your witness testimony to the person youโ€™re claiming against [or the person claiming against you] and the testimony that they give.


Itโ€™s very important that your lawyer isnโ€™t a quitter. Your lawyer needs to push on, persevere, and smile in the face of adversity. If they donโ€™t persevere then you donโ€™t stand a chance. No legal case is simple, there are always barriers to overcome. For example, if you are convicted of a crime that youโ€™re truly innocent of, if your lawyerโ€™s a quitter then they might not have the energy or perseverance to take it to appeals, where you could be released and beat your case. You can tell how determined a lawyer is by examining all of the other qualities that we have mentioned in this article. Determination equals perseverance.

Once youโ€™ve found a good lawyer, you need to stick with them. Use the information thatโ€™s contained on this page to find that lawyer. Donโ€™t hesitate to tell a lawyer you donโ€™t want to hire them if you believe theyโ€™re not right for you.

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