3 Common Legal Services

If you think you need legal representation, the first step to hiring a lawyer is to know what expertise you’ll need. Here are three common types of legal representation.

1. Family Law

Family law is a wide umbrella for many different familial situations. These include divorce, property sharing and custody disputes. An experienced family law attorney may have expertise in one area under this umbrella or in all of them. This type of attorney should be able to walk people through the legal processes related to their situations and take the reins in situations that have many moving parts, like custody arrangements and property sharing.

If you’re in a situation like one of these, you might look into a law firm like Cordell & Cordell law professionals

2. Personal Injury Law

Because Cordell & Cordell specializes in family law, this wouldn’t be an ideal firm to choose if you’re involved in a personal injury case. Instead, you should choose an attorney or firm experienced in personal injury law. Personal injury lawyers are adept at gauging what solution would be fair to both parties and collaborating with the opposition to reach the best compromise to help both parties get the justice and compensation they deserve.

3. Criminal Law

This is the kind of court case most people have heard of. Criminal law encompasses all crimes, from shoplifting to murder. Criminal law is usually tried as a crime against the state, rather than another individual, so the prosecutor will represent the state in the courtroom. The defendant has a right to choose a defense attorney to represent him or her. This can be either a private attorney or a public defender. Either one should have sufficient expertise in defending the type of crime his or her client is accused of.

Knowing which type of expertise you’ll need can help narrow down your search for the best attorney for your situation.

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