Top Places To Buy A Condo In Florida In 2021

For people who love luxury and class, getting a condo in a megacity with a very nice view is something that’s most likely to be on their checklist. Sometimes, it’s not just about getting a condo but making sure it is situated in a good location and has a premier interior design. That’s where the bulk of the challenge is. 

Some cities are usually preferred for an apartment like this such as Florida. Florida is the home to several amazing cities that attract tourists and vacationers throughout the year. It has fantastic locations across the state for both short and long-term renters who want unique experiences. The state is well-known for its incredible beaches, diverse culinary cultures, and breathtaking architecture.

Every year people migrate to the state partly due to its favorable tax laws and low employment rates. One thing is certain in Florida – both homeowners and renters are winning. Need loans when you are in Florida? Find Space Coast Credit Union near me here. We’ve put together a shortlist of top places where you can get a condo in the state and enjoy all the perks that come with it.

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  1. Captiva Island

If you’re an adventurous person, then this is the place for you. Captiva Island is an exclusive part of Florida that should be on your list. Despite being only 5 miles long, it still remains big on its luxurious appeal. 

Its secluded atmosphere makes the luxury it offers more enticing to several visitors. Time basically gets slow down there making it convenient for you to get back to important matters. An Aria On The Bay condo would be perfect in this location. With the amazing sunsets, you get to appreciate nature and all the little things more than you’ve ever done. Essentially, Captiva Island is an island that shows you what a vacation should truly be. 

Apart from the scenery, there are several activities vacationers can look forward to such as dolphin and wildlife cruises, magnificent sunsets, beachcombing, and kayaking.

  1. Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach

It is known for its significant riverfronts and many other provisions. They are ideal for vacations and an adventurous lifestyle. Fort Myers may not be considered as the big city life, but it has most of the places and activities that make up a city. 

Baseball lovers would fall with Fort Myers as it is home to the popular Boston Red Sox and it’s a great opportunity for lovers of the game to connect here. This place can also serve as a private place to enjoy your vacation as it is separate from mainland Florida.

  1. Bonita Springs

Located in the Southwest of Florida, Bonita Springs is widely known for its gulf beaches and parks. This is a place for you if you’re a lover of nature,  with a mix of luxurious living. It is well known for its white-sand beaches and is easily accessible to people. 

You may decide to move here for a vacation or live there as it is has a subtle and quiet feel. They also have tour-worthy and popular destinations such as the Barefoot Beach Reserve Park, Bonita Nature Place, Everglade Wonder Gardens, which all make visitors more attracted to this place.

  1. Naples

This is a beach community that’s not only breathtaking, it is also one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. They’ve got the second-highest number of six-figure earners per capita in the country. It is widely known as a great destination for holidays in close competition with the Everglades and Ten Thousand Island. 

Buying a condo or any real estate for that matter in Naples would be very profitable because of how often property values have increased in past years even up till now. Irrespective of the season, there is a renter for it. 

  1. Orlando

Its proximity to the famous Disney World and generally low real estate cost make it one of the best places to get a condo. The hotels in Orlando are usually quite expensive, so getting a home for yourself even when you’re not in town would be a great investment for you. 

The apartment can be rented out to vacationers when you’re not around or you can even make use of a home-sharing service. If you’re probably looking to just buy so you can rent it out, you would need to do your research on long-term condo renting to be on the safe side. 

Deciding where you want to buy a vacation property means you must take all the various factors associated into consideration. One particular factor that stands unique out of the rest is location. Getting a beautiful condo in the wrong location is a bad investment for you.

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