The 10 Best Family Pets

Choosing a new pet for the family can involve consider their activity level, your budget, your family's schedule, and type of living arrangements- yours and what might me needed for a new pet! This whole process can be overwhelming because there are so many different choices. However, don't be too overwhelmed. Whatever your lifestyle is there is a perfect family pet just for your lifestyle! Let's go over them below!


Dogs can be a great pet for people of all ages. They are loving, gentle, and extremely loyal. Dogs can also have a great bond with their human companions. The main challenge with owning a dog is that they are high maintenance pets. Some dogs require grooming, brushing, but all require routine vet visits. Dogs also bark and need training. It's part of being a dog owner, but they make great family pets.


Cats can be quite independent as a family pet- and sometimes moody. They can also be left alone by themselves for quite a while. Cats are not usually prone to separation anxiety and love spending time by themselves. They do also require vet visits but are relatively low maintenance. If you are traveling, you might just need a pet sitter to look in on your cats once a day or every other day, depending on the type of feeder you have, to change out litter, freshen up water bowls, and refresh the food.


Hamsters are one of the most common first pets given to children. These animals are very sensitive and do require very delicate handling- so make sure you supervise young children when they handle their hamsters. These pets can have all different types of personalities. Some can be playful and engaging and others prefer to be left alone in their cage. When picking out a new hamster, make sure you observe which one might be best for your new family pet.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are also a common first pet for their children. They are often quite playful and bigger than their hamster friends. First time Guinea Pig owners should be warned- Guinea Pigs require a nice spacious enclosure. They love to run around, so make sure the enclosure is not only big enough for them, but big enough for them to have some play time too!


Rabbits are very smart and as a bonus- they can be trained to use a litter box! Rabbits do need playtime and need time outside of their cages and enclosures each day. Depending on the climate, some owners have outdoor enclosures, but this isn't appropriate for all areas. Rabbits are very smart and can make a great family pet!


Hedgehogs are a unique- and very in- demand pet! They are small, but don't confuse being small with low maintenance. Hedgehogs require a lot of care and can be prone to a lot of health issues. They also have a specialized diet and require special food that contains proteins and vegetables. Despite this, they can be quite a fun and a unique pet to have! 

Pot-Bellied Pigs

Pot- Bellied Pigs make amazing family pets! Pigs are very clean animals, even cleaner than dogs or cats. The most popular type of pig is the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, due to their tough skin, which resists fleas and parasites- and they're also quite small!


Birds can make very pretty family pets. They can also bring a comfort into your home with their melodies. Ideally, they're a great companion for small kids or an elderly family. You never need to physically handle a bird- simply watching them can help you feel relaxed! Training a bird however can take a lot of patience and time, so be prepared!


Tortoises are very low maintenance and easy to care for. The primary considerations when getting a Tortoise are their food and their space. Tortoises have an enormous appetite and need a constant supply of fresh fruits and veggies. They also need a large enclosure, preferably outdoors.

Bearded Dragons

You also may want to consider a bearded dragon as a family pet! These reptiles can look fierce but they are very gentle and sweet creatures. They also can develop a strong bond with their owners. They also love to be held! “Beardies” are they are often called are a great first reptile pet.

The perfect family pet is out there! There are many choices out there for every type of lifestyle and preference for your family unit, so it might require some research before your bring home the perfect companion, but we trust you'll find one. 

What family pets do you have? Leave a comment below!

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