Signals that your roof require repair

Delaying roof replacement or roof repair can result in several other problems that might be both expensive and time-consuming. While nobody wishes to hear that their roof requires work, looking for pointers that the roof is developing problems and addressing the issues on time can save you money in the long end. The following are some of the signs that your roof needs repair.

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Light in the Attic

If light from outside starts beaming through to your attic, the chances are that your house requires roof repair and requires it quickly. The presence of light entering your attic is a sign that there is a serious roof problem. If you see light rays entering the attic, it means that water can also enter through the same paths. The problem could be an issue of replacing the shingles or might imply the rotting of plywood.

Your energy bill suddenly increases

After several summer and winter seasons, you most likely know your cooling and heating monthly bill. If the bills begin to be unusually high, there is a possibility that the roof requires attention. When air leaks through a hole in your roof, the interior temperatures become uneven. Your HVAC system has to work harder, thus the extra utility costs. 

Chimney or flashing issues

When the flashing of your roof cracks or becomes loose, you must contact an experienced contractor like Austin roofers to have it fixed. The moment your flashing develops an issue, it brings moisture in contact with the chimney- this may result in more serious damage. 

Sagging Spots 

Any section of the roof that seems to be sagging requires repair immediately. A sagging roof is basically due to trapped moisture that leads to the rotting of boards. You, therefore, should check for sagging spots and If you notice such areas, contact certified and experienced roofing professionals such as Austin roofers to get your roof repairs.

Visible Shingle Damage

Regularly examine the shingles for signs of curling and cracking. Missing shingles is also that you’ll need an indication that your house’s roof requires assessment to find out the appropriate roof repair. Problems with shingles often mean they have outlived their lifespan and require replacement. The more shingles that are in bad condition, the more the roof damage.

Critters in the Attic

Wild animals putting up in the attic may cause havoc on your house because they tear up insulation and chew the wiring. Animals will identify easy entry points into the house in cold months to get a place where they can stay warm and nest. If animals are in the house, they might be entering through a damaged roof section.

Green Spots

When water settles on the roof, it might result in moss growth, especially if the roof is under tree shade. When fungi and moss accumulate on the roof, it means that moisture is escaping or evaporating.

A little mold and moss here and there is not something to worry you. However, large areas of plants might signal possible rot. If you take a stiff brush and gently remove the green spots on the roof, then notice rotting underneath, you should immediately contact a roofing professional.

Granules in Your Gutters

Roofs with asphalt or composite shingles use granules on the outermost layer. Such roofs can wear and shed off over time. Coming off of a few granules is normal. However, piles of granules might be an indicator of serious roofing issues.

Stains on your and walls and ceilings

If you have a leaking roof, it can result in water stains accumulating on the ceilings or walls in your house. These ugly stains look not only disgusting but also signals a serious roofing problem.

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