Seven Hacks To Ace A Glossy Makeup Look

Makeup is more of a trend than needed these days. Every girl indulges in various makeup looks of their choice and style. Although bold and colorful makeup looks are rising daily, minimalist makeup still dwells in the hearts of many people. 

With the emergence of the K-pop world throughout the globe, their glassy skincare routines and makeup looks are also going viral. You can see several glossy makeup ads popping on your screens while playing on the Casino mobile because that attracts attention immediately. 

You can achieve that beautiful glossy look with the right makeup and skin prep. Let’s crack a dewy face with a few easy hacks:

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Prep Your Skin With A Skincare Routine

Skin prep is of utmost importance for a smooth foundation application. If your skin is dry, the base gets cakey and cracks to form lines while you speak. So follow your skincare routine before diving into the makeup application. 

To prepare your skin, cleanse, exfoliate, mask, and incorporate a light face oil to restore the texture. Following a hydrating nighttime routine beforehand is also a good habit for a nice makeup look.

Incorporate A Hydrating Serum and Moisturizer

After the skin prep, layer a hydrating serum to restore the lost moisture from your skin. Your daily routine at work or school can take a toll on your skin and suck out the natural water to dull and dry your skin. You need to revitalize your skin cells with a hydrating serum matching your skin pH.

When you have sensitive or dry skin, apply a light layer of moisturizer based on your skin’s nature. For instance, if you have dry skin, you should prefer a water-based cream but an oil-based lotion for oily skin. 

It’s Time To Put On A Primer

Primer is another essential step to minimize the pores that can make your skin texture look rough. Applying the primer not only smoothens the roughness but also helps your skin to contain the foundation much better.

Remember to select an excellent primer that suits your skin and doesn’t cause breakouts. You can always use a patch test or consult your doctor if you already deal with breakouts or sensitive skin. 

Apply The Right Tone Foundation

The right foundation tone can make or break your look, no matter how beautiful your dress is. For a glossy look, you must apply a light layer of foundation. Avoid too heavy coverage as it can make your face look aged.

When choosing a foundation, you should know your skin tone and choose according to it. Applying too bright a foundation can make your skin look grayish with time. You must select the proper manner that matches your natural color.  

Add Rose Or Peach To Cheek And Eyes

You can add a little color to your cheeks and eyes for minimalist yet glossy makeup. You must know of trending sunkissed looks, right? You can achieve it, too, by adding a little tinge. This is an important step that you can accentuate by adding a light layer of vaseline to add the gloss. 

Accentuate CheekBones With Highlighter

Highlight your cheekbones with shiny silver, golden or rosy colors to match your dress. Excellent coverage of highlighter can work wonders to accentuate your glossy makeup. Highlighter applications are like slots for iPhone that turn your dull look into an attractive and fun one.

Final Touch Ups 

Lastly, you need the final touch-ups, like mascara, to have a breathtaking shadow of your beautiful lashes kissing your cheeks under the sun. And match a transparent or rose-colored lip gloss to close the deal for the day. 

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