How To Make Your Drinks Look Fantastic: Try A Customized Style

Everyone knows that customizing your bottles will make the drinks look fantastic. In order to customize, you need a custom water bottle design and custom labels. To see how this can be done, read on for some helpful information!

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Pick An Eye-catching Shape 

First of all, to have this custom design, you’ll first need to get a hold of some water bottles. The shape is the first thing you need to think about when making customized bottled water and it should be eye-catching. To choose the right one, you should take your custom design into consideration. For example, if you have a custom-designed water bottle that is shaped like an octagon then it’s just not going to work for the type of design that I’ll show in this blog post.

Picking a custom shape for your water bottles is an awesome way to add a customized feel and look to them that will help the design stand out from all of the other similar-looking drinks in stores or at events! Pick one that will fit perfectly with your custom-designed bottle so you can have a good time taking it around everywhere. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when picking these shapes because there are no limits on what kind of custom designs you could come up with using this method, which makes them even more fun than they would otherwise be!

Pick A Good Font 

Next, you’ll need to pick a good font for your custom bottles. Once you pick a custom water bottle and add text to it, that’s when you’ll need to choose the right font. There are many different fonts out there; some will look better than others depending on size and word combination. 

Special-looking fonts could look great with custom labels! Try them all (there is no extra charge) until you find one that looks perfect for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Here’s a list to choose from: 

  • Papyrus
  • Comic Sans
  • Tahoma 
  • Century Gothic 
  • Malibu Script
  • Times New Roman 

Don’t Have Too Much Text

Always be concise with the message on your custom water bottle. You don’t want to make them cluttered because it will not be aesthetically pleasing to look at, nor will it seem very professional or clean-looking for customers who are looking into customizing their own drinkware.

Your custom print should have a style that is easy on the eye and quick to read so you can get straight down to business with what’s important. Why are they there in the first place! For example, if someone customized their bottle online then they might be scrolling through hundreds of different designs which all contain too much text. 

A short, simple message should be enough. Custom water bottles are a fantastic way to add custom print touches to your drinks and they look great in photos – so remember not to have too much text! 

Choose A Good Color Palette 

Be careful when customizing custom water bottles. You want your design to look good, not cheap or tacky. If you don’t like the colors of one color palette, try another! The great thing about customizing custom water bottles is that there are no rules and it’s just as easy as downloading a new template onto your computer screen and resizing it if need be.

Combine only two colors for a custom water bottle, unless you’re looking to make your custom bottles look funky and cartoonish. That’s not what you want. You will need at least one color that represents the brand or company logo that is being printed on the custom bottled water.

Make A Fun Design 

Have some fun with your design! There is so much you can do! You could draw a picture, write something that inspires you or makes your day better. If you want to be extra creative try making custom stickers out of rub-on transfer paper and drawing on them with a permanent marker before sticking them onto the bottle. You could also use custom vinyl stickers. 

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is usually better when designing custom water bottles. Try customizing your own bottle or having a custom design made to make the perfect product for you! Sometimes, more is less, so customizing a custom water bottle should be kept to the basics. Try keeping it simple by customizing with your name or initials, corporate logo, or other small design elements that are easily engraved on the surface of the custom water bottle.

Having a personalized custom water bottle made is definitely worth it since they will last for years and look great while doing so! You can choose from our range of colors, shapes, sizes, styles, and materials to get exactly what you need out of your custom products! Make one now, and enjoy the benefits of your new, eye-catching product!

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