Everything You Need to Know About Wall Stickers

If you are tired of seeing the same old boring walls in your home, then you are not alone. Given a chance, most people would opt to personalize their walls into something that makes a statement. However, when someone thinks of the cost of paint and labor plus enduring the smell, they opt not to change a thing. All the same, you do not have to settle for less when you can get better.ย 

Wall stickers with various designs and graphics are the new interior decorating item. They are low-budget art that will bring a beautiful vibrant look to your space. Read through this piece to learn more about wall stickers and how they can help you transform your space.

1. Various Types Are Available 

When it comes to wall stickers, there is something for everyone. These include themed stickers like childrenโ€™s cartoons, animal and floral themes, tribal and religion, comedy, and sports, just to name a few. As seen at aspectwallart.com/star-wall-stickers-star-decals/, you can also go for personalized decals to give your wall dรฉcor a personal touch. Stickers with inspirational phrases and quotes can make a great way to express your views, beliefs, or character.

The diversity gives you a wide area to do your selection from; and for different rooms. The greatest advantage of these stickers is their inclusivity. For all your taste and preferences, there will always be a sticker expressing that. Besides, they are also available in different sizes, from small ones to large wall murals. You can get them from your favorite stores or conveniently order them online to save time and money.

2. They Are Easy to Apply and Remove

To some people, the thought of redecorating can cause a migraine. However, wall stickers can help put your mind at ease. Everyone in your household including children can install them. How amazing is this? This also means that you can have a family bonding moment while installing the stickers on your walls.

The sticker has an adhesive side that sticks easily on your clean, drywall. To place the sticker, just peel off the waxy paper from the adhesive, place it on the wall, and smoothen it out. If you are the type who keeps changing your mind, do not worry. The wall stickers can be removed easily with no sweat. For easy removal, experts recommend using a hairdryer or heat gun to apply some heat.

3. They Are Not Harmful

Most people avoid stickers because they are afraid of them affecting the walls. Unless your walls have wet paint, then you have nothing to worry about. The wall stickers do not contain any chemical that can negatively react with your surface. The adhesive material is like dirt from any other substance so it eventually comes off. Also, stickers do not pose any threat to the person installing them. They do not have chemicals nor do they emit waves that can cause a health hazard. This makes them people and environmentally friendly.

4. They Stick on Specific Surfaces

Every great thing has its limitations. For stickers, they only work for smooth and lightly textured surfaces. These include painted walls, glass windows, tiles, and metals. These surfaces have to be weather resistant in terms of heat and water. This is why you have to think it through before placing stickers on your bathroom walls. For surfaces like brick and other heavy-textured walls, the sticker may fall off soon after application.

In case you have wallpaper walls, the stickers will adhere but getting them out without destroying the paper wall can be a bit challenging. Also, if you have freshly painted your wall, do not put the stickers immediately. They may blend with the wet paint, which may result in uneven surfaces during removal.

5. They Can Last Long

It would be an exaggeration to say they are long-lasting but, the truth is, they give you good service. Depending on how you care for them, they can last up to 3 years. Considering their affordability and benefits, this is a fair deal. When cleaning wall stickers, you should avoid using detergents or soaps with acidic components. Just by use of a sponge and cool water, they will be looking new. 

Also to avoid peeling or fading, you should not expose them to extreme weather. Water causes them to peel off. When constantly exposed to the sun, it can lead to sun fading. This is where they appear dull or darker compared to other areas with less sun. Therefore for long-lasting stickers, place them on non-greasy walls and take care of them.

The time to let your creative side and personality show on your walls is now. Go ahead and give your home the long-overdue makeover, layered with beauty and sophistication. The amazing thing is that it is a cost-effective method to achieve this. When it comes to wall stickers, the only limit is your walls!

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