Easy Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Water Is Safe To Drink

Water covers the majority of the globe and also makes up the majority of humans, given that water makes up about 60% of the human body. We all know how vital water is for a variety of reasons. Water is essential for a variety of biological functions, thus it pervades every aspect of our existence. When we brush our teeth, make coffee in the morning, and wash our fruits and veggies, we receive water. Water is something we utilize in a variety of situations throughout the day. 

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When our water is treated at the local treatment center, it travels for miles and miles via ancient pipes, where it may take up a variety of pollutants, including lead, which is why knowing more about the quality of water we use is so essential. One out of every ten individuals on the planet cannot be certain that their water is safe to drink, for sewage and feces-contaminated water is frequently the result of poor sanitation, insufficient protection of drinking water sources, and poor hygiene. The consequences of these infections are enormous and terrifying. Diarrhea caused by contaminated water is one of the major causes of death in children under the age of five all over the world.


The first step is to obtain a TDS meter. TDS stands for total dissolved solids, and it indicates how much additional material is present in the water. A TDS meter is useful since it is a low-cost technique to determine your water’s baseline level. These cost around $15 on the internet and can be used over and over. Simply switch it on and place the tip in the water you want to test. It’s preferable if the number is as low as possible. The cost of distilled water is nothing. Anything over that, up to a hundred, is deemed OK, but anything above that is called hard water. Anything above 400 is something you should avoid. That’s an excessive number of additional particles.

Water Filter Pitcher

By purifying your drinking water, a decent water purifier pitcher can address your problem and also save you precious time and energy. These contemporary pitchers may make your life easier by removing the burden of water purification and allowing you to stay hydrated at all times. You may be unsure which choice is ideal for you because the market is full of various options. You can check this water filter review and decide quickly which one to purchase and be sure your family and you are consuming safe and clean water. This appliance should find itself a part of your kitchen as soon as possible, since the rewards of it are great, and the security of your beloved ones is almost assured.ย 

Test Strips

The strip test will tell you what’s in the water, whereas a TDS meter will read the total dissolved solids. Submerge the strip fully in the water you’re testing. Swirl it for a few seconds, then remove it to notice how the color swatches vary depending on how concentrated certain elements are. Every type of water will react differently, thus it’s critical to test it on the water you’re drinking. If something stands out, you can buy a more advanced testing kit, which, while more expensive and only single-use, is more accurate and can give you a better assessment of specific problems with your water. PH, total alkalinity, copper, nitrate, nitrite, bacteria, and lead are all tested using this specific kit. 


Boiling water for drinking, cooking, and making ice cubes is a basic process that is frequently done incorrectly. There are only two simple actions to take. To begin with, slowly growing bubbles are insufficient. To guarantee the proper elimination of all germs and dangerous organisms, the bubbles must continually roll and tumble over each other throughout the whole pot. Second, before beginning your timer, make sure the water is continually rolling. All you have to do is wait two minutes after it first begins rolling until your water is ready. Now that it’s clean, wait for it to cool before taking your first drink.ย 

Clean water is still a valuable and frequently rare resource, for which many are ungrateful. Unfortunately, there are still 800 million people in the world who do not have regular access to it. However, continuing advancements in water treatment, on both a big and local scale, can help to alleviate many hazardous situations. Implementing adequate mechanisms where they’re needed and paying close attention to those that currently exist will meet one of our most fundamental human requirements and save the water without which life wouldnโ€™t be possible. 

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