7 Fun DIY Vanity Mirror Projects to Try at Home

Every person should look in the mirror daily to ensure they are well groomed and ready to meet other people. However, many vanity mirrors are boring and detract from the overall look and feel of the room. The following ideas may be used to dress up the vanity mirror and give the room a look all its own. 

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Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror With Light 

Start with a vanity mirror and dress it up with the help of light bars. The dimensions of the mirror dictate the size of the light bars, but bars with three to five lights look best in many cases.

Position the mirror on the wall in the desired location. Next, install the light bars on either side of the mirror and wire them into the household electrical system. The process takes little time, and the setup looks amazing.

This is only one of many ways lights can be used to dress up a vanity mirror. Be sure to check out the different configurations that can be used to create a lighted mirror everyone will love.ย 

Mosaic Tile Vanity

Dress up a mirror with mosaic tile. Choose tile colors that complement other elements in the room. Cut the tiles into the desired shapes, and attach them to the edges of the mirror with double-sided mounting tape. The use of this tape ensures the mirror can be changed in the future if the owner decides to change the decor in the room. 

Farmhouse-Style Vanity

Choose a mirror with a rustic wooden frame. While this mirror may be used alone, adding farmhouse-style lights will provide an added touch that is sure to be admired. A three-light scone is ideal for this purpose. 

Pick a scone that fits with other design elements in the room. Have it installed above the mirror. Now, step back and admire how amazing it looks. 

Add an Inspirational Saying

Parents often choose this option when decorating a mirror in their child’s bedroom or bathroom. They use this quote to remind the child of how much they are loved every time they look in the mirror. The parent can choose anything they think will bring a smile to the child’s face, and many parents choose to use a quote they want their child to live by.

Provide a Backdrop

Rather than mounting the mirror to the wall, install art or another object that may be used as a backdrop for the mirror. Once this object is in place, mount the mirror to the object. This may be a geometrical shape, a board covered in fabric, or anything the homeowner desires. This is an excellent way to dress up a room without taking up valuable floor space. 

Multiple Mirrors

Why settle for a single mirror when multiple mirrors can be used? Choose mirrors of different sizes and mount them on the wall in a pleasing configuration. These mirrors don’t need to match. A person can choose different shapes and sizes for a unique look that others will want to copy. 

Tabletop Mirror

Who says a vanity mirror must be mounted on the wall? Try something new and place the vanity mirror on the countertop with a holder. Choose or craft a decorative holder that fits with the theme of the room. This holder must be appropriately sized for the mirror, but the mirror edges may hang over the edges of the holder if it is strong enough. 

Try different techniques with the mirror to see which will look best in the room where the looking glass is located. There are countless easy ways to dress up this essential household item. It’s simply a matter of finding one that enhances the space. 

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