Best Time To Post An Instagram Reel For Better Engagement

The ever-growing environment of Instagram has allowed its billions of users to never miss out on the numerous digital opportunities it offers. Instagram plays a significant role in influencing the behavior of the audience, and reels are now the latest trend to follow. Instagram has opened doors for businesses to reach out to a global community.ย 

Every brand wants to get organic growth and keep a constant focus on quality content and consistency in posts, but they also resort to options like buy Instagram reel views, followers, shares, or likes to reach the pinnacle of success. These services purchased from a trusted service provider help to gain traction and reach the target audience at the right time. 

The decisions of Instagrammers are highly influenced by the relevance, entertainment value, popularity, and knowledge imparted by the content. The content in the form of Reels or posts needs to hit every parameter right in order to succeed in this wide world.

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Know about Instagram Reels:

We now understand that users prefer high-content and consistent posting. The content makes you the winner. The short video format was made popular by TikTok, and it was apparent that users love scrolling these videos for both entertainment and knowledge. To keep up with the trend, Instagram launched Reels, which included numerous new features pertaining to video and audio to make short videos. 

Reels took charge and now account for more than 25% of activity on the Gram. Thus, Reels play a vital role in gaining success on Instagram. As a brand or content creator, everyone wishes to use Reels and take advantage to get better reach and engagement.

The perfect time to post Reels on Instagram:

In short words, โ€œ11AM is the best time to post reels on Instagramโ€.

Instagram provides a great opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, and life with family, friends, and followers. Instagram proves to be one of the most productive ways to attract your target audience. But is there any right time to post reels to get amazing engagement? A lot of factors influence this decision, and you must always take into consideration a few tips to get the most from these Instagram Reels

So, let us address the elephant in the room. Is there a perfect time to post Reels to increase your reach and engagement? You must understand that every business or brand is different, users react differently, and the target segment will also be different. So every user needs to be appreciated for their unique time, and you need to decide the post timing accordingly.

Each business will have a different right time slot to post Reels on the platform. We all know that every brand caters to a different set of audiences. They will have a unique behavior pattern. So, you need to opt for the few practices as a content creator and get the desired results.

The Instagram algorithm will pick Reels that are posted when your maximum followers are active and online. Thus, it is clear that recent posts lead to better reach. The algorithm will, by default, pick a newer post and put it upright in the newsfeed. 

It is important to understand that posting when your followers are generally online is a quick and easy way to get your Reel to reach the desired audience. But at the same time, itโ€™s also equally important to set a target and have a clear marketing strategy that defines your goals. Your vision must focus on creating awareness, better engagement, and higher traffic. 

A lot of research has been done on the topic. The best researchers narrate that posting in the morning on weekdays is the right time to post Reels. Around 11 AM is the time when active Instagram users usually scroll new content all through the week. This is the time when the users are usually on a small break during their working hours. 

A lot of people do not prefer new posts on weekends as users have less engagement because they generally spend time with their loved ones rather than scrolling Reels. The posting schedule needs to be changed as per your audienceโ€™s activity and view trends.

Key factors that define the right time:

The perfect time to post Instagram Reels is dependent on a lot of factors. As we know that every business has a unique set of audiences, and no similar strategy can work unanimously. Thus, the right time to post new Reels will be a mix of the understanding of the brandโ€™s target audience, their demographics, location, preferences, competition, and content. 

The analytics tool of Instagram will provide a deeper insight into this case. Only a creator or business account can access Instagram Insights, which provides detailed information about your followers and target audience.

You must also consider the time zone of your global audience in order to increase the views of your Reels. Instagram Insights let you know the location of the followers. You also need to focus on competitor analysis to see their timings and performance on the Reels. 

Insights let you find out the perfect time slot when your followers are active. View their activity levels all through the days of the week. You must have a pre-planned content calendar, a consistent schedule to post Reels, and a well-drafted plan to manage time. Apart from all this, the key factors that need to be kept in mind are as follows:

1. Reason for Posting Reels

You need to understand why every marketer is so keen to post reels along with stories and posts. Reels are the best way to get better engagement. The better the engagement, the more your audience feels connected, and the algorithm will detect this interaction and presume the content to be good. Good content shows up high on the feed. More people see the Reels and increase your chance for interactions to let the content reach to more users. Reels drive more traffic, so you need to know the right time to post them.

2. Days to post Reels

There is no one right answer to what are the best days to post Instagram Reels. You may just follow some basic tips to help increase your engagement. It is important to consider your audience and analyze when they are usually active on Instagram. For example, the younger generation is more active after work or school on weekdays. It also depends on the type of content. If the content is creative, it will get better engagement during the days when people love to enjoy, like on weekends. The best time also depends on your location. You need to be aware of the time zone of the target audience and adjust the posting accordingly.

3. Competitors

It is very important to analyze the competition while you are determining the right time to post Reels. Analyze their content and timings to post Reels to identify any patterns. You may consider posting as per their timing if they get great engagement whenever they share a Reel.

4. Frequency to post Reels

Every business or content creator wishes to get better engagement whenever they post a Reel. The most frequent doubt is how many times one should post new Reels. While there is no one generic answer to this question of reels per day to guarantee success, all you need to know is that posting consistently is important for the audience engagement. If you are new to the world of Instagram, try to post at least one Reel per day. 

As you build a bigger follower base, you may post less frequently and see what time suits you the best. In general, consistency is the key to build a successful Reels strategy. Your quality content being posted consistently will get you success. 

5. Your Industry 

The audience will differ quite significantly depending on your industry. For example, B2B industry clients will have a different schedule to engage with the reels than the places that work in night shifts. 

6. User Demographics 

It is important to understand your audience, their preferences, time when they are active on Instagram, and their age. All these factors can determine the right time to post Reels for better engagement. Some key factors to look for while choosing the best time for posting on Instagram include the audienceโ€™s location, time zone, peak hours of work, audienceโ€™s age, interests, specific topics of preference, online searches for information, and their goals. You may experiment with times to see what suits you the best.

7. Algorithm

It is equally important to focus on the Instagram algorithm while you strive to determine the perfect time to post Reels on Instagram. The Instagram algorithm keeps changing, and it is important to understand how it works. This will get the most out of Reels. A few things to remember when focusing on the algorithm are that algorithm loves new content. It is important to know that algorithm favors engaging content, so your Reels need to be interesting. The Instagram algorithm prefers content that users interact with frequently.


Figuring out the right time to post Instagram Reels is a bit tricky. The point of focus is to keep in mind the quality of the content. It needs to be high, and you need to be consistent with your postings. Your posting strategy needs to be backed by well-researched analytics tools that can help you with the best slot when the target users are generally active. Once you create the content and schedule the Reels, all these insights will determine the optimal time to post Reels and get the best reach and engagement. Remember that success takes time, and you need to work towards your goal with a well-defined strategy in place. 

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