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Are You Entitled to Full Pay if You Were Injured While on the Job?

Getting injured is never fun, regardless of how bad the outcome is. But, one of the worst things you can experience is getting hurt while on your job – the place where you were supposed to feel safe. Sometimes, the employers simply donโ€™t care about the dangers of the working environment and fail to give their workers proper training or equipment causing them to get injured. Unfortunately, these occurrences are not rare, they are pretty common – but on the other hand, thatโ€™s why the law is on the side of those who get hurt in most cases. Hereโ€™s how to tell if you are entitled to full pay if you were injured while on the job.ย 

What are your rights?

After youโ€™ve gone to the doctor and got your treatments done, itโ€™s time to focus on the legal side of things. Since you got hurt while on your job, you are an eligible candidate to make a compensation claim to your insurance company. But, with that being said, itโ€™s not as easy as you may think – each accident and injury is intricate and unique, thus you never know how good or bad the outcome will be. As one of workers’ compensation lawyers in South Carolina explained, these types of cases are detail-sensitive and intricate, and they need to be taken seriously with a lot of backup knowledge. You have the right to make this claim, in hopes of getting compensation for financial benefits, but also to be able to take time from work and return once you get back on your feet. 

Depending on the injury

Obviously, your case will be unique to yourself, not everyone can experience an injury the same way, so your case will be treated from your experience. Injuries can be of all sorts and kinds, some can be physical, some can even be mental injuries like stress as well, that doesnโ€™t make them any less dangerous and painful for the employee who suffered. So your doctor will have to make a diagnosis and treat you accordingly. After that, you will use your medical documents in order to present them in your case – every information is welcomed, the more the better! If you want to win and get the best out of your compensation claim, you need to give it your all. 

Depending on the accident

Just like the injury, the same goes for the accident itself – itโ€™s extremely intricate and it can totally change how you stand in the eyes of the law. This has more to do with the work environment and its safety, or the lack of it, as some jobs are more dangerous than others itโ€™s the employerโ€™s duty to make it safe. Accidents can be of any sort, sometimes the company wonโ€™t equip their employees with the right equipment or even give them the proper training to use hazardous tools, causing irreversible damages to them. And in other cases, the employee might hurt themselves by slipping and falling in the most harmless of places like in the office – this is also considered a work injury, but it doesnโ€™t mean you are entitled to full pay. Usually, if the injury has left you disabled in any kind of way, you are more likely to get full-time pay.

Reporting an accident to your work

In some cases, your work will already have a policy when it comes to those who get injured at work – especially if the job is more dangerous and prone to accidents in the first place. So your first step should be calling your employer and talking to him about the matter, it’s important to let your colleagues know that you are hurt so you can develop a plan of action – will you be able to come back after your recovery? Will you permanently leave your job and seek benefits? It all depends on your case.

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Making a personal injury claim

You are never guaranteed to get the best out of your compensation claim, but if you work together with an experienced lawyer, have all the needed documentation and medical records – you just might have a shot at getting full-time pay, This will do you a lot of good if you do end up getting it, especially if the injury changed your life forever and is impacting your day-to-day life, you certainly deserve to get the benefits.

Itโ€™s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to making these claims, so make sure you donโ€™t slip up on any important detail and information that might make your case look better than it actually is. Fight for your rights using the law, and youโ€™ll be good to go!

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