A Guideline on Wedding Décor

When preparing for a wedding ceremony, you need to think of more than just who will show up at the wedding and how many chairs should be placed. Sure minimalistic is good, but it does not always mean you should not look into wedding decorations. For your wedding decoration hire Glasgow as it is not easy to handle everything on your own, so getting expert help will reduce the burden.

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Types of Wedding Décor

Altar Arrangements

If you want your altar to stand out, you can add a few arrangements to it. Simply adding things like fairy lights can take your altar to the next level. Many couples print out their pictures and attach them to the fairy lights or use paper lanterns to add uniqueness.

Aisle Runner

The aisle runner is the path that leads up to the altar. It is usually made with fabric, but you can do whatever you like. A lot of people use platforms or large piles of petals to decorate the aisle runner. You could also use a rug or different types of flooring to make your altar stand out.


Arches seem like a must-have in everyone’s wedding. They can be crafted with anything. If your wedding is being held on a beach, you could use driftwood to make your arch. If it is being held in a historical location, you can use linens and flowers. Arches can also be made in various shapes. The most common is a circular design, but a triangle or even a hexagon are popular. This décor is perfect for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.


Arbors and arches are similar, but they are not identical to each other. Arbors are only used for outdoor weddings and are made from plants and branches. This is an essential décor for garden and barn weddings.


Arches and arbors are a great way to frame the altar and look stunning while a couple recites their vows. However, these days many couples like to get backdrops. A backdrop can be based on anything and depends mainly on your wedding style. Some people use decorated fireplace mantels, antique doors, decorative screens, floral walls, draped fabrics, or macrame wall hangings. A backdrop can also serve as a reception photo booth.


Columns are used as aisle markers, altar arrangements, or as décor around the wedding venue. They help add an old-world charm to the wedding. Columns look stunning in wedding ceremonies being held at historic homes and museums.


Your wedding is a special event that must not be ruined because of simple things like not knowing your backdrop. Every wedding has a theme, and simply finding out what theme you would like best can make things a lot easier for you. It will help you know what decorations you should pick for the day. You could also reduce the burden from yourself by hiring wedding planners and sharing your vision with them.

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