How To Make Your House Stand Out

Is your house starting to look a little dingy? Does it blend in with every other house on the street? If youโ€™re rather tired of lackluster house, then make an effort to spruce it up so that it stands out from the crowd. Read on to learn how.

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You might be amazed at what a few coats of paint can do for your house, especially if your current paint job leaves much to be desired. Begin by deciding on a fresh, new color. Donโ€™t get too crazy here. A bright pink house usually isnโ€™t all that attractive even if it does stand out. Get some samples of appealing colors, and test them on your house in an out-of-the-way area. Look at them in different lights, too. When youโ€™ve decided on a favorite, you can either do your own painting if you have the time and skills or hire the best exterior painters in Phoenix to do the job for you.


Pay attention to your landscaping as well. At the very least, keep your lawn neatly mowed and trimmed, but also consider adding bushes or flowers for color and texture. Maintain your trees and other plants as well so that they donโ€™t appear overgrown and unhealthy. You donโ€™t have to get fancy, but everything should be well-ordered and delightful to look at for you and for everyone else.

Add Interest

Of course, you might decide that you want to add a little interest to your curb appeal. This might take the form of a water feature perhaps or a little seating area with a bench or a couple chairs and a small table surrounded by flowers. You could build a pergola over the top, too. Alternately, make your porch stand out by adding a swing, a rocking chair, some bright outdoor fabrics and a few well-chosen decorations.

Add Fun

Donโ€™t forget to add some fun to your outdoor spaces. You want to use them as well as look at them. If you donโ€™t already have a deck or patio, consider installing one. If you already have one, make it stand out. Make sure you have plenty of seating with comfortable cushions as well as a table with an umbrella for shade. A retractable awning might be a good choice and convenient on rainy or extra hot days. You could place a portable fire pit in the center of the seating area so that family members and guests can gather to tell stories and toast marshmallows. You might even create an outdoor kitchen that would be perfect for everything from small family gatherings to large parties.


If you turn some of these ideas into reality, your home will surely stand out from the crowd and become a place you can be proud of, but that wonโ€™t last if you donโ€™t maintain your new showplace. This will take some time and effort, of course, and you should make a list of weekly and monthly chores so that you donโ€™t forget anything. But if you keep up your home, it will remain an enjoyable oasis for you and a source of pleasure for all who see it.

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