Effective Ways To Reduce Household Waste And Protect The Environment

The world and humankind as a species are facing so many environmental problems and one of the main ones is the amount of waste which we are producing. For generations, we have just been dumping all of our waste into landfills which is both a huge waste of land and is also causing massive contamination to the local soil and water supplies. The decomposition of waste can also cause enormous air pollution which is contributing to the ever-growing issues of global warming and climate change. As well as petitioning governments and big industries to make the necessary changes, we also need to look closer to home to see what we can do in our own day-to-day lives.

To help everyone be part of the solution rather than the problems, here are seven effective ways to reduce household waste and protect the environment.

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1. Get Rid of All of Your Trash at One Time

In most residential areas, the local government will use taxpayer money for trash removal. Usually, once a week, the garbage removal truck will come and empty all of the trash cans on the street before heading off to the next street. You are probably wondering how can humans reduce the number of landfills, or if reducing the number of landfills is ever going to be a reality. We ultimately need to produce more trash for the garbage removal truck to take away in the first place, but one way to reduce the amount of pollution caused by the truckโ€™s engine and the garbage decomposing in the street is to get rid of all your trash at once. Particularly, if you are doing a major job like clearing out your garage or attic, it is always better to rent one big dumpster to get rid of everything at once rather than leave it out in the street bit by bit until it is all gone.

2. Recycle Everything

Fortunately, many places in the world now have strict fines about throwing out anything which can be recycled in the regular trash. Separate all of your trash into the correct recycle bins so that it can all be repurposed with significantly less harm to the environment. Plastics, glass, metals, and even food can all be recycled these days so make sure you check the local guidelines and that you organize everything correctly.  

3. Minimize Your Life

A really simple way to produce less waste is simply to have and use fewer things. Minimalist living has become increasingly popular in recent years with more and more people becoming aware of the huge damage which waste and massive scale manufacturing are doing to the planet. Try to live without all of the extra things which you donโ€™t really need and, most importantly, think about your carbon footprint and the other effects you are having on the planet.

4. Donate Items You Donโ€™t Need

When you start to minimize your life, donโ€™t just throw away everything which you deem to be unnecessary. There may be other people out there for whom those items are essentials and so rather than throwing them in the trash, you should try to donate them to a local charity. Make sure to recycle anything recyclable, and if there is anything that has to go in the garbage, make sure you dispose of it properly.

5. Compost Your Food Waste

With an ever-increasing global population and the real possibility of wide-scale food shortages, producing excessive amounts of food waste is totally unacceptable. For the vegetable peelings and the other small amounts of waste which are normal, if you are lucky to have some outdoor space, you should make your own compost heap. This will enable you to get rid of your food waste efficiently and with little harm to the environment, and will also give you the means for growing your own food in your garden. 

6. Take Your Shopping Bags to the Grocery Store

Plastic could easily be in any top-five list of humankindโ€™s most harmful inventions, and the enormous damage which plastics are doing to the oceans and the rest of the Earthโ€™s water supply is something which we all need to worry about. Single-use plastic bags are a massive problem and the best way to reduce their harm is to always take your own multi-use shopping bags to the grocery store.ย 

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Our planet is dying and we are the only ones who have the power to help it get better. The amount of damage that is done to the environment by trash and pollution is impossible to measure and so it is going to make wholesale changes in the way we live to even start to reverse it. Everyone needs to do their part so that the cumulative effect can make a difference. Follow these seven easy tips and we can start to heal the world together.

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