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Streamline Your Life: Create a Work Life Balance

Do you often find yourself struggling with a home and work balance? When you work from home, it can be hard to find that balance so everyone and everything gets the attention it needs. If you are struggling with a work and home balance, worry no more. I’m going to talk about a few strategies that you can use to find balance. Give your work and home life the attention that it deserves, and don’t give up on work life balance!

Work Life Balance
1. Create a weekly calendar.ย Sit down each Sunday afternoon to create your calendar for the week. Use a large desk calendar or agenda of some sort that you can track important happenings in. Put it in an obvious place for easy reference. Why? Because knowing what commitments you have will keep you from taking on additional commitments you may not be able to juggle. I use TWO calendars: a weekly and a daily. I use the weekly calendar to track blog posts and appointments. Daily tasks (like errands and groceries) go in a separate planner. I have them both open all day long to reference.

2. Set aside sacred family time.ย You should be able to set aside several hours each day that are sacred family time. During this time, remove all electronics from view to focus on family only. Let clients know that you will not be working during this time so if they need to reach you, they need to use an alternate time or wait until you’re available to expect an email reply. Let family know about this time as well, so they know it is a time frame you are dedicated to.

3. Designate official email times.ย You might find yourself checking email at all hours of the day. Instead, designate official email times. Choose fourย times per day to check emails instead of always skimming through your phone or computer. You will save a ton of time and find that you can use the extra time with family. I actually talked about this in a recent Bloggers Get Social podcast about time management. I try to check email morning, noon, and night. I don’t have the patience or brain power to reply to emails all day long! I have to take breaks.

4. Create a designated work space. Work out of a designated home office so you can officially โ€œwalk awayโ€ from your work when you need a break or family needs you. When you work from home you may feel like you are always on the clock. A designated work space can help you feel like you are leaving work every so often so you can focus on other things.

Organization Tips
Look for thrifted items to spruce up your place like bookcases or lamps. I recently just added two new bookcases and a teal cart to add personality to my space. My office is almost completely organized, and we have lived in this house for three years. Make it a priority!

5. Talk to other work from home momsย andย dads.ย Talking to other work from home moms and dads can help you get ideas on how to find the balance in your life. Pick their brains and see how they are making things work in their own homes. While all of their ideas may not work for you, you can always pick and choose and implement it into your life. It also helps the journey feel less lonely. We have MANY work at home parents in Bloggers Get Social, so seek out our Facebook group for additional community.

6. Set tentative work hours.ย Try to keep some sort of work hours just as if you worked in an office away from home. Try keeping these hours for one week and see if you canโ€™t get into some sort of routine. Treating your job just like one where you work outside of the house that includes check in and check out hours can help.

7. Bring your family in on the conversation.ย Donโ€™t be afraid to ask your family what works for them and what doesnโ€™t. Their input and opinions can help you better plan your work day, your workload, and you can make sure they are getting the time that they need as well.


Creating a work and home balance can be a challenge, but these tips can help you get everything in check! Give them a try and see if they donโ€™t make a difference.

What’s your best tip for finding balance in your everyday life?

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