Wild Wedding: The Reception Details {Everything from Desserts to Booze!}

After stepping off the trolley, this is what was waiting for me. I have to give *major* credit to my wedding planner (email me for information on her and her staff!) and to the reception venue for being so accommodating. Everything worked out better than I expected and these photographs do not do it justice. I didn’t want anything *too* fancy (obviously!), and I liked things to be a little…kitschy? Either way, things were just what I wanted.

We also rented a trolley for transportation, and you can learn more about wedding transportation here https://www.limofind.com/ca/stockton-party-bus-rental/.

Catch up on our wedding ceremony here.

Wild Wedding: {Bouquet & Other Details}

I realized I missed a post — my bouquet! I showed it off briefly before, but here are some photos to show you the detail of the brooch bouquet. Again, I tried to make this… but I had some emergency help on the day of the wedding. Luckily, they finished it right before the ceremony was to begin. I was very lucky. ๐Ÿ™‚ My bouquet is current sitting in my office waiting for a home. I’m not sure where to put it! Any ideas?!

The largest and most beautiful brooch in the bouquet! ๐Ÿ™‚

Extra Details:

My Bracelet
A Rue La La find — Adia Kibur Crystal & Faux Pearl Bow Bracelet

My Shoes — Nine West from Marshall’s

And, of course, I added a little glitter underneath! They were blue glitter decals. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wild Wedding: The Reception {First Dance}

We didn’t agree to a first dance song until about a month before the wedding. Nothing felt right and our musical tastes are very, very opposite. Eventually, we gave in to Jason Mraz. “I’m Yours” was the first song we slow danced to at a random beach bar (before Scott tripped over a speaker and we needed to leave, LOL). I found a difference version of “I’m Yours” online and it seemed perfect. Google tells me “I’m Yours” is really about how Jason Mraz loves Hawaii or something, but whatever, this song is still cute.

No additional words are necessary for this post. We didn’t really practice our “dance” and we just went out and had fun. The pictures explain everything. They really are beautiful and capture our mood pretty well. We look so happy.

Hit Play.




















*All photography by CSE Photography unless otherwise noted.

Clearwater Beach Wedding

Find all my Clearwater wedding ideas and other inspiration!

Wild Wedding: The Reception {CAKE!}

After some dancing, it was time for dessert! I know some couples “plan” how they are going to do their cake cutting. Nice, sweet, and a “please don’t smash the cake in my face.” Well, we didn’t discuss this. So, I had to be ready to attack if necessary. ๐Ÿ™‚

Carefully removing the topper…1211365478_Wwq8v-X2
A reminder of why I needed a planner… I so didn’t provide the cake knife, the cake plates… things that slipped my mind! She ruled.

Okay… here we go…. how did I deal with the cake cutting??


Oh yea… all over.

I knew that if I didn’t attack first… he totally would have! I thought this was going to be the end of it… but…

Please look to the left in this photo. Oh that’s just my groom with a cake knife chasing his new bride …

I’m not sure WHERE I’m running to… just AWAY!

I was caught! It all happened so fast, I believe he took the knife and rubbed the cake like on my neck with it (totally dangerous Mister!).

And I had lots of frosting in my mouth apparently

And a little smidgen in my hair
{And, yes, that is a microphone all in my dress}

Note amused guests taking photos and laughing

Cake Cutting… SUCCESS!

*All photography by CSE Photography unless otherwise noted.

Clearwater Beach Wedding

Find all my Clearwater wedding ideas and other inspiration!

The Desserts:
I wanted a dessert table, a sort of random collection of sweets. I ended up not going through with a huge spread, but I did score some cupcakes and cookies.

Cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet
{Ordered from Peace, Love, Cupcakes in Clearwater}
I acquired several of these cupcake holders brand new in their original packaging from Good Will of all places!


Sugar cookies & cupcakes
{These cake stands were from Marshalls}

The Decorations:

Peg People print made by Leen Machine on ETSY
{Silver frame from Marshalls}

I framed some of engagement pictures for our gift table
{All frames were from Marshalls too}


The photo book from our engagement shoot

The Centerpieces:
I give my wedding planner major props for making my dream of pinwheels come true, LOL. I originally was going to have a flower free wedding. Crazy, I know. But, I’m not really a big fan of flowers. I knew I wanted brooch bouquets and centerpieces, to me, are not that important. I wanted something fun and simple. I had seen pinwheel centerpieces online before, but I didn’t really pursue them until my planner suggested I give it a try. Easy, cheap, cute.

I had collected various pieces of milk glass from another bride and through thrift stores that I was going to use as the main part of the centerpiece. However, I still needed to “fill” those vases and goblets! My planner suggested I look into flowers–just for the tables. I saw baby’s breath and carnations were the cheapest…and some of the carnation centerpieces I had seen were just fine. I loved the big fluffy carnations and thought it would be a cheap and cute way to fill out my milk glass pieces.

Since I didn’t use a florist, these were definitely a DIY project that my planner and her staff worked on for days. I can’t give them enough credit, because it was something that I didn’t know if I could pull off… but I did. I liked them. It worked out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not bad, eh?

Every table had different milk glass pieces, different colors of carnations, different pinwheels. All together it looked cohesive, but it was cute. I genuinely was surprised how simple it looked. I didn’t want anything fancy–this was just me. I know carnations are not for everyone (and are usually publicly scorned), but this was what worked for us.


The centerpieces in their entirety at two tables:

Ahhh the burlap runners! These were my favorite! They had ruffles on the ends and were too cute. And… what else do you see there? Cootie catchers! (Or, fortune tellers, whatever you may call them)

I originally was going to use the cootie catchers as escort cards. I had seen it on a wedding blog and thought that was a cute idea. However, making 100 cootie catchers did not sound like very much fun! I then would have to find a creative way to display them…it was a hassle. We simplified it by just making several cootie catchers and scrapping the entire idea of escort cards.


I used a cootie catcher template that I found online (Use Google. It is your friend.), and I replaced the information with cute trivia about Scott & I. Where did we meet, where are we going on our honeymoon, what was our first date. I used Martha Stewart paper and printed these at home. Some of the bridal party helped fold these the night before the wedding (God bless them!). I thought they were a nice touch–especially since many of our friends and family didn’t know some of the stuff on them!

The Guestbook:

As you know, I *love* snail mail. I love postcards and packages. Originally, we were going to use an aqua vintage typewriter for our guestbook. Yet again, the idea of simplicity came up…who would change out the paper on the typewriter? Where can I find new typewriter ribbon for our machine? Where would the pages go? I had seen someone do postcards before and this was a very simple project.

Mailbox from Lowes, gemstone stickers from Michael’s, postcard books about love from Barnes & Noble.


Sharpies! My addiction. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of the postcards

Postcard books I ordered:
Our Love Is Here to Stay: 15 Postcards of Affection
The Little Box of I Love You
Valentine Postcard Book {Reproductions of vintage Valentine’s Day cards}

Guests in action sending us sweet love notes

I loved it. I loved reading the messages! I did not however love that not everyone left us a note. I know not everyone signs a guestbook, but next time {LOL}, I would have made some signs directly guests or have the DJ remind them. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Seating Chart:

Again, we scrapped the escort cards and my planner offered to make this little bulletin board. Easy peasy.

The Ceiling:

Our reception venue was both inside and outside. Outside–beautiful deck with the view of the water. Inside–more conference room and less classy wedding venue. We didn’t mind, but the ceilings, as you can see, needed some jazzing up. I ordered a ton of tissue paper poms from PomFlair on ETSY. These gave the room a lot more personality!

The Cake:

My MIL surprised us with this cake!

The cake topper I ordered from OrangeCrushSeattle on ETSY

The Cups:

Oh yes. We kept it classy by buying out our local KMart’s selection of yellow Solo cups. You can scratch your name into the cup! I thought it was funny…and that way no one would get confused at the keg as to whose cup was whose!

What did everyone put in those cups? We had a smaller keg of Key West Southernmost Wheat (which was gone by dinner time), a full size keg of Yuengling (gone by 10:30 p.m.), and a variety of wines that included Moscato (also gone by dinner time!), Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Merlot.

Jolley Trolley Wedding

After the not-so-formal portraits on the beach, we hopped on the trolley to take us on a quick “celebration ride” so we could take some pictures. Our reception site was right across from our ceremony area, so we took the “long way” to the reception. We didn’t want to get to the reception too early, but timing was on our side anyways. We were some of the first people to arrive to the party! I kind of liked it that way.

Our sweet ride

Another one that I love

All aboard!



Clearly excited ๐Ÿ˜‰





Ready to party!

All together now!

I got my dancing shoes in my hand — I’m ready to party!

Wild Wedding: The Reception {Time to Eat!}

After getting our groove on with some adult beverages for an hour, we were ready to eat. I was very excited about the food. This is definitely a bride who made sure to get some eats!

We booked a local barbecue company to grill some chicken and smoke some ribs. Also on the menu: salad, baked potatoes, and cole slaw. Can you say yum!? It was so, so, so good. Comfort food at its best.

Dinner was held in the inside room buffet style.

Our caterer

Getting the food ready

Feed me!

The chicken was my favorite


Now… where’s my beer?!

I asked for a sweetheart table so that Scott & I could eat privately and hang out. It was glorious. I really recommend that!

Also, doing a BBQ buffet is *very* budget friendly and the food was so tasty. I know it’s not everyone’s “style,” but I can’t stop raving about how great it was.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time and before I knew it… it was time for the toasts!

Wild Wedding: The Reception {Dance Party}

With all the formalities out of the way, it was time to party. The DJ turned it up and we had a really great time being silly all around the dance floor.

Eagerly awaiting the dance party!






Air guitar

Before it got crazy, I had to change!

I bought a cute little ivory dress for the reception. I’m so glad I did!











I have photographic evidence that Scott was dancing to Fat Joe. LEAN BACK!

I love this picture just because I’m in hysterics over something!









More beer?

Wild Wedding: The Reception {Playlist}

To be honest, I can’t even remember everything that was played… all I know is that it was AWESOME! Here is the playlist that I submitted to our DJ. Most were played and the rest I was probably too drunk to notice if they made the cut, LOL. Besides, I wasn’t very strict on our playlist anyways. I trusted our DJ and he did a great job, everyone seemed to love him!


I did request the uncensored versions of songs. I like things dirty.

First Dance:
I’m Yours from the Casa Nova Sessions by Jason Mraz

Music Before Dinner:
1901 โ€“ Phoenix
Nuthin’ But a G Thang – Dr. Dre
Power of Love — Huey Lewis & The News
Proud Mary — Credence Clearwater Revival
Amazing – Bruno Mars
Magic – Weezer
Want You To – Weezer
Kush – Dr. Dre
Regulators – Warren G
Drop The World – Lil’ Wayne & Eminem
Don’t Let Me Fall – B.O.B.
Lay Me Down – Dirty Heads
Lisztomania โ€“ Phoenix
The Next episode – Dr. Dre
Believer – Smash Mouth
Badfish – Sublime
Tangerine Sky – Kottonmouth Kings
I’ll Be There – Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Raise Your Glass – Pink
Make You Feel My Love – Adele
Gin & Juice – Snoop Dogg
California Love – 2Pac

Music During Dinner:
She Is Love – Parachute
Our Kind of Love – Lady Antebellum
Save The Last Dance For Me – Michael Buble
Marry Me – Train
Love of my Life – Erykah Badu
Happy Ending – Mika
That’s How Sweet My Love Is – Otis Redding
F*** Her Gently – Tenacious D
Pressure Drop – The Specials
Tropical London – Rancid
I think I Love You – Less Than Jake
We Will We Fall Together – Streetlight Manifesto
Turn your lights down low – Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill
Stuck Like Glue – Sugarland

Dance Party:
Hold It Against Me – Britney Spears
Let’s Get Married (Remix) – Jagged Edge
Poison – Bell Biv Devoe
Let me Love you down – INOJ
My Boo – Ghosttown Dj’s
Flame – Waka Flacka
Club Canโ€™t Handle Me โ€“ Flo Rida
PYT – Michael Jackson
Not F***ing Around – Big D and the Kids Table
Put Your Hands Up – Fatman Scoop (*for the record, one of my favorites!*)
Only Girl In The World – Rhianna
Hey Baby – Pitbull & TPain
6 Foot 7 Foot 8 Foot Bunch – Lil Wayne
Faster Kill Pussycat – Paul Oakenfold
Who’s That Chick – David Guetta
Dirty Bit – Black Eyed Peas
Hold Yuh – Gyptian
Glitter in the Air – Pink
Only Exception – Glee

I also made a special request for some techno before the night ended.

Last Song:
Esa Morena – DJ Laz (I know you remember this song!)

But, in between all this dance partying… we had a ska band! More on that later…

Wild Wedding: The Reception {FAVORS!}

We went back and forth with what to give guests as favors. Everything was expensive or lame or not worth the effort. I finally just bit the bullet and figured since we were doing shots at the reception to offer shot glasses to our guests.

Now, I read a LOT about how brides choose to avoid personalized glassware because honestly…where is the person going to put it? Where would they use it? And, perhaps the better advice I received was… everyone will leave them at the reception.

I used Discount Mugs to place an order for 144 shot glasses (hey, I wanted extra!). I ordered a basic design with a blue base and minimal personalization (just our names and date). I selected a cheaper shot glass and was THRILLED when they contacted me to say the style I wanted was discontinued. This meant they upgraded me to a better tulip style shot glass for free. On top of the fabulous upgrade, I had free shipping and a $20 discount for using Google Checkout. I also inputted a random coupon code I found through a quick Google search. I paid barely $1 for each glass. That was cheaper than most other “budget” options we explored.


Each shot glass was perfect! I was totally pleased with the final product. And, added bonus, none of them broke in the shipping process (I also noticed they sent us two extra shot glasses … probably in case one had broken during packaging/shipping).


I thought they were cute. Definitely our style and fit in with our wedding theme.

While I still have about 50 shot glasses, at least I know the majority of them found a home. We served wedding shots that we made ourselves in them!

And, you never know. I just might need fifty shot glasses for a house party sometime soon. LOL

Wild Wedding: The Reception {Bouquet/Garter Tossing}

While we didn’t really do anything traditional, I still wanted to participate in some embarrassing bouquet + garter tossing. Obviously I wasn’t throwing my “real” bouquet since it was made out of metal (Though that would have been interesting…). Heck, I didn’t even WEAR a garter until the reception so Scott could take it off. It was hilarious.

Hit play.

Bouquet Toss Song (Forget “Single Ladies!” This song has special meaning with me and my ladies… from our club rat days).1211370297_xgd2B-X2
All right, let’s get this party started!
Again, my planner rules. She made me a toss bouquet.1211370635_4pUyB-X2
PS, this is what I look like when I tell myself to “think skinny.” Scary! LOL

Off we go! I remember trying to tell myself to throw slowly and gracefully so they would be able to take pictures.

Love everyone’s outstretched hands

CAUGHT! And, is that my mom scamming on the bouquet? Why, yes, yes it is.

The victor and my mom…

Next up, take off my garter!

Scott picked the always classy Ol’ Dirty Bastard for his song.

Yea baby… I like it raw. Shimmy Shimmy Ya!

Getting situated

Telling him clear instructions for how to remove the garter without showing off my business.


Can he find it?!

Love everyone right there snapping pics

Found + Removed!

All righty single dudes…

Off it goes…


Oh… we like to embarrass our friends who don’t know each other! They were totally good sports. And, I definitely believe that bouquet myth… this little lady has a great boyfriend so who knows what is in store for them?! ๐Ÿ™‚

All right, back to the party!





First off, I LOVE this picture. He is probably telling me he has a secret for me… coming up next!

Wild Wedding: The Reception {The BAND}

We were fortunate to have both a DJ and a band. I’ll be completely honest. I wasn’t sold on the idea of having a band at first. I didn’t know how they would fit at our reception venue, how they would get set up (where was the power?), are they allowed to play because they’re loud… I had a LOT of questions and I was worried something would go wrong.

I had to learn how to relax, because the band ended up being one of the many highlights of our wedding! They were first off amazing and because Scott had a surprise for me.

The band, Victims of Circumstance, is a ska band that Scott & I have seen around town since we started dating. Some of our legendary date nights have involved mass quantities of beer and ska music. I have fond memories of these nights so it only seemed appropriate that we have some ska at our wedding.

In my overly paranoid defense though, I heard that there was a power problem when everyone was setting up… but it was resolved pretty quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

Getting ready to play


The groom, shot in hand, went up to the mic and started a toast…

He was saying some incredibly cute things that I can’t wait to see video of




He was probably embarrassing me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Saying something sweet…



To US!

Looking at these pictures again really makes me fall in love with him all over again…


And, then, here we go! Tears!

A little waterworks

Why was I crying?

He had worked with the band to sing me a song… and not just any song… the song that I had tattooed on my arm!

I was totally surprised… while I was getting inked up… he was practicing with the band so they could play a cover of Big D & the Kids Table’s “Describe the Sky.”

And the crowd cheers! I love this picture, I feel like it’s the end of a cheesy movie or something. ๐Ÿ˜‰

He even had the lyrics in his hand ๐Ÿ™‚

So I did what anyone else would do, I started to dance around!

They also did a cover of Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ “Impression that I Get” which everyone LOVED and people were having a great time.



They played for an hour and we were just crazy dancing–having a great time. Listen to Victims of Circumstance on Youtube to get an idea, they’re great. They are in Europe on tour now so hopefully they’ll be rich and famous soon. They made our wedding so incredibly special. I was a lucky bride who could say that I had both a DJ & a band. ๐Ÿ™‚

“Well, I’m forever your fighting partner…”

*All photography by CSE Photography unless otherwise noted.

Wild Wedding: The Reception {The Studio Booth}

Another reason why I loved my photographers was the option to add a “studio booth” to our package. I knew I wanted a photo booth but the “real” ones are too pricey and I’m not much of a DIY-er. They set it up inside after dinner and took pictures of my guests until they left. It was perfect.

The studio booth was SO much fun! The pictures below show that. Some of them were too scandalous for this blog, but I did post some of the funny ones. I just love our friends!

My bouquet catcher & her man


True story

It’s JEN!

I told you, everyone loved the food!

Utilizing the props

So… that’s where all the cups went

Oh… this is perfect. You will all get this soon enough.


Sad face








It’s Katie! ๐Ÿ™‚

LOL, again, another inside joke ๐Ÿ™‚


Love the pinwheels!







After the band played, I *had* to steal my husband for a few pictures.



& that was that.

The night was winding down…The kegs were empty, the wine was gone.

  • So… I’m in Star Magazine this week

Article Text:
She swears like a truck driver, blatantly ignores her fiance’s request to have a small, private wedding and threatens to beat up members of her bridal party. Yet temper-tantrum-throwing, booze-loving Florida grad student Krystal, 26, still …has doubts about her Bridezilla status. “I’m just a detail-oriented person, so if that turns you into a Bridezilla, so be it,โ€ Krystal tells Star. โ€œI want to control everything because I know Iโ€™ll do it right.โ€

When we first met Krystal, sheโ€™s already given three of her five bridesmaids the boot, Now itโ€™s time to try out replacements, who are expected to kiss butt and fit into the dresses that have already been paid for! From there, itโ€™s your typical tale of romance as Krystal tries to keep her divorced parents from killing each other and drunken groomsmen from getting arrested โ€“ all while squeezing in a prewedding tattoo!

Things got so crazy that even Krystal is excited to tune in. โ€œMy bachelorette party was a very long night of partying, so Iโ€™m really interested to see what the ladies said about me behind my back,โ€ Krystal explains. โ€œBecause I know they said things.โ€ Uh-oh. It looks like Krystal isnโ€™t done being a Bridezilla just yet!

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