Why You Need To Tidy Your Garden Before The Cold Sets In

Winter is coming very soon and, with it, weather that makes it much harder to tend to your garden. However, you might have some time before the worst of the weather comes in to make sure that youโ€™re able to tidy it up. However, you might be thinking why you should bother, if itโ€™s going to be too cold to enjoy. These are some of the reasons you canโ€™t skip your due diligence just yet.

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Diseased plants can become trouble for months to come

There are a lot of plants that arenโ€™t going to make it through the winter. Thatโ€™s natural and it can even be good for your soil. Plants wither and rot and return nutrients to the soil that can keep it nice and healthy for the next years. However, if you spot any signs that your plants are diseased, riddled with parasites, fungi, or other trouble, you should remove them, including the roots, as best as possible. Otherwise, those same problems can lay dormant and persist to affect plants next year, even spreading as they do.

Overgrown trees and hedges cause a lot of trouble

If you have any trees, hedges, or bushes in the garden, then you should aim to have them trimmed before the winter. This should be done with the help of an arborist. If they have been growing all year and havenโ€™t been trimmed back, they are likely overgrown. Not only can plant dander from them make surfaces like driveways and patios slippery and dangerous when it rains, but the leaves and branches from them can clog your gutters when the wind hits them, which can lead to leaks in the house, amongst other problems. 

Watch out for uninvited guests

Your garden can play a role in offering shelter to pollinators in the cold and, with the right installation, even some birds that need a place to winter. However, there are pests, including some rodents and insects that might be looking for a place inside your home. If there are signs of pests in your home or shed, you need to hire pest control to take care of them. However, you may be able to prevent this by making sure that youโ€™re not giving them any cover with overgrown grass, bushes, or trees, especially not close to the house itself.

Donโ€™t forget your tools, too

Itโ€™s not just about the garden itself or the things that grow in it. You should also be mindful of the tools that you use to take care of it through the years, as well. A yearโ€™s worth of labor on those tools can leave them susceptible to problems like rust and corrosion along the meal sides, dulling blades, and rot for wooden handles and the like. Show your tools some TLC, maintain them. Use oil to clean and protect the metal parts, sharpen what needs to be sharpened and ensure that theyโ€™re kept in a cool dry place.

The better you take care of your garden before the cold weather starts to really come in, the easier it will be to make it look like a million-dollar oasis later.

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