When to Hire a Probate Lawyer

If you are the beneficiary of an estate, it may be necessary to work with a legal professional who specializes in probate. That’s the process whereby a person’s will gets validated in court and accepted as a valid document. Although some people try to go through the process of doing that without professional legal assistance, there are many cases where getting help is the best course of action. 

You Are Unfamiliar With the Probate Process

The steps of probate can seem lengthy and complex, especially to a person who does not have a legal background. Dealing with the death of a relative often comes with a great deal of emotional strain on its own. If you haven’t personally experienced the probate process before or you feel that parts of it are overwhelming, it’s best to get the advice of a legal professional. 

You Are Worried About Family Drama

Fighting among family members who are beneficiaries of a deceased person’s assets can be common. If the amounts to inherit are particularly large or children are upset because the amounts they inherited are not equal according to the will, those are two of the many situations that can make drama happen within a family due to what happens after someone’s death. 

Some parties may contest the will, and family members could even threaten to sue. If those things happen, or you think they might, a probate attorney can help you navigate the process and provide the legal support you need to get through what could otherwise become an especially complicated time. 

Your Situation Requires the Probate Process

State laws vary in dictating when the probate process must happen. It often depends on the total amount of assets the deceased person left behind. If you live in Brooklyn, New York, for example, and are curious about the probate process, bear in mind that New York demands it happens whenever the person has at least $30,000 in assets. Then, a Brooklyn probate lawyer can answer any questions and get you prepared for what’s next.

The Person Did Not Leave a Will

As you may imagine, it can be substantially more complex to distribute assets if the deceased person did not leave a will. In that instance, there are certain rules to follow that determine what happens to the assets and who handles the process. A probate attorney can answer any questions you have about a probate situation that does not include a will. 

The distribution of a deceased person’s assets is not always a straightforward task. However, a probate lawyer can make it easier to understand, especially for people without legal backgrounds. 

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