When Should You Work Out?

Are you struggling to find the best time of the day to work out? Is exercising in the morning just not happening? Missing those nightly workouts too? Are you looking to get more out of working out than you do now? You may be struggling because you aren’t working out at the right time.

When Should You Work Out?

It’s important to note, there isn’t a “right time” to work out that works for everyone. However, due to your personality, circadian rhythms, health, and lifestyle can all impact when the ideal time is for you to work out. Let’s talk about some factors for finding your ideal workout time.

#1 When Do You Have the Most Energy?

Are you a morning person or do you preferย to stay up late into the night? These are important cues about when you should try working out. Hint: you should exercise when you have the most energy. If you are a morning person, then your best workout time will be in the morning. But what if you’re neither? What if you never have energy? Try working out during your lunch break. A moderately brisk wall or a midday yoga class may do the trick for you. You might find that your energy spikes in the afternoon after your workout.

#2 When Are You More Likely to Follow Through?

You may have a jam-packed morning schedule and trying to squeeze a workout in just seems impossible. If you have zero chance of following through on a morning workout, then schedule it for a different time. It’s better to follow through and get a little exercise in than none at all.

#3 Your Sleep Habits

If you have trouble sleeping then it’s important to not work outย right before you go to sleep. Exercise is good for improving sleep, however, if you get your metabolism kicked up and your pulse thrumming too close to bedtime, it’ll make it harder to fall asleep.

#4 Your Eating Habits

Do you skip breakfast? Then don’t exercise in the morning. Your body needs fuel before you exercise. If you exercise on an empty stomach, you won’t get a great workout and you might compromise your immune system. Do you eat a lot after you work out? If so, consider working out right before a meal so you don’t consume extra calories throughout the day.

If you’re unsure when the best time for you to work out, consider experimenting a bit. Exercise at different times and decide what feels best for you. Remember, even a little bit of exercise is better than none. Stick to hydrating yourself often. Theseย Easy Hydration Tips to Try will help you get started!

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