What Insurance Companies Do To Avoid Paying Out Claims

After you have gone through the painful and traumatic experience of a car crash, the last thing that you want to be doing is battling away with insurance companies in order to get the financial compensation that you so rightly deserve. Some of the tactics that they deploy include sending you excessive amounts of paperwork to complete, engaging you in overly long telephone calls, and repeatedly interrogating you for information. In some instances this can last months or even years. 

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Deny Claims

Where an insurance company has, for no good reason, denied your claim and you are able to prove that, then you can take them to court where they will be made to to not only pay you your claim, but also a specific amount of compensation too. Hire experienced insurance claim denial attorneys to help you with this process, as they have the expertise and the knowledge to build a strong case against the insurance company and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Despite of this fact, it does not act as a deterrent, with many insurance companies still denying what are legitimate claims. It is not helped by the fact that because of how very rich these insurance companies are, they are able to hire the very best lawyers to represent them in a court of law, meaning that they often get away with their denials. They bring into question any injuries or harm that has occured after the accident but were caused by it, stating that it was likely to be caused by something else. For this reason, it is important to get a check up immediately after the car accident to avoid this situation from happening.

Delay Claims

Insurance companies avoiding claims use the tactic of stringing the whole process along for as long as possible in the hope that you get fatigued with the process and either stop pursuing it or accept any offer that they make. Even if you do accept the offer that they make, they still often delay paying it as the longer that they are able to hold onto it for, the more money that they are able to make from it. In some scenarios, where you are badly hurt, the insurance companies will actually wait to see how you recover from your injuries to see if you die, as that way they would not have to pay out the compensation.

Defend Claims

In order to reduce the amount that they have to pay out, insurance companies will attempt to shift some of the blame away from their client and try to make you accept a proportion of the responsibility. As a result of implementing this tactic, the insurance companies offer small settlement amounts, knowing that you will have incurred lots of expensive medical bills and may have lost some wages so know that money is tight at the moment. 

Hiring A Lawyer

For all of the reasons specified above, it can be beneficial to your claim and help to speed things up by hiring a qualified lawyer to represent you. They often have first hand experience of dealing with insurance companies and so know exactly what to do in order to counter these avoidance tactics. 

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