Using A Katana Correctly

There are lots of people out there who own katana swords but do not know how to correctly use them. Even when using it correctly, it will likely not perform in the way that you were expecting it to. Attempting to swing the sword like you would a baseball bat at a ball results in the sword making an impact rather than a slicing motion. This gives the impression that there is an issue with the sword when that is not the case at all. However, if you are the owner of a katana sword but do not know how to use it correctly then do not despair as learning the correct cutting technique is not that difficult.ย 

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You are not playing baseball

The idea with a katana sword is to slice it right through the target that you are aiming for. Simply swinging the sword at the target using brute force will result in more of a hack than an actual sliced cut. When used correctly, a katana blade will go right through most objects like a hot knife through butter. The sword should be cast out, much like a fishing line is, drawing the blade down whilst keeping the elbows close to your body at all times. 

The motion of casting and then drawing down in a cutting movement causes its cutting edge to slice right through the target via the curved part of the bladeโ€™s surface. This is a much easier way of cutting than hacking away with brute force. 

Holding it correctly

To be able to slice through a target with a katana sword, you must first be holding it in the right way. Gripping the swordโ€™s handle will also make cutting with the sword easier, faster, and more effective, thus improving the overall cutting power that it has. 

The correct grip is very similar to how you hold a cricket bat, a gold club, or a tennis racket. For right handed individuals, the right hand should be roughly one inch below the guard that sits at the very top of the handle. It should be held with a firm, yet relaxed grip that comes mainly from the bottom few fingers of your hands.

As a result, it should almost feel as if the katana sword is almost floating in your hands. The more than you grip onto the handle, the less control that you will have over the sword. For this reason, some people suggest that you should hold it similar to how you would a paintbrush, rather than almost strangling it.

Buying a katana sword

Now that you have seen just how easy it is to correctly wield and use a katana sword, it is likely to be the case that you want one for yourself. There are lots of websites online nowadays that have Katana swords for sale and at great prices too. Once you have one you will now be in a great position to be able to use it the right way.

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