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Travel Safety Tips Post Pandemic

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Going The Extra Mile With Virus Safety As The World Reopens

When the lockdowns were first imposed a few months ago, not much was known about the coronavirus. Now, as the restrictions are being lifted and the world reopens, things are a little different. A lot more is known about the contagion and how it can be curbed. Still, the risk continues to be there, which means that you will need to take the necessary precautions to stay safe. In fact, it is important to go the extra mile with virus safety as you start going out once again. Here are some measures that you need to take in the era of reopening. 

Be careful about proximity and timing

Social distancing continues to be the most effective precaution for preventing the spread of the virus. A distance of approximately 6 feet in public places can go a long way in keeping you safe. This means that you will need to be extra careful in crowded places like public transport, shopping malls, and restaurants. Even as going back to the office may be necessary, avoiding unnecessary outings should be your top priority as public places begin to open up. Also, shortening the contact timing between people can help in minimizing the risk of infection.

Good ventilation is the key

Studies indicate that the risk increases with a lack of air circulation from the outside, so ventilation is the key to managing it in indoor settings. Air conditioning systems can spread the disease by recirculating infected air in closed environments. It is important to have well–maintained systems with high-quality filters to cut down the transmission risk. If there is an option, sit outdoors when you visit a restaurant or bar. Alternatively, settle for a place near an open window.

Wear protective aids

Masks are mandatory when it comes to protecting yourself from the infection. They are particularly helpful when you are indoors or in crowded areas. You can go one step ahead with personal protection by investing in a face shield with glasses because they offer protection for the entire face rather than just the mouth and nose. Gloves are important if you frequently touch shared surfaces or use public transport. Apart from the wearable protection, continue following the rules of hand hygiene and frequent sanitization. 

Restrict your travel

Just because things are reopening does not mean that you can pack your holiday bags and travel to the next on your bucket list. Traveling increases the chances of spread and puts you at high risk for contracting the disease. It is still advisable to avoid international travel unless absolutely essential. Prefer road trips if you need a break because being in your vehicle prevents exposure. Avoid going to crowded places, rather stick with your group to stay safe and enjoy the trip. Also, take the requisite precautionary measures while you are outdoors.

Staying safe and preventing the spread of the virus is everyone’s personal responsibility. This is a small bit that you can do to help the world combat the contagion and gradually be back on its feet. 

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