5 Ways to Find Time in Your Schedule

Like most busy moms, I find myself thinking there's not enough time in the day. The to-do list is ever-growing and things from yesterday are constantly spilling over onto today. I feel bogged down by the trivial, but necessary thingsย to do, ย and wish I could be spending all of that wasted time in other ways. I've recently come up with a few ways to combat this and am already feeling the benefits.


If you're in theย same boat, giveย these 5 tips a try:

Wake up early or stay up late. I've started waking up two hours before my son does, in order to get work done before he requires my undivided attention. Getting up this early is HARD, but I always feel so productive on days that I manage to make it happen. If you're not an early bird, stay up after everyone else has gone to bed. Just don't forget to turn in with enough time left for a full night's sleep.

Hire a cleaning service.ย I got some advice a few years back that made so much sense to me, but I had never considered it before: Cleaning the house is a mandatory part of life, but that shouldn't mean that we have to sacrifice time that would otherwise be spent working, helping our children or doing something we love, in order to get it done. Housekeeping should not be considered a luxury. As moms, we often feel guilty about the idea of HIRING someone to clean for us because we think that's frivolous spending, or that we should be able to manage keeping a clean house without help. Do you know how many bachelors hire housekeepers? They don't want to waste time cleaning! We need to start thinking like the men. If it helps to think about your earning potential, do so. How much money could you be making in the hours you are spending cleaning?

I'm in the Fort Myers/ Cape Coral, Florida area and recently hired Smile Maid to clean. The staff was friendly and arrived right on time. They were in and out in a short amount of time, and even left a thank you card and candle on my counter for me! Their website makes hiring cleaners as easy as online shopping. Just choose the services you want and check out.

Hire a lawn service. If you have a lawn to take care of, consider hiring help. You can't let the grass grow out of control, but it takes hours of your weekend to maintain your yard. Whether you are paying a teen neighbor or hiring a professional landscaper, this is definitely something you should delegate (unless it brings you some sort of moment of zen. Then, by all means proceed.)

Say yes to babysitting offers.ย If someone presents a vague offer to watch your kids for you (as in, “He's so cute! I'll watch him for you anytime!”), set a date, get it in writing, do what you have to do to take them up on the offer! If someone seems excited about spending quality time with your little ones, it will be a win-win for everyone involved. If no one is offering, but you need help, reach out. If you are slammed on Tuesdays, but wide open on Saturdays, trade play dates with other moms.

Take advantage of grocery shopping services. With companies like Thrive Market sprouting up online (which delivers purchases right to your door), and local grocery stores now offering order online and pickup in store options, there's no reason to waste another hour on this chore. ย Check into which of your local grocery stores are participating. Here in Southwest Florida, Publix and Walmart are offering the service.

How do you find time for what's important? What would you add to this list? Try these ideas to create a better morning routine!

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