The Most Versatile Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium-length hair can look flat and dull if not taken care of. One way of making the hair look better is wearing it in styles that add volume such as medium length hairstyles. Also, avoid applying a lot of oil, and washing the hair too often weakens it leading to hair loss.ย If you have thin hair and have been wondering what you can do to make it look better, here are some volumizing styles to try. However, if you sweat too much, try loose hairstyles to allow air circulation in your head. You can try as many styles as possible to see which one fits you best. Lastly, use the right products for your hair texture and volume, and you will achieve the look you desire. Here are some volumizing medium length hairstyles to try.ย 

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  1. The Shag Cut

When styling the shag cut, your stylist will add many layers to your hair to give it volume. However, do not tie the hair into a ponytail if you donโ€™t want that flat and dull look. Use a volumizing spray to help with the volume. 

  1. Stacked Bob

Some bob medium length hairstyles are too straight with thinning ends that show how thin your hair is. Get the bob stacked a little for more volume. According to LoveHairStyles, the hairstyle also helps to frame the face and gives the wearer their desired look. 

  1. Feathered Tips

People mostly notice thin hair with the tips. However, feathering the ends adds some volume to the rest of the strands. You can also dye the hair into your desired hues to match your hairโ€™s color and skin tone. 

  1. Waves

Making your hair wavy is one of the easiest ways of adding volume. However, avoid using heating tools like blow-dryers and flat irons. They weaken the strands and even increase the thinness. Creating the waves is easy. Make a French braid and leave it overnight, then undo the braid in the morning. Avoid combing the hair with a too-thin comb. 

  1. Finger Waves

Finger waves are another solution to thin hair. You can use your fingers to achieve this look and create the illusion of volume. Ensure the waves are medium-sized or large to get the best out of the look. 

  1. Permed Hair

Permed medium length hairstyles make the hair voluminous, but ensure you are sure before going for these styles because they are permanent. They make the hair look thicker and less flat. You can also highlight them with colors of your choice. 

  1. Flowy Curls

Curls almost resemble waves, and they make the hair look thick. Ask your stylist to make the curls big using more significant rollers. The hairstyle is versatile, and you can attend formal meetings and weddings. 

  1. Beach Waves

Beach waves are easy to achieve, and you can also do them yourself. The two methods of getting this hairstyle are using rollers or braiding your hair and leaving it for the night. Undo the braids in the morning and spray the hair to add some shine. 

  1. Curly Ends

Curling the ends of the hair is like making it wavy, and it adds volume. This medium length hairstyle works best on medium-length hairs that are collarbone long. Alternatively, you can thin the ends to gain volume on the rest of the hair. 

  1. High Ponytails

Ponytails shape the modelโ€™s head and face, and they also add volume. However, ensure you tie the ponytail high and loosely using an elastic. It also adds the illusion of longer hair than what you have. 

  1. Curly Ends Of The Ponytail

A thin hair ponytail is too thin and dull. Add style and volume to the medium length hairstyle by making the ponytail wavy or curvy. 

  1. Textured Waves

Textured waves on medium-length hair are all you need. You can add a side parting to the opposite side of the head than the one you are used to. Also, try combing all the hair to the back without parting it in the middle. These styles make your hair look longer and add volume. 

  1. S-Waves

If you donโ€™t like the beach or big waves, the S-waves are yours to try. They are easy to style and make thin hair more voluminous. The style also looks natural, and you can straighten the hair anytime you want. 

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