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Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas: Seven Sisters Scones

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while we all think of turkey and dressing with mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, this is a chance to inject some variety into the holiday. Instead of the usual bland rolls, toss out some scones to go with your Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. Thatโ€™ll catch your guests’ attention and perhaps begin new traditions.

Introduced to the world in the 1500s as a simple, cake-sized, oats-heavy Scottish bread cooked on griddles or open flames and carved into manageable triangles, scones can be served as a side bread, snack or even a dessert. Theyโ€™re as versatile as those pilgrims who could sail, hunt, harvest and build, all while clutching a Bible.

The English version of scones can be quite boring. Scones generally are served in England during the Afternoon Tea sessions as a dessert, even though thereโ€™s not a lot to them. In England, scones have no filling. No kidding. Nor glitz or glamor. But here in the USA, weโ€™re free to go nuts. Literally. As long as the nuts are roasted. Nut scones can be found all over the country. But thereโ€™s lots more.

Outlets like offer scones chock-full of bacon, cheddar, and chives or banana and chocolate chips. From Chocolate Kahula to Cotton Candy. Blueberries, cinnamon, cranberry, orange, figs, goat cheese, garlic, lemon, jalapeno, green olive, cheddar cheese, honey, pina colada, strawberry, champagne, sweet potato, and on and on and on.

Seven Sisters Scones offer 21 different flavor combinations that cover a wide spectrum of just about any taste.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Seven Sisters Scones Chef Hala Yassine is one of those seven sisters that grew up with two brothers.

After Halaโ€™s first batch of scones, traditional cranberry orange, her sisters bugged and begged her to whip up different kinds. Apple Caramel, chocolate, the requests seemed endless and pushed lots of envelopes. But Hala was happy to dig in, and an amazing assortment proudly illustrates that.

And much of it is substantial and savory, like Seven Sistersโ€™ Fig & Goat Cheese, Cinnamon Coffee Cake and Jalapeno and Green Olive & Cheddar. That will really dress up a breakfast.

Seven Sisters offers scones that you can slice and fill with turkey (perfect for Sconesgiving), ham or roast beef and top with cheese, pepper or caramelized onions.


Celebrate Sconesgiving

Send or deliver some Seven Sisters Scones to friends and family members for a nice Thanksgiving gift. That definitely would be something to be thankful for. Seven Sisters Scones, which is located in Johns Creek, Ga., makes it very easy.

You can schedule a delivery from Seven Sisters weeksโ€”and even monthsโ€”in advance. You also can schedule deliveries to multiple addresses. Send some to teachers, mail carriers, buddies, parents, siblings, whoever.

And Seven Sisters Scones are the perfect hostess gift idea. Samplers, Gifts & Gift Cards are an easy way to show appreciation to a Thanksgiving hostess.

Seven Sisters Scones is so excited for Thanksgiving that they are offering a 10 percent off code. Just make sure and type in SISTER to get the discount when you fill out your order!

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