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Host a Budget Friendly Thanksgiving: 7 Thanksgiving Essentials For a Dollar Each!

Each and every week, I’ll be sharing easy ways to maximize your dollar at your local dollar store. From five dollar meal ideas to closet organization, you can find a LOT for just a buck. Over the past eight months, we have talked photo frames, holidays, simple dollar crafts, and more! Don’t forget to catch up in the

Have you ever considered Dollar Tree for any of your Thanksgiving dinner essentials? If not, you should! Your local Dollar Tree carries all sorts of Thanksgiving meal basics, ones that would cost more, if purchased elsewhere. Take a look at these seven Thanksgiving dinner essentials at Dollar Tree just waiting to be found.

7 Thanksgiving Dinner Essentials Found at Dollar Tree
1. Spices and seasonings. Don’t spend $3 and up for spices when you can snag them for just $1 a bottle at Dollar Tree. Find dried seasonings and spices such as onion powder, seasoning salt, and other seasonings perfect for all of your Thanksgiving side dishes, sauces, and even your turkey.

2. Metal baking trays. Dollar Tree is perfect for finding metal baking trays such as cookie sheets and muffin tins. You can even find disposable baking trays, which are great if you will be traveling with dinner or side dishes. Find an assortment of sizes, just right for any meal.

3. Glassware. Want to dress your Thanksgiving table up? Then check out the assortment of quality glassware and stemware. You will find colors and styles that can spruce up any meal, making even the casual feel fancy!

4. Cloth napkins. Add some ambiance to your Thanksgiving table with the assortment of cloth napkins at Dollar Tree. While you’re there, you might even find napkin rings (or use the twine sold in the craft section) to make the napkins extra sweet.

5. Baking mixes. Snag all sorts of baking mixes for just a buck at Dollar Tree. Some of your choices will include muffin mixes, cupcake mixes, and even cornbread and other bread mixes. These are a great way to fill your guests for less.

6. Drink mixes. Drink mixes cost pennies per serving when compared to juices or soda. Dollar Tree has an assortment of powdered drink mixes that can be altered with fresh cut fruit or even used in spritzers and cocktails. Try different flavors and see what combos you like.

7. Candles. Dollar Tree has an assortment of fall scented candles perfect for your Thanksgiving table. Grab 4-5 to run along the center of the table and act as a glowing centerpiece.

Head to your local Dollar Tree and pick up these 7 Thanksgiving dinner essentials.

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