Telltale Signs That Your Dog Is Sick

No one knows your adorable pub more than you, so you will know when something seems off. Swinging into action immediately when you notice any sign of illness will save you cost, stress, and most importantly, his or her life. The better you know your dog’s appearance, habit, behavior, and reactions, the more you will notice any change in your dog’s action.

Seeking immediate and care for your best buddy when they are hurting shows a great deal of care. The following pointers are the most obvious ways dogs tell us they are sick:

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Changes in Personality 

Often when dogs are in pain or feeling unwell, there tends to be a shift in their behavior. In most cases, this behavior happens suddenly. The once bubbly dog that is always over you may start to withdraw and get colder. Or your dog may begin to show snippiness, hostility, and lethargy. You should also be concerned when your dog starts to growl when you get close or touch a particular part of the body. 

Some other dogs withdraw to themselves totally and may become more clingy and show increased signs of neediness. Also, allergies too at times which can result from food or a particular season can change your dog behavior; correct Piriton dosage for dogs will be handy in such a situation. If you start to notice significant changes in your dog’s behavior, you should see a veterinarian. 

Lack Of Appetite 

One of the most obvious ways your dog shows signs of sickness is lack of appetite. When your dog that can eat five times a day suddenly stops craving for food, it is a red flag to be concerned about. If it lasts for a day, chances are your dog is fine and whatever is happening at that moment is temporary. But if, on the other hand, it is taking longer than usual, you should visit a Conroe, Texas Vet.

Strange Weight Loss

Although weight loss might not necessarily be a cause for alarm, unexplained weight loss could be a sign that all is not well with your dog. Most dogs won’t lose significant weight if they are on a diet or they are going through much stress. On the other hand, dogs who lose weight with no change in their lifestyle may experience health issues.

This sign may not be noticeable immediately; it can even take up to weeks to show and might not come with any other unusual symptoms. 

Abnormal Coughing

If your dog coughs and it is persistent or beyond normal, it is mostly something to be concerned about. We may relate excessive coughing to the internal organs or kennel cough. For most dogs, kennel cough can be mild and will go away without treatment after a while, but for puppies, it can be stubborn and fatal.

If your dog cough persists after days with no sign of relief, take it to the veterinarian because it can advance into fatal pneumonia.


It is well known that most of the time, a fever accompanies illness. Conventional wisdom states that a healthy dog should have a cold, wet nose and that a warm and dry nose is a call for trouble, but this is a fallacy. The only certain way to be sure about your dog’s temperature is to use a thermometer to diagnose if there is fever. If your dog is acting sick and showing a temperature that’s more than 103F, you call the vet right away. 

An important tip to note – A body temperature that’s above 104.5F is in harmony with heatstroke and is a life-threatening emergency. Opt for all cooling measures immediately and seek veterinary help.

They Walk Differently 

Another sign your dog may be sick is in the change of walk. Given that dogs are common carriers of ticks, it is a simple decision that Lyme disease is a relatively common canine condition. One of the obvious signs of Lyme disease in a dog is stiffness, which can be observed when a dog walks around. Lyme disease in dogs is just as serious as it is in humans; you notice that your bubbly dog that loves walking long distances finds it hard to even take a step.

If you notice this, you must make an appointment with the veterinarian right away if you are concerned about a likely infection.

Since dogs can’t speak and tell us about any change in their body, the owner needs to be observant as this can save their life in a timely way.

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