Survived A Nasty Road Collision? Here’s What You Need To Do Next Right Away

Being involved in a road collision is a tough experience that can have a negative impact on you both emotionally and physically. Moreover, if you got injured, then you will pay for medical treatment, and you might take days off work, which could affect your income. If the unfortunate event was not your fault, then you deserve fair compensation for all the damages that befell you, financial or otherwise. There are things that need to be done after you are involved in a car accident to protect yourself and your interests. If you have survived a road collision, then read on to know what you need to do next.

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Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

After a car collision, the first thing that you should do is seeking medical help. If you are conscious and able to call for help, check yourself and other passengers in the car, then call for help. It is important to do so immediately even if you donโ€™t feel any pain because sometimes, injuries manifest after a few days or even months after the accident. Ask the doctors to thoroughly record all the symptoms in the report as the medical report is an important legal document when filing a case in court.

Take Photos & Give Accurate Statements

This step is very important as photos are crucial in documenting the accident. Take clear pictures of your injuries and the visible damage on your vehicle, and make sure that you have covered everything. When the police arrive at the scene and start their investigation, you need to give them accurate statements. For example, if they asked if you are injured or not, and you are not sure because sometimes it could take a couple of days for injuries to start showing on your body, say I am not sure. Moreover, make sure that the other party is telling the truth about what happened. You might get injured in an accident due to an intoxicated driver, so you need to listen to what they are telling the police to make sure that their statements are accurate. Afterward, it is always better to consult an attorney before 

filing a claim.

Exchange Information

Get the name, address, and phone number of everyone that was involved in the accident. You should even ask witnesses for their contacts as your attorney might want to talk to them later on. Also, it is important to ask to see the insurance card of all vehicles that were involved in the collision as your insurer will ask for them. Usually, this information should be obtained by the police officers, however, sometimes they donโ€™t respond to the accident, so you need to collect this information by yourself. Note that your insurer may need a copy of the police report, so you should ask the police officer present at the accident scene for a copy. 

Notify Your Insurance Company

Some insurance policies require immediate reporting of the accident. You might have medical benefits included in your insurance plan, so you need to find out if your medical treatment is covered or not. Your insurance provider will ask for your policy number, details about the incident, registration number of all the vehicles involved in the accident, driverโ€™s contact, and the driverโ€™s insurance details if possible. 

Keep a File & Hire an Attorney

Keep all the documents, photos, receipts, and everything related to the accident in a file. The file should include information like names and phone numbers of the other parties and witnesses if there are any. To obtain fair compensation and protect your rights, seek professional help. Hire a lawyer to assess your situation and file the case. You donโ€™t need to worry about the lawyerโ€™s fees as personal injury lawyers receive their fees after you receive the compensation. 

Road collisions are unfortunate events that canโ€™t be predicted and cause a lot of damage. However, if it wasnโ€™t your fault and you suffered injuries and damaged property due to the collision you can get compensated. Your health should be your priority after a road collision, so you need to check on yourself and other passengers to make sure that everyone is fine, and then seek medical help right away. In order to receive fair compensation for all the emotional, physical, and financial damage you had to endure because of the collision you need to accurately document everything and keep a file with all the documents and photos related to the accident. Hire a personal injury lawyer if you want to file a compensation claim. Filing a compensation claim is a tedious, complicated process, so it is always better to seek professional help and hire a lawyer to take care of everything and allow you to focus on your recovery.

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