Seriously Sweet Strawberry Desserts and Drinks

Strawberries are kind of a big deal here in Florida.

They are a huge part of our agriculture and heritage – especially in the areas where strawberries are grown. We look forward to our annual strawberry festival, and we certainly cook with fresh Florida strawberries as often as we can!

If you want some inspiration to use strawberries this season (when you can get them at a good price!), pick a recipe below!

Strawberry Desserts and Drinks (1)

Strawberry Recipes

Seriously Sweet Strawberry Desserts and Drinks

Looking for something sweet? Try these strawberry recipes! From desserts to smoothies, you can find a way to add strawberry into your day!

What do you like to cook with strawberries? Try this lemon pudding recipe or a raspberry pound cake next! Plus, I have a huge list of Valentine’s Day desserts too.

Strawberry Kitchen Essentials

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