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St. Patrick’s Day Bucket List: 25 Things to Do This Saint Patrick’s Day

It seems as though we just celebrated Christmas, which is why it is crazy to think that Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here! Saint Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be just a single day of green beer and bar hopping, in fact, it can be a family friendly holiday full of all sorts of festivities. Look below at our Saint Patrick’s Day Bucket List to find 25 things to do this Saint Patrick’s Day with your family and see how fun this holiday can be.

St. Patrick’s Day Bucket List Printable

St. Patrick's Day Bucket List

St. Patrick’s Day Bucket List PDF Printable

Bucket List Ideas

  • Watch a river turn green! See if the local parks department will be coloring any city fountains, ponds, or rivers green for the holiday.
  • Attend a bagpipe concert. There could be a local club or college performing a bagpipe concert, so check your local listings to find any musical events like this in your area.
  • Watch Irish Dancers. Irish dancing is a lot of fun to watch and even join in on. Look for local clubs or community centers offering Irish dance performances and if you see an opportunity, be sure to jump on it.
  • Bake cookies! Try these St. Patrick’s Day Crinkle Cookies for a fun g reen dessert.
  • Make your own Irish flag. Get some white, orange, and green construction paper and craft your own Irish flags. These will be fun to display around the house for some instant Irish décor.
  • Make a pinch protector. Protect yourself from getting pinched on St. Patrick’s Day by making a pinch protector. Color a wooden laundry clip with a green marker and clip it onto your clothes for protection.
  • Make a leprechaun trap. Prop up a shoebox with a stick and place some chocolate gold coins under it. Let it sit and see if you can catch a sneaky leprechaun.
  • Make leprechaun tracks. Use washable green paint to leave little footprints around the house or bathroom time. You can use your fingers to make small foot/toe prints.

St Patrick's Day Pudding Recipe

  • Enjoy some lucky marshmallow bars or these Lucky Charms pudding cups. Use Lucky Charms cereal to make cereal bars. You can find all sorts of simple no-bake recipes online! My personal favorite is these Lucky Charms pudding cups. They’re easy and delicious!
  • Dye your milk green. When the kids wake for breakfast, add a few drops of green food coloring to their milk. They will love the surprise and green start to their day.
  • Have a green feast. Eat a snack buffet of all green foods. Consider green apples, avocado, celery and dip, and other green foods that make good snack foods.
  • Listen to Irish music. Head to YouTube and look for different examples of Irish music. Listen to modern as well as folk music.
  • Head to the library. Look for kid’s books with an Irish theme. Or, you can even check out books on Ireland and learn more about this beautiful country.
  • Make Leprechaun hats. Use green, black, and yellow construction paper to craft your own simple leprechaun hats. Or, make flat hats to display as art.
  • Bake Irish soda bread. This is a classic St. Patrick’s Day recipe!

Easy Irish Soda Bread

  • Try some rainbow finger painting. A huge part of Saint Patrick’s Day is rainbows! Get out your paint and poster board and make your own colorful rainbow to display.
  • Go on a clover hunt. Head out into nature and see how many four-leaf clovers you can find.
  • Eat some corned beef and cabbage. This is a traditional Irish meal and one that many enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day! Head to Pinterest for the perfect recipe.
  • Enjoy a Shamrock Shake! Head to McDonald’s for their famous and limited time Shamrock Shake! Or, find a recipe online and make your own.
  • Go on a green hunt. Take kids around the house and make a list of all the green things you can find!
  • Do some green finger painting. Give kids some green finger paint and let them go to town on some poster board.
  • Make St. Patrick’s Day popcorn. Mix up chocolate, sprinkles, and pretzels for this fun St. Patrick’s Day popcorn recipe!

St. Patrick's Day Pretzel Popcorn

  • Make St. Patrick’s Day slime or play dough. Try this Pot o’ Gold Play Dough recipe or use Pinterest to find a seasonal slime recipe.
  • Watch any television specials. Check out local TV listings for any themed cartoon or movie specials.
  • Enjoy some gold coins. Head to Dollar Tree where you can find chocolate gold coins, no leprechaun hunt required.
  • Attend a parade. Check your local paper for St. Patrick’s Day parades and parties in your area.
  • Wear green! Gather up all of your green clothing items and dress in all green for the day. This way, you won’t get pinched!

Play Dough Recipe

St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

St. Patrick's Day Party

Style a St. Patrick’s Day party with these party printables and add green to your home with these Dollar Tree ideas for St. Patrick’s Day!

Are you ready to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? Consider these 25 things to do this St. Patrick’s Day and see what a fun and family-friendly holiday it can be!

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