Stock Your Pantry With Spices On a Budget

Each and every week, I’ll be sharing easy ways to maximize your dollar at your local dollar store. From five dollar meal ideas to closet organization, you can find a LOT for just a buck. This marks the beginning of my fifth month of weekly articles about saving money.

Any recipe worth its salt will require spices. Instead of spending a fortune at the grocery store each week, stop into Dollar Tree and stock up on your spices on a budget.

Stock Your Pantry With Spices On a Budget
No pantry should be without salt, pepper, oregano, basil and garlic powder, but if you want to try anything out-of-the-box, youโ€™ll also need paprika, onion powder, seasoned salt, cayenne pepper, chili powder and parsley flakes. The good news is that these are all available at Dollar Tree. (And if you buy them all, itโ€™ll put you out a whopping $11 versus the $33 or so to buy them elsewhere.)

If you want to achieve a coffee shop-quality cup of Joe right in your own kitchen, youโ€™ll also need cinnamon and nutmeg, so you might as well add them to your cart.

While the following may not be considered spices, youโ€™ll stumble across recipes often enough to need these on hand, too: vanilla, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and chicken broth.

Keep in mind that powdered/dried spices typically last about 3 years, so go through your existing stock to make sure you wonโ€™t ruin an otherwise awesome recipe.

Now that youโ€™ve got all of these spices, youโ€™ll need to keep them organized to prevent a spice avalanche from tumbling down on you every time you reach for the garlic. (Or does that only happen to me?) Dollar Tree sells nearly every kind of plastic storage bin imaginable. From plastic storage boxes with lids, stack & nest plastic bins, coated wire organizers, to assorted plastic drawer organizers, youโ€™ll find some combination to work with your kitchen. Itโ€™s not a bad idea to pick up a few of their plastic canisters with twist-on lids for items like rice and pasta, too.

Put the money youโ€™ll save on spices toward fresh produce and meatsโ€ฆor toward that new gadget youโ€™ve been eyeing to reduce the time you spend in the kitchen to begin with!

Favorite Recipes:

Try these recipes to use your new spices on!

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