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Things have been quite crazy lately, but I’m still here trucking along. Two weeks ago we went on a quick trip to Boston that we had been planning for a few months. The husband is a huge baseball fan and I definitely enjoy it as well. There was a deal on Southwest for certain days to fly from Tampa to Boston and coincidentally that was when the Tampa Bay Rays would be playing the Red Sox. What great timing! {In a random twist of events two other bloggers were up there that same weekend! Amanda & Meghan!} We first wanted to make sure we could get tickets for Fenway (and we were able to pretty easily… I thought it would be more difficult!), and then we booked our flight.

It was a true 48 hour bender just as I had hoped! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We flew to Boston early Thursday morning, navigated the T, and made it to our hotel by check-in time.

We stayed right on this corner–Hotel Buckminster.

It was kind of a dive but it was SO CLOSE to Fenway!

Our room had QUITE the view. Though, to be fair, there are rooms with windowns looking toward Fenway… we just were not lucky enough to get one.

We were kind of wired (albeit exhausted) but wanted to check out Fenway since we were literally right across the street. We wandered into Bleacher Bar (which I had been given several recommendations to go to!) and were able to post up right in front of the metal grate that lets you look onto the field at Fenway. Batting practice was just beginning so we had something to look at!

Walking toward the bar

A look at the seating area


{What you REALLY see… though I stuck my camera lens inside one of the holes to get a pic!}

After a snack and a beer, we had something to take care of first–a new belt for Scott. During the security screening process…his belt just sort of fell apart. Luckily one of my friends was in Boston for an internship, so he met up with us to show us some local shopping. We found Urban Outfitters and an amazing sale. Belt found! I also found these two hilarious books that must be purchased.

All right, now it was time to explore. My friend’s favorite little bar was a place called the Pour House. We stopped here for a UFO White and plotted our next adventure.



What… you don’t take pictures of the taps to remember what you drank? Oh… just me… Ok! LOL

My husband listens to a lot of ska music and he remembers a place called Bukowski’s being referenced in some songs. We found it very close by (who knows if it was the same one, but regardless), and I had a PBR just to feel trendy. Yuck. I don’t know WHY people perfer those! I mean, I’ll drink it… but still.

SAM_1602We hopped on the T and went to a place called the Purple Shamrock. I had a friend from back home text me and tell it was dangerous to go there? I have no idea why. It was an empty bar & restaurant with cheap lobster. Done. What goes best with Maine Lobster? $2 Bud Lights. Now… that’s balling on a budget.



Our next request was to find a liquor store so we could save some money and drink in our room. They. Were. All. Closed. It was barely 9 p.m. I even CALLED some that were nearby. All closed. So we walked around.


We found one near Boston University where I found a liter of Three Olives Bubbles on clearance for $19.99. This was the best and also worst idea of the trip. Mixed with some Ginger Ale it was quite delightful but everyone was sick the next morning. We stopped at Cask & Flagon after Thursday night’s Red Sox – Rays game and found ONE Rays fan! Wooo!

Oh… and the WEATHER. Talk about glorious.
I hadn’t felt that chilly of a temp in quite a while!

I’ll be back to talk about the Sam Adams brewery tour and our night at FENWAY later this week! ๐Ÿ™‚
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