Saving Time in Your Cleaning Schedule

We all have a cleaning schedule. Once or twice a week, we attack our homes with a duster and a mop, and we make sure itโ€™s sparkling from top to bottom. However, because of this routine, youโ€™re spending a lot of your precious time cleaning up, and that needs to stop! 

You know best of all just how cluttered your home can get, and youโ€™re sick and tired of spending so much time trying to tidy it up! What are you supposed to do here? How are you supposed to cut down on your schedule, and save a bit of time for yourself later on? Well, youโ€™re in luck, because weโ€™ve got some tips for you!

Break Up the Routine into Sections

Youโ€™ve got an entire cleaning routine to keep up with, and itโ€™s not exactly viable to follow anymore. Youโ€™ve got a lot more on your plate at the moment, and youโ€™re running out of energy sooner in the day than before too! So what do you do? You break the routine up into more manageable sections. 

Give yourself 20 minutes, and a couple of rooms or a single floor of your home. Set an alarm, and when it goes off, youโ€™re done with cleaning for the day! Youโ€™ll be surprised with yourself about how much you can get down in such a time period as well, and you can get on with other things knowing youโ€™ve done your part. 

Automate Your Efforts

Now, this might be a new one to you, because you thought automating the house work was at least 20 or so years away. However, thereโ€™s still a lot you can do to make the cleaning run smoothly, and without much effort from you, in the here and now. 

For example, you can get your hands on a nifty robot vacuum to do the bulk of the vacuuming work for you. This is a great option if you have pets that are leaving fur and other particles all over the place, and all you need to do is press a few buttons here and there. Similarly, while this is an older bit of kit, if you buy a slow cooker for the kitchen, just throw everything in the pot before you go out for the day, and when you come home, dinnerโ€™s ready for you! 

Have the Right Tools on Hand

Finally, it might be time to invest in some better cleaning tools. Make sure youโ€™ve got the right cleaners and sprays on hand, which can be homemade as well, and also, buy yourself some microfiber cloths to make good use of. Microfiber cloths are amazing for cleaning homes, as theyโ€™re good in any situation, and pick up a lot more dirt and dust than anything else on the market. 

If youโ€™ve got a cleaning schedule thatโ€™s getting harder and harder to follow, make sure you break it up, get machines involved, and have the right tools on hand to help out. 

Krystal | Sunny Sweet Days
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