Shipping Up To Boston {Sam Adams Brewery}

The next morning we woke up semi-early to head to Sam Adams for their brewery tour. It’s free (donations accepted) and they do pour a few beers. It’s a worthy place to stop when heading to Boston (though I didn’t know they only bottle like less than 1% of their beer there… kind of not a real brewery then! LOL). We got there early, voted on a new winter seasonal, and were herded in with the masses for the tour.


The choices were an oaked ale and a maple pecan porter. I usually HATE dark porters and stouts but I liked this one for some reason. I’m not sure if I could drink a whole bottle of it, but it was tasty.

Casting my vote!

Our “ticket” into the tour–a beer label!


We smelled hops and barley and learned some history. We saw some beer in casks. We got a free tasting glass and sampled some beer. We were able to try the original Sam Adams Lager as well as Oktoberfest and the Brick Red which is only served in about 250 bars around Boston. Yum, yum. I also wrote 100 postcards from the brewery that still have yet to be received by anyone I wrote to. Come on Sam Adams, no one cares I went to Boston three weeks after the fact! LOL Get it in the mail! (They have a stand where they will send out free postcards from the brewery).

A free tasting glass with a full drank! For a free tour, this was pretty nice.


Definitely COAT weather. This FL girl was chilly.

Basically all that was inside the “brewery.” I normally would’ve felt jipped but the free beer and keepsake glass made up for it.

The tour guide was also pretty hilarious and everyone seemed nice. It was a large group but it still felt “intimate” if that makes sense.

The postcards. If you ever get one, let me know. I sent like a gazillion to folks like Heather, Tara, Jen & Lauren. If I asked for your address and you thought I was a creeper — that’s why!

Back on the T…back to the hotel. I had a quick snack at Qdoba and a tiny power nap. It was time for FENWAY!!

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