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Retro 80s Gift Idea: ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker

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Are you all about nostalgia like me? From the 70s, 80s, and the 90s, I can’t get enough of retro items that always seem to come back in style. Since I love music and being able to take it with me on the go, this ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker is SO much fun! Add this to the top of your gift wish list – you are going to love it!

Here’s what I love about the ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker:

First off, the style of the cassette boombox takes me back to my youth! I love the dual full-range speakers which pump out powerful bass and clear highs. The stereo cassette plays ALL of the tapes that you may still own (I know I still have a few that I haven’t parted with!). Plus, you can also stream wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device!

You can record onto cassette from the radio, a built-in microphone or an external source. This brings me back to my youth. I always used to record from the radio and made my own mixtapes when I was a kid. This something I can see my son and I enjoying together as we play music, record, and make our own radio show together. I love that it has a rechargeable battery (up to 10 hours), and you can also record onto a USB stick so you can archive your old cassettes!

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