My Pregnancy Journal

{And the pregnancy updates begin! I honestly don’t care if you’re not interested. I am interested in documenting the past few months [and of course the upcoming!]. My blog has never really had a focus so why not! My weeks change every Sunday so I figure every Monday I’ll so some updating. I do, however, have some catching up to do!}

The week before New Years was crazy. I was having mood swings — nothing too unusual, because, hey! I’m a girl — but I was feeling really down. My New Years plans ended up being a bust and I felt really, really sad! I mean, was I really THAT sad about not having a big night out in this hotel room I booked on the beach? Sure. It was possible but my reaction just seemed a bit MUCH. Even for me. I wasn’t sure if something was up.

New Years Eve was a nice, chill day. I caught up on chores, books, picture uploading, TV, etc. It was awesome. Once it got closer to the evening and I knew Scott would be home soon… ready to party. Just because I felt like I *should* make sure I wasn’t preggo before hitting some champagne hard… I made a trip to CVS. And, because I couldn’t JUST buy pregnancy tests… I got some ice cream too.

I got home, peed, and waited. I was just doing this for peace of mind. I mean, there was no way I could be preggo already. No flippin’ way.

WAY. Two pink lines — albeit one of them faint — meant the big fat Positive. I’m like … okay. I bought a two pack. Let’s try again.

Yep. Another positive.

I think I started talking to myself at this point and said “No way. No f*ing way!” I mean, it wasn’t in a negative way or anything… it just was sudden. It wasn’t a SURPRISE but it wasn’t something that I had expected. You know how you hear that rumor it takes a while to get your body back to normal after years on the pill… lies! All lies! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I got it together and realized my husband would be home soon. I was in pajamas. Ick. So, I changed into a dress and a cardigan… even if we were home I wanted to look a little cute at least.
I wanted to find a way to tell him, so I went to our “I Like” book. I got this from Plum District with a dealio and it’s cute. We don’t write in it every day but on weekends I used to hand it off to him to write something. You’re supposed to write one thing you like about your partner every day. Anyway, we finished one page for December and I wrote on the last line: I like that you’re going to be a DAD in 2012.

He came home, had to finish some assignments for work, and I sat. Patient. I watched some of MTV’s New Years Special and felt old. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! I helped prepare dinner but it was cold outside so I put my pajamas back on. Wow. Lame. My husband was trying to push me to make a drink or something to liven up the mood. I declined til dinner. I was really trying to put it off. I was going to ask him to check the book once he was done with work… but he was taking his time. I was SO antsy.

I didn’t know what to do with myself. So… we are out on the patio and he is about to smoke and he said come on, make a drink… and I couldn’t handle it. I’m on the patio, he is about to smoke in my face (gross!) and I can’t drink! So I just blurted it out.

I think he said “really?” with a smile.

I finally was like you wouldn’t read the book! I tried! He said the book would have been a better way to tell him than just blurting it out… and I’m like, yeaaaaa I TRIED!!!

Anyway, so that was that. We had steak and lobster for dinner but the lobster made me not want to eat it. I don’t know why.

I woke up the next morning to go grab a digital test. Pregnant. I just needed some more proof.

I spent New Years Day in probably a daze. What do I do? Why can’t I drink coffee? Can I have a damn Pepsi? I’m like what should I DO!

The timing was kind of crazyโ€”Finding out at the beginning of a new year that you’re expecting. We knew it would be this year…I really just didn’t think so soon! Also, my new job’s insurance kicked in ON January 1st… so that is some timing right there.

I mean I didn’t have any signs. I did take a nap two days in a row which is unusual. I never take naps, I just go to sleep early regularly…


I am having trouble getting into my clothes in the morning, I feel so bloated in the AM. I am fine by lunch time… clothes fitting back to normal. I took a picture of myself this morning and my face was bizarrely round.

My first appointment wasn’t until the end of January. I think I was nervous at my appointment but I wasn’t showing it. I was just really quiet. Mildly uncomfortable. I didn’t cry or get butterflies when I saw the baby. It was just like, there it is. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited. It just was a pleasant experience and I was eerily calm.

We saw Baby B and heard the heartbeat — 150 beats per minute! It was over pretty quickly and then the blood work and normal doctor stuff happened. Everything seemed pretty good.

We told our parents in person when they came down to visit for dinner and I slowly told my close girlfriends. I couldn’t NOT tell.

End of my first month! I look normal but there is SUCH a difference between then and now. Yikes!

Pregnancy Rewind

Here are some snippets of thoughts I had been emailing myself in January and February. Iโ€™m glad to finally be able to post them! The overall theme seems to be sleep, tears, and anticipation.

Iโ€™ve known about my little pregnancy for a week now. I havenโ€™t told anyone which is kind of amazingโ€”and by that I mean besides the few people we told instantly. I had an OB appointment but quickly switched to another after learning pricing details and location. Two places ran my insurance and they each gave me different prices. Bizarre but I didnโ€™t question it. I obviously chose the cheaper and closer location. We go on the 28th of January and I could be 8 weeks.
I also literally have been sleeping for days. I slept last night from 8pm on… and I’ve been napping on and off today. I have ZERO appetite either. Smells are getting to me… strong smells. I am trying to get motivated so I had some caffeine, hoping this will help! So I guess Iโ€™m 7 weeks today? I am so not understanding how to count my weeks! Ha. Since my doctor wonโ€™t see me till week 8, I guess this is week 7.

So, Blue Ivy made her appearance into the world and her daddy Jay-Z already released a song called โ€œGlory.โ€ Adorable. Though its a little cheesy… โ€œyouโ€™re my child from someone in Destinyโ€™s Child!…โ€ The song is here.

I also feel STUFFED all the time. It’s possible it’s because I’m squeezing myself into my work pants. That little stretch they have is just not enough. I’m obviously not showing but itโ€™s like my weight is being redistributed. I feel very big in my waist now.

Scott made his first purchase for baby b. It was Dr. Seussโ€™ โ€œOne Fish Two Fishโ€ but the infant versionโ€”a big sturdy book with plastic fish on a ring at the top.

I was inspired by his purchase and ordered an Erin Condren kids journal with Baby B on the cover. I hope to use it to document the pregnancy. It is just like a life planner but without the calendars. Itโ€™s very cute. Pictures to come!

As for finally being out of the first trimester — hooray! I can already a difference with my energy levels. On St. Patrick’s Day we walked two miles up and down the beach… I don’t think I would have been able to do that a month ago. I only had “morning sickness” once and it lasted a solid 24 hours. I felt like I was going to die. I was getting sick nearly every twenty minutes for an entire day. I’m glad that didn’t happen again.

And — here is kind of sort of what I look like now… all squeezed into my work pants. I definitely can’t fit into them anymore so the last photo still isn’t what I look like currently. I’m not “bumpin'” but I’m certainly… plumpin’. Ha.

Picnik collage
P4080296 (2)
Is that now a bump, really? Or am I just looking like a wide load?

*How far along?: 18 weeks
*How big is baby?: Apparently the size of a sweet potato. Sweet.
*Total Weight Gain/Loss: +15. Fo’ sho’. I certainly feel and SEE every pound of that.
*Maternity Clothes: Yes – finally starting to make the transition. Whoever said you could wear your regular clothes for a long time was lying. My pants immediately stopped fitting and I have been wearing larger sized dresses to work and around the house. I did finally cave and get some maternity capris and work pants. MUCH better. They actually fit even though it looks like I have a massive beer belly poking through.
*Sleep?: As long as the A/C is cranked down, I’m sleeping just fine.
*Best moment this week? I’ve been feeling the baby move around now like crazy. I started to feel what I “thought” was the baby at about 16 weeks — now I know for sure. Also, just receiving some items for the “nursery” (aka half of our office) and getting things slowly put away. I have a lot of de-cluttering to do and organizing. Slowly but surely.
*Food cravings?: Carbs. French Fries. Coke. Pizza. Bacon and Eggs.
*What I miss: Boozy Booze?
*What I’m Looking Forward To: Just finally finishing cleaning and organizing our cramped house. I know it’s early, but I just want everything to be DONE. Furniture assembled, clothes hung, everything ready to go. I feel like I’m losing valuable time I guess? I know in the coming months we will be busy and I’m sure I won’t have as much free time as I have now.

Oh, but of course I’m also looking forward to our big ultrasound tomorrow. Duh.

*Thoughts: Too many. I am excited yet moody. I am busy yet lazy. I feel gigantic yet can only bring myself to eat junk most days. I am, ultimately, exhausted. I feel like I’m not good enough pretty much every day–at home, at work, at friendships. It’s pretty awesome to be this hormonal! Or, perhaps, just hyper sensitive. Either way, I’d love for everyone to just cut me some damn slack.

Last weekend — Easter on the BEACH!

*How far along?: 19 weeks
*How big is baby?: A mango.
*Total Weight Gain/Loss: Ignoring the scale between Doctor’s visits. I think that is a great plan.
*Maternity Clothes: Yes – a good mix of maternity pants with regular shirts/tanks. Dresses are my friend — though my regular pre-pregnancy dresses are now like scandalous tunics on me! Leggings are also my friend.
*Gender: A BOY.
*Sleep?: Often.
*Best moment this week? Deciding on a name. See below.
*Food cravings?: Weird, but milk. I never drank milk… in fact, I probably haven’t had milk in about a decade if not longer until this week. I don’t know why, I felt compelled to try some milk with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and I’ve had a big glass every day since then.
*What I miss: My energy.
*What I’m Looking Forward To: TODAY. Today is a sick day, I’m home and trying to rest and feel better. I worked on Saturday and it really took the life out of me. I was on my feet running around all day — which used to be a normal day for me. However, I woke up Sunday feeling like an old lady with swollen feet and missing ankles.
*Thoughts: Just getting by one day at a time. I’m trying to get back into cooking and feel more like “me.” We were able to go out Saturday night and had a great time at dinner and out at a bar seeing some music. It was nice to be with people we knew and just BSing. Definitely a good night indeed.

So, about that name? I figured there is no point to really hide it on here. And, besides, I have to lay claim to it before those celebrities start popping out their babies this year! I’m barely halfway through and I do realize it’s early to announce as we could maybe change it. Well, with a husband as stubborn as mine… the name is NOT changing. In fact, we apparently had decided on the name before we were even engaged.

I vaguely remember we were out, drinking of course, and I said something about liking the names “Cannon” and “Hunter.” I had only met one person named Cannon in my life and it was trendy enough yet not too out there. My husband never forgot this and Cannon was the only boys name he would consider.

Since I couldn’t suggest anything “better” than Cannon (some of the names on my list were Clark, Silas, Asher, to name a few), Cannon just stuck. After mulling the name over for 19 weeks, it’s just become a part of us I suppose. I knew early on that I was having a boy — I just KNEW — so I also just knew he would be called Cannon. I’m used to the name, it is a little jarring when some people hear it, but it’s us. If you knew my husband, you would know and say, “Of course he picked Cannon!”

Middle names were more tricky. See, our last name is not easy on the ears. It’s long and nothing sounds “right” with it. I thought a one syllable middle name would flow nicely, but I gave up on that idea when I realized that nothing really “flows” right. This name business is tricky, eh?

And, for some reason, since knowing that our “he” would become a Cannon — I just wanted his middle name to begin with a T.

Not that we plan to call the little guy CT, but we could. Well, I could. My husband doesn’t like it but I think CT is adorable!

My first choice for a middle name was Tate but I had two people say “Taint?!” after sharing that idea. My husband also was not a fan.

I then started to remember how I always thought middle names should have meaning — maybe a surname from past relatives or a first name passed down. My grandfather from my mother’s side was George Theodore. Theodore!

So, we have 21 more weeks to go before we meet lil’ Cannon Theodore. The traditional “Theodore” balances out the trendiness of “Cannon.” Not that I have to explain our choice, I just wanted to share our rationale. And, after repeating it to myself a million times and typing it out, I think it’s pretty damn cute. I’m not sure how the name Cannon will age, but hey, I’m a Krystal with a K and I’m doing just fine as an adult.

This was a pain staking process! We both are pretty stubborn and once we like something — that’s it.

Now — let the monogramming begin! ๐Ÿ˜‰


*How far along?: 20 weeks…. um, does anyone else realize that I’m have been pregnant for THIS long?! It’s half over. Isn’t that insane?
*How big is baby?: A cantaloupe. Supposedly.
*Total Weight Gain/Loss: Plus a bunch.
*Maternity Clothes: For sure. Even my “large” shirts I bought at Target for the time being are getting snug.
*Gender: A BOY.
*Sleep?: Not as.
*Best moment this week? Buying a Graco Pack n’ Play at a children’s consignment store for pretty much nothing. The one I wanted on my registry was a regular one, but this one we found looked barely used and had all the bells & whistles–music, vibrations, a changer, bassinet. We also picked up the crib, the glider, and some other goodies. Once everything is assembled…. um, we will be done?! Except the final touches of course.
*Food cravings?: I had CHIPOTLE today and it was heavenly. We don’t have one nearby where I live so I haven’t had it since I moved from Tampa!
*What I miss: WINE. This weekend Scott & my mom happily sampled some fruity wines at a local winery. Jealous.
*Symptoms: Those crazy Charlie Horses woke me up the other night…. where did those COME from!?
*What I’m Looking Forward To: The weekend, I suppose. Sitting at my desk all day makes me achy…though walking around makes me out of breath way too quickly! I need to find a happy medium. The weekend will also be more time for us to just get this house in order.
*Thoughts: Things are progressing–quickly I might add! We figured out a baby shower date and location…now, we figure out the invite list and order invitations!


*How far along?: 22 weeks!
*How big is baby?: A plump papaya.
*Total Weight Gain/Loss: Okay, the official word so far… +21. I gained 6 pounds last month. I’m going to blame it on the McDonald’s. ;D
*Maternity Clothes: Almost everything. I’m in regular leggings today and they just aren’t stretching enough. Argh!
*Stretch Marks: None that I can see!
*Gender: A BOY. Get ready to meet Cannon Theodore!
*Movement: LOTS. He is doing back flips always.
*Sleep?: Pretty normal but I have been waking up when he karate chops me or if I have to go to the bathroom. I’ve been sleeping 9 hours religiously. That’s nice.
*Best moment this week? Visiting my friends in Tampa. It was a nice road trip but left me with SWOLLEN ankles. Fo’ serious.
*Food cravings?: Nothing really. I told my husband this last night — I feel like my cravings have stopped. A few weeks ago I would kill you for a taco, but now I’m just up for eating whatever. Though… I did need want ice cream last night. Luckily we had some in the fridge.
*What I miss: Being able to stay up late and walk around without disappearing ankles.
*Symptoms: SWELLING. I didn’t even do TOO much activity this weekend. Sure, I stayed up to 3 a.m. like the good ol’ days. I walked around Hyde Park. I went to a concert in the sun all day Sunday. But, it wasn’t anything CRAZY. I didn’t walk MILES. Either way, my knees and ankles were not my best friends and I spend Sunday night and all of Monday wondering if my ankles would ever return.
*What I’m Looking Forward To: My mom is moving down to Ft Myers next weekend! That’s pretty crazy. We are also taking some pictures on Saturday… I don’t want to call them “maternity” even though I guess they are…technically. I had a Groupon for a photo shoot but it expires soon so I figured now would be as good a time as any.
*Thoughts: I had a doctor’s appointment this week (hence the accurate weight gain update!) and found out that right now he is breech. She said she expects him to turn (we have a long ways to go, right?!), but I just was like “oh, okay.” I didn’t know what to say! Google tells me that most babies are breech at this point and will almost always turn. Besides that, she said I should watch my salt because it’s too early for me to be so swollen! Yikes! I need to take it easy. Hey, me, relax? Sounds great!

25 Weeks!

I’ve passed “Viability Day” and that third trimester is just getting closer and closer! It’s a little crazy to think about how time has flown so quickly.
*How far along?: 25 weeks!
*How big is baby?: A chunky cauliflower.
*Total Weight Gain/Loss: +24. Last time I updated I was up 21 pounds and I wrote the update at 23 weeks. This means in two weeks I’ve gained 3 months. Joy of joys. I’m really filling out here, eh?
*Maternity Clothes: As often as I can. My regular sized leggings are like “UGH Stop trying to fit in us!!”
*Stretch Marks: None that I can see! I need to be a little more religious about applying my lotion.
*Gender: A BOY.
*Movement: Some days this week were INSANE with movement. Like, he took my breath away with all the karate chopping.
*Sleep?: I’ve been doing well here. Sleeping lots and even taking naps. =]
*Best moment this week? Having a three day weekend — a legit one, not one because I called in sick.
*Food cravings?: I grilled hamburgers this week and I thought they were the best thing on the world.
*What I miss: BEACH DAYS. Yes, we went to the beach yesterday… but I don’t have a bathing suit that I feel good in… so I just like sit at the beach. Like a weirdo. I don’t know if I should just get a regular sized tankini just so I have *something* for the summer.
*Symptoms: Luckily nothing too weird. I do find myself getting out of breath easily and twice this weekend I needed to like sit down because I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I’m sure this is normal and I’m not dying. Right?
*What I’m Looking Forward To: Putting together the nursery furniture! One day, we will do this.

*Thoughts: Baby Bash Invites go out this week! I’m hoping a good number of people can make it. =]ย  I also spent an hour on the phone with my mom last night looking at Newborn Halloween Costumes. Really? Is this my life? I couldn’t help myself. You get sucked into an ETSY time warp and all of a sudden it’s 10 pm and you realized you didn’t accomplish anything tonight.

My Journey Thus Far

Picnik collage

Where I was…ย 
ย PicMonkey Collage
ย Where I’ve Been…
I’m about 104 days away from my due date if you want to be specific. I just thought 100 days left sounded better. And, you never know, little Cannon could be EARLY. That shirt is holding up well. My tummy definitely is starting to peek out and I’m getting rounder. Before I had a lumpy tum tum I thought! My belly button was holding its ground and not poking out. Now… it’s joining the rest of my body.

{Gosh PicMonkey makes some nice collages! The first one was done with Picnik and it obviously is not great quality!}

So… now what? I feel like I need to make some pregnancy related goals to stay on track… not that I’m good with keeping any of my goals, but hey, it’s for good measure. It would be fabulous to have the “nursery” set up by the baby shower so we aren’t just throwing more boxes and bags into a room.

1. Nursery furniture put together before June 30th
2. VACATION — In the works. Heading to Key West for a weekend in TWO WEEKS. That sounds like we are leaving for two weeks. I wish. In two weeks, we will be going to Key West for a weekend. There. Better.
3. Don’t give up on blogging.
4. Organize paperwork — i.e., insurance documents, figure out where the tot is going on our insurance, where is our marriage license and my passport btw?,ย  and for that matter, where are the dog registrations?!
5. Buy curtain rods for the nursery and our living room.

Sounds easy enough for the next upcoming weeks, eh?

So, I’m apparently in the third trimester–depending on who you ask. Either way, I’ll take it. I’ve noticed a distinct difference in how I’ve been feeling both this week and last. I’m swelling pretty much instantly when I wake up in the morning. My feet are sore, my back is a wreck, and I had to take a nap today at lunch because I was soooo exhausted. I’m hoping that’s the worst of it [knock on wood] and I continue to feel a-okay throughout the rest of this pregnancy. It’s a little scary that the end is in sight.
I registered us for some hospital classes because lord knows I have no idea what to do with an infant. I also wanted someone to talk to me about breastfeeding that isn’t an article online or from some book I have. I just really want the basics broken down in a Cliff’s Note version….LOL. Specifically the “when can I introduce a bottle” question as I have to go to work as soon as I possibly can and just exactly HOW do I pump at work…hmmm?
Oh, right. Maternity leave for my situation is non-existent. So, whatever I take off is unpaid. I can use some vacation time if they approve it but that would only be two weeks. I’m not sure how long I’ll need to be off…I know that I would love to be off for as long as possible but that’s not really feasible.
There are a lot of things I’m nervous about that just haven’t been figured out yet… it’s been a week and they still haven’t told me if I passed the gestational diabetes test. Is no news good news? I don’t know how my work situation will play out and I’m seriously wondering if I will be able to get everything we “need” before the baby comes. Only time will tell!
Oh, hi. That’s me looking a lil’ swollen, eh? After three days of huffing and puffing all over Key West… I was a little rough! Though, I will say, this weekend was the first time a stranger mentioned that I was pregnant to me! No one had told me or asked me any questions before… so there’s no denying it now. There’s a baby in there.
*How far along?: 27 weeks!
*How big is baby?: A rutabaga...what is that exactly?
*Total Weight Gain/Loss: +27. My doctor was like “Um….seriously?” So, needless to say I have to watch what I eat and all that. She blames the swelling on my sodium and worries if I’ll be able to work until I go into labor.
*Maternity Clothes: As much as I can.
*Stretch Marks: Trying not to look.
*Gender: A BOY.
*Movement: Often and it’s fierce. A story from this past week: Scott started playing music and put his iPod on my stomach. The baby started to kick right where the iPod was and it was shaking all around. Kind of crazy.
*Sleep?: I’m a pretty good sleeper — just have to get up in the middle of the night at least once and my dreams are super intense.
*Best moment this week? We ditched home and spent the weekend in Key West. Talk about a whirlwind of events. From driving all the way down there to indulging in delicious food… to staying up late with all the partiers… I was exhausted (and still am) from all the activity!
*Food cravings?: I should say “salads” but we all know that’s a lie.
*What I miss: My feet being able to fit into shoes.
*Symptoms: My belly is itchy some days, my feet literally hurt from the swelling, I’m tired, emotional… let’s see… I could go on.
*What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m keeping my answer from Week 25: “Putting together the nursery furniture! One day, we will do this.” Hopefully that one day will be soon.

*Thoughts: There’s a whole lot going on with me! Too many thoughts, too many plans, too many bills, too many To Do Lists! Getting away to Key West helped out a lot and I felt really great driving back home. Ready to conquer whatever will be thrown my way in this third trimester. Hopefully I can!

29 Weeks
Taken this past weekend at a friend’s wedding in their photo booth. I’ve definitely popped out.
A full review of that to come… but for now… Bump Date!

*How far along?: 29 weeks!
*How big is baby?: Acorn squas

*Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m probably holding steady at +30. I haven’t weighed in this week!
*Maternity Clothes: Is it possible to OUTGROW maternity clothes? Because … I kind of think I am.
*Stretch Marks: None noticeable at the moment.
*Gender: A BOY…get ready to meet Cannon Theodore this September!
*Movement: Lots and often.
*Sleep?: It’s still steady and I usually get a LOT of sleep which is nice. However, lately, my body has been playing this fun game called “Let’s Wake Up The Pregnant Chick By Vomiting In Her Mouth.” Yes, several times now I’m driven from a deep sleep with vom in my mouth. Super fun, right?! A little upchucking at 4am is SO FUN!
*Best moment this week? We took a little mini road trip back home for a friend’s wedding. I also found out I passed my glucose test … just need some iron supplements because I’m a “little” anemic. No biggie. I’ll take the pill! Scott also assembled the crib so now things are coming into place. Woo hoo!
*Food cravings?: BURGERS. Honestly I could eat a burger every day.
*What I miss: Drinking. I could have put a hurting on that wedding’s open bar… ๐Ÿ˜‰
*Symptoms: It’s been good since my last every so often weekly update. Thankfully. I’m just physically exhausted so I lay in bed but can’t fall asleep. That’s how I catch up on Twitter!
*What I’m Looking Forward To: The Baby BASH is this Saturday! That’s pretty exciting! I can’t wait to see some people I haven’t seen in a long while.

*Thoughts: I’m being a little bit of a worrywart as far as time off as my job, but I hopefully won’t have to think about that until August. I hope to use July as the real month to GET SERIOUS! Finish the nursery, assemble everything, make a list of things we will still need…just basically get ready. I feel that I might be immobile in August… it’s going to be hot and I’m going to huge. I doubt I will want to run any errands, buy baby gear [unless I have to!], or decorate a nursery. So… hopefully I can do it all next month!


*How far along?: 30 weeks!
*How big is baby?: Cucumber! That’s pretty crazy.

*Total Weight Gain/Loss: +30. End of story. LOL
*Maternity Clothes: Some large shirts I can wear but mostly everything … maternity.
*Stretch Marks: Not that I can see but I also can’t see much past this belly!
*Gender: A BOY
*Movement: Some days he is more active then others.
*Sleep?: It’s been getting worse. I thought I was just *lucky* by having relatively painless sleeps… not anymore! Between the back pain and having trouble rolling from one side to the next… Oy.
*Best moment this week? There were a lot of good moments! We had our baby bash and received quite a few generous gifts. I used some gift cards to finish outfitting the nursery. I found a jumper for $12. We just need to assemble some things and clear out this room finally and for good… we are making great progress. I’ve even started washing baby clothes so I don’t have to worry about it later on.
*Food cravings?: This week I really wanted tacos.
*What I miss: Not being so hot? I feel like my skin is on fire. I can barely walk to the car and back without breaking into a swear.
*Symptoms: Swelling. Like Crazy. The doctor on Monday wasn’t worried because my blood pressure is great… but it has ME worried. I also had some blurry vision this week, a little bit of dizziness… It made me REALLY nervous. I took a nap and I feel okay as of this update but I am definitely going to be a little more careful and not over-exert myself in the future. I see my doctor again really soon so I’m going to ask her … when should I call and be concerned? When a nap doesn’t cure it?
*What I’m Looking Forward To: We have one last ultrasound this month at 32 weeks. I’m excited to see what resembles an actual BABY on the screen. It would be nice to also have further confirmation that our little one is a boy. I mean… they said so at 20 weeks but peace of mind is always nice.
*Thoughts: Last week I updated and was worried that I wouldn’t have everything done but luckily … we have all the pieces to be completed — we just need to get them ready and in place. I was worried I’d be buying baby gear up until the day of but … we are set! There are a few things left but we are ready to go. =]

*How far along?: 33 weeks!
*How big is baby?: Allegedly a “Durian Fruit” but I’m guessing bigger. At our last appointment, the doctor said that our lil’ guy is measuring 1-2 weeks ahead and was weighing 4 pounds, 10 ounces. That’s like… 5 pounds almost….and that’s almost a fully cooked baby! Goodness.
*Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my last appointment I was +40. My doctor said she wasn’t going to get mad at me for my weight gain because I’m clearly retaining a lot of fluid and I am carrying a large baby… Let’s hope those 40 pounds disappear quickly!
*Maternity Clothes: I’m even outgrowing my maternity clothes. I’m wearing a mix of maxi dresses in both larger sizes and maternity…and shirts with camis underneath to add length.
*Stretch Marks: I’m not sure. I am scared to look.
*Gender: Ready to meet Cannon Theodore!
*Movement: Moving and grooving!
*Sleep?: I’m getting lots of good sleep lately. I am out cold until I am jostled awake by the need to take a bathroom break…
*Best moment this week? Seeing and confirming that our lil’ guy is — indeed — a guy. It was our final ultrasound! Sadly we didn’t get any pictures — his hand was seriously smashed on his face and it also looked like he was giving us the middle finger. Gee, thanks! The ultrasound tech tried a few times to see if she could get a picture but it was just too blurry and he was not cooperating. It was nice to see him move though. It almost looked like a real baby on the screen! ๐Ÿ˜‰
*Food cravings?: Chocolate. I feel like I need something sweet every day.
*What I miss: Being able to find clothes to wear to work quickly. Now I have to try a few things on… does this still fit?!
*Symptoms: I had some crazy back pain last week that made me call the doctor just to make sure I’m not dying. Resting cured it — for now — but some days it comes back and it was excruciating. Sort of like being stabbed in the ribs. Awesome. My swelling is always in full force, but a dip in the pool on Sunday DID make it go down for about a day. At least I know swimming will help if I make it to a pool again.
*What I’m Looking Forward To: We have our first class at the hospital this weekend…a “fun” 8 hour experience…I think I’m looking forward to it mainly because it means the baby will be here soon. We have two other classes after that and then I have to go to my epidural consultation. I’m totally clueless but I thought they just GAVE YOU THE DRUGS. Apparently, at my hospital, I have to go to a brief consultation with a nurse and sign some papers…and then when I come in for the birth my drugs will be ready and waiting.
*Thoughts: I guess I have just convinced myself that the baby will be coming early. I have no real scientific reasoning for that — just with my swelling, the fact that he is allegedly almost five pounds, and the fact that I don’t want to be at work anymore … well … I hope it’s true and he does come before September!

This collage is scary — but I suppose I have to post it here for my memory’s sake.

PicMonkey Collage2

I forgot to take one for month 7. Oops. Anyway…. I’m a beast! I definitely got huge between month 6 and month 8!

ย P8120592

*How far along?: 36 weeks!

*How big is baby?: The size of a Honeydew. Average size: 17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 lb. Considering he was over 4.5 pounds a while ago… I’m assuming he’s almost 6 pounds now.

*Total Weight Gain/Loss: Officially +45…and I keep growing!

*Maternity Clothes: Everything is starting to NOT fit. The above maternity shirt is barely long enough.

*Stretch Marks: I have seen a few. Sigh.

*Gender: Definitely a boy.

*Movement: Yes – lots. I also know now what Braxton Hicks contractions feel like. I guess I’d had them for awhile but I wasn’t “sure.” Well — this weekend — I am definitely sure I know what they feel like. We had a good time at a baseball game — lots of walking, standing, eating, drinking. I certainly felt them while walking and noticed a difference in how my stomach felt! Eep!

*Sleep?: So far – so good. I’m up at least once a night.

*Best moment this week? The nursery is done. I’ve gone and messed it up and up since then by organizing and re-organizing things. I’m up to weekly appointments now and we celebrated the husband’s birthday this weekend. I started to pack our hospital bags and made up the baby’s diaper bag. All that’s left is to finish my bag packing, re-organize the nursery area, and that whole car seat needs to be installed soon… eh?ย  My work had a mini-shower for me and was quite generous…I promptly spent that Target gift card on last minute essentials for baby…why does he need so many products?! LOL

*Food cravings?: Absolutely sweets. I have never had as much ice cream or cake as I have had while pregnant.

*What I miss: Going to a craft beer festival while pregnant certainly reminded me how much I used to enjoy beer! They had like three tables of cider too. I loved how I saw several babies — some tiny! — at this festival. I can’t wait to take the baby out to socially acceptable booze festivals.

*Symptoms: Well, now that I know what contractions feel like… those I guess. Swelling–duh.

*What I’m Looking Forward To: Another appointment tomorrow. She said she would have more information about a potential induction just because of my size, weight gain, he’s a giant, I’m a swollen mess, etc. Because I keep hearing about “induction,” I also feel like each day is my “last.” Last day at work, last weekend alone with the husband, etc. I don’t know when it really WILL be my last and now is as good a time as any to think those things.

*Thoughts: I’m just taking it one day at a time now. I am getting bigger — didn’t know it was possible — and just want to see how the rest of the month ends up.

*How far along?: 37 weeks! Hello, full term.

*How big is baby?: Apparently a watermelon. I had another growth ultrasound yesterday and he is estimated at being 8 pounds! With this information, my doctor recommended that we induce me next week! More on that later.

*Total Weight Gain/Loss: Officially +47 and I think that will be the last time I weigh myself! ;)*Maternity Clothes: Everything that I can wear now is either a maxi dress or a large maternity size. I was fitting into mediums the entire pregnancy but luckily I have two pairs of pants that are “large.” Those fit now!*Stretch Marks: I’ve seen a few peeking about.*Gender: Definitely a boy.

*Movement: He’s definitely flipping and flopping in there. I can feel him often. He likes to hang out on the left side of my stomach.

*Sleep?: I’m just always HOT so it’s hard for me to really doze off.

*Best moment this week? I suppose going to the doctor and seeing him on the big screen TV again was pretty cool. He’s definitely a round lil’ guy. They said based on his measurements that his head and length are average… his belly is just large and in charge. Of course! They warned me about how their weight estimates can be off — but either way — an 8 pound estimate is still bigger than I was expecting. I was 6 pounds and my husband was 7ish.

*Food cravings?: Anything cold. Ice cold water, ice cream.

*What I miss: Bending over to paint my toe nails, showering normally, not getting tired from walking around Target.

*Symptoms: Lots of swelling, Braxton Hicks, a lot of pressure down below when I go from sitting to standing.

*What I’m Looking Forward To: Meeting Cannon next week. I go in Sunday night and the process starts Monday morning on the 27th. I will be 38 weeks and 1 day based on my estimated due date of 9/9. However, my dr thinks my due date was really 8/31… My periods were irregular after stopping the pill so she wasn’t too certain. Now that he has grown, she is thinking it really was 8/31 this whole time. Holy moly. I know induction is a tricky subject and there are those that don’t see any reason for it if it’s not medically needed… well, I’m trusting my doctor who says that the baby is huge and if I want to deliver the good ol’ fashioned way that I need to induce. She said he is breathing on his own and is fully grown and ready to go… so I’m trusting her and not asking too many questions. Google has scared me enough with talks about induction and all the advertisements I see in magazines about … “Why can’t you wait until 40 weeks?!” I don’t have a good answer except I do have early signs of Pre-E because I’m a hot swollen mess and there’s been protein in my pee…and he has the makings to be a big baby.

*Thoughts: I’m just ready! I’m glad we had a lot of help from parentals and managed to get the house in nice ready for baby condition. Everything is assembled — the last piece to get put together was the bassinet. I know they aren’t necessary but I thought the bassinet looked most sturdy and the dogs won’t be able to jump in it. These dogs of ours… I hope they can adjust to life with a new baby easily! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t know if I’m going to work until Thursday or Friday… I’d like two days of a “Weekend” and Sunday doesn’t really count since I’ll most likely be panicking about going into a hospital for induction…. oh yea, who has never really been to a hospital as a patient? Me! I think the only time I was like 4.


Beginning height/ weight? 5’4″ & 155 lbs [I had slowly started gaining weight since we moved down to Southwest Florida… all that beer I tell ya! ;)]
What you weigh now? 202. I keep it real. That’s a lot! I’m also being honest with myself. I didn’t eat very well this pregnancy, a lot of convenience foods, and in the beginning I felt sick at the sight of certain things. I hope to clean it up after Cannon gets here and get my arse in shape again!
Due date? It was 9/9/2012 but my doctor was thinking it was really 8/31/2012. My periods were irregular after stopping the pill so she wasn’t too certain. Now that he has grown, she is thinking it really was 8/31 this whole time.
Gender?ย  A rowdy BOY
Name? Cannon Theodore
Nursery colors/theme? It started off by being sage green — I was going to do that color no matter the gender. It somehow evolved into jungle animals because I won free crib bedding from Halo Sleep Sacks [pictures to come] and collected random clearance items from Target and BRU. It ended up being a hodgepodge of animals and the colors aqua, green, brown and yellow. And there are a lot of monkeys.
Stretch marks? There are some making their appearance on my hips.
Do you have braxton hicks? Yes
Did you get any medical issues? No — just a few worries that there was protein in my pee, that he was breach at one point, and my swelling worried them.
Have you been checked for dilation/effaced?ย  Yes, what a joyful experience that was…
How much does baby weigh? 8 pounds at the moment…
Have you started nesting? It comes and it goes… some days I’m motivated to clean and other days not so much.
Latest craving? TACOS — seriously could eat them all day every day.
Bags packed? Mine are! ๐Ÿ™‚
If yes, are they in the car? Not yet
Car seat ready to go? The base was installed last weekend.
C-section or vaginally? Hopefully the old fashioned way…
Do you think it will come early or late? We know he is coming early!
Biggest fear? I suppose the whole damn process of labor.
What are you most excited for? To get him out of me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh and holding him for the first time of course.
Looking back, do you regret anything you did during this pregnancy? All the McDonalds I ate.
Are you going to miss being pregnant? I don’t think so. =]

And Then
PicMonkey Collage2

So — that’s fun. Planning for one of the biggest moments of your life while also trying to make sure your house doesn’t lose its roof or that your dogs aren’t freaking out by the potential crazy storm that’s about to make landfall.

I checked with my doctor and the hospital and the induction tonight is a GO unless 300 other women go into labor and I lose my “spot.” I will find out tonight at 6pm for SURE but I’m all scheduled and ready to go. Kind of crazy, huh?

I feel like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER but now that the end is in sight… I feel like it wasn’t so bad. I wasn’t that miserable and uncomfortable, was I? Am I really sporting a gigantic baby bump? Is this baby really going to be 9 pounds? I have a lot of questions and uncertainties just on the whole situation. I hope he is ready to come out and that he is healthy and well. I trust my doctor and her opinion that induction at 38 weeks [ though I could be 39 ] was the right decision.

I’m sure I’ll be all over Twitter while I’m bedridden and hanging out.

I really don’t need to do a last update since all my stats are pretty much the same. I do want to document that I haven’t been wearing my wedding rings just because my fingers are too chunky [and I haven’t been for a few weeks now] and my belly button is totally an outie. It freaks my husband out when I ask him to touch it. He refuses.

Last night at the beach near our home… it’s about to get stormy here soon!
The calm before the storm — in more ways than one

When I found out I was pregnant, we took Confetti Photos.

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