Platforms That Will Help You Increase Subscriber Growth in 2022

And a few tips that you can implement into your subscriber growth strategies. 

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Subscriber growth can be a challenging task when you don’t have the right tools in place. 

To successfully implement your subscriber growth strategy, you need a platform that allows you to create engaging ways to attract new audiences, manage communication with those audiences, and build personalized customer journeys to keep them engaged. 

Luckily, there are a variety of platforms out there that can help you do just this. From allowing you to create website pop-ups to attract site visitors to running text to win contests and campaigns — it can all help you reach new audiences. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at nine platforms that can help you grow your subscriber base and keep them engaged into the future. With each section, we’ll also provide you with a few tips on how you can elevate your subscriber growth strategies. 

We’ll break this article out into three main topic areas, including: 

  • Cross-channel marketing platforms and tips
  • Email marketing platforms and tips
  • SMS marketing platforms and tips

Cross-Channel Marketing Platforms

First, let’s start with the platforms that can manage multiple channels in one. 

These are great options if you’re looking to improve your subscriber base across your marketing efforts such as email, SMS, social, and more. Each of these platforms will provide you with the services you need to grow your business and continue to manage and connect with your audiences. 

  1. Listrak

The Listrak platform is a great cross-channel marketing platform for retailers looking to manage and grow their marketing efforts with one centralized tool. 

Listrak has everything you need to effectively communicate with your customers across various channels and grow your subscriber base. With the help of the Growth Xcelerator Platform you can engage new audiences and quickly grow your subscriber lists and onsite conversions. Image courtesy of Listrak

Suppose you’re specifically looking for a platform that allows you to create cross-channel experiences and grow your subscriber bases. In that case, you’ll want to consider Listrak and its Growth Xcelerator Platform.

Highlighted Capabilities: 

  • The Growth Xcelerator Platform is a full-service innovative solution that provides increased list growth, onsite conversion, and triggered revenue 
  • Cross-channel marketing tools that allow you to create a comprehensive customer experience while simultaneously growing all of your subscriber lists and channel engagement
  • Reporting and analytics data that you need to help you understand who your customers are and make informed decisions on your marketing campaigns
  • A dedicated support team is available to help you through the entire process, from setup up and strategy to implementation and optimization

Cross-Channel Capabilities: 

  • Email
  • Mobile push
  • Web 
  • Social

Whether you’re just starting or looking for a partner that can provide you with advanced technology such as accelerated growth capabilities and predictive technology — this platform has what you need. 

  1. Bronto

Bronto is a marketing automation platform that makes it easy for marketers to grow revenue and optimize their marketing resources. 

Integrating pop-ups on your website is a great way to grow the number of subscribers you have. These have proven to be highly effective and, with the Bronto platform, are easy to create and integrate into your site. Image courtesy of Bronto.  

This platform can quickly help you grow your subscriber base by allowing you to cross-promote your channels and integrate pop-up forms on your website to convert site visitors into subscribers. 

Highlighted Capabilities: 

  • Easily design and implement mobile-optimized pop-up messages on your website that attract and convert new audiences into subscribers
  • Connect with new subscribers through email to start building relationships with your customers and start collecting insights into what content they’re most interested in
  • Grow your SMS subscriber list while sending relevant messages, including order status, post-purchase, and re-engagement campaigns
  • Know how your efforts are performing with the analytics and reporting data you need, from opens and click-throughs to campaign revenue insights

Cross-Channel Capabilities: 

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social
  • Pop-ups

With the tools you need to manage your email marketing, SMS, and social media channels — you’ll have everything you need to create a cross-channel marketing experience with the Bronto platform. 

  1. Acoustic

Acoustic is a multichannel marketing platform that provides businesses with various services, including campaign management, personalization, content management, and insights. 

This platform will provide you with everything you need to grow your subscriber base, create personalized campaigns, and save time when it comes to connecting with your audiences through automation. 

Understand how your campaigns are performing and exactly where your new leads are coming from. With the help of the Acoustic platform, you can easily know how your growth efforts are going and what campaigns might not be working as well. Image courtesy of Acoustic.

Highlighted Capabilities: 

  • Create multichannel marketing campaigns at scale to grow your subscriber base across various channels 
  • Develop customized landing pages that attract new audiences and connect with your audiences with the content they’re looking for
  • Use customer insights to build personalized content through product recommendations and continue to nurture both new and old subscribers 
  • Visualize the cross-channel customer journey to understand each touchpoint and determine when a customer is most likely to make a purchase

Cross-Channel Capabilities: 

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social

Acoustic is an excellent platform for companies looking to use multichannel marketing and connect with their customers through various channels. 

Tips to Increasing Growth Across Multiple Channels

With cross-channel marketing, you have access to a plethora of customer data — which you can use to your advantage when trying to grow your subscriber lists. While it may be a bit more work to develop a growth strategy for multiple channels, you’ll likely find higher success rates connecting with your audiences through various outlets. 

If you’re focused on growing your subscriber base across multiple channels such as email and SMS, these are a few tips you’ll want to consider when building your cross-channel strategies. 

Understand Your Customer Needs Across Channels

To create highly engaging, successful cross-channel marketing campaigns that convert new subscribers, you must first understand your current customers.

Knowing what your current audiences like and dislike will provide insights into what potential audiences would be most interested in. This knowledge will then allow you to create effective growth marketing campaigns that convert more people. 

For many companies, identifying and unifying customer data across marketing channels can be a challenging task. But when it’s done right, it can be an extremely effective way to connect with new and existing audiences. 

Understanding customer data and behaviors doesn’t have to be the most challenging task on your list. With a platform that helps you collect and understand how people interact across various channels, you can easily turn this information into actionable insights. Image courtesy of 360 Magazine

Luckily, with the right marketing platform, the process of understanding the needs of your customers across channels is simplified. 

By looking at the data and analytics you’re collecting from each of your campaigns and channels, you can start to identify trends and learn what’s working. You can then implement those same strategies into your growth plan to reach new, similar audiences across all of your marketing channels. 

Here are a few examples of how you can implement this in your marketing efforts: 

  • Identify what types of coupons and discounts are most popular with your current audiences and promote them on social media to attract new subscribers
  • Learn what types of content interest your customers most and create a lead magnet that requires someone to subscribe to your emails to receive it 

Having insights into how your current customers are interacting with your content and what they’re most interested in is a great way to know what potential subscribers may be interested in. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Use the resources you already have to continue growing your subscriber lists. 

Cross-Promote Your Brand Across Channels

Chances are good, you already have audiences who are actively engaged with some of your marketing channels. Using these channels to cross-promote your brand will allow you to get in front of your customers where they’re most engaged and increase conversions. 

Cross-channel marketing has been proven to have a significant impact on conversion rates. By creating a comprehensive strategy across all of your channels, you’ll be able to reach engaged audiences and encourage them to join all of your subscriber lists. Image courtesy of Salesforce

Maybe that’s a strong following of customers on social media or your email subscriber list is booming. That engaged audience group is the perfect place to start to cross-promote your other channels. 

Send out emails promoting your SMS subscriber list or encourage your social media followers to join your email list for a special offer.

Keep in mind, though, when you’re cross-promoting your marketing channels, you need to make sure the content you’re providing is worth their while. That means you can’t just recycle content across every channel. Make each channel exclusive and provide subscribers with the benefit of joining multiple different lists. 

Cross-promoting your channels is a great way to get your other channels up and running with audiences you already know are engaging with your content. Starting here will give you the momentum you need to develop more aggressive campaigns that attract new subscribers. 

Email Marketing Platforms

Next up are the platforms that focus specifically on email marketing. 

If your goal for 2022 is just to increase your email subscriber list, then these are some of the platforms you’ll want to consider using. They focus on email marketing and will provide you with the tools you need to grow your list, improve personalization, and drive revenue growth with your emails. 

  1. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a marketing automation platform that makes it simple for you to grow your subscriber base, nurture audiences, and grow revenue. 

The ConvertKit platform provides you with everything you need to create highly engaging email campaigns and drive subscriber growth. Easily keep track of campaign success with a quick snapshot of how your campaigns are performing with a centralized dashboard. Image courtesy of ConvertKit

This platform is a great solution for businesses and individual creators that are looking for new ways to connect with their audiences and grow their brand. 

Highlighted Capabilities: 

  • Grow your subscriber base through custom landing pages that provide users with engaging content and easy access to lead magnets
  • Create personalized content to connect with your audiences on a deeper level and build stronger connections 
  • Make email creation simple with templates that you or anyone on your team can easily populate content on
  • Building sales funnels to turn your marketing efforts into revenue-driving campaigns that provide the results you’re looking for

If you’re looking for a marketing platform to elevate your email marketing efforts, ConvertKit is a great solution — especially for smaller businesses and individual content creators. 

  1. Gist

The Gist marketing platform provides you with everything you need to build an effective email strategy and continue to grow your subscriber base. 

Easily create email campaigns that interact with customers based on their real interactions and behaviors. This will allow you to provide the most relevant experience and increase the chances of conversion. Image courtesy of Gist

Gist will allow you to do everything from send targeted emails to your customers to capturing new leads and driving sales to increase revenue and everything in between. 

Highlighted Capabilities: 

  • Easily create opt-in forms with a simple visual builder that helps you convert new subscribers and help you reach your growth goals 
  • Send emails to your new subscribers that encourage them to engage and convert through broadcast and drip campaigns
  • Create emails that drive revenue through upselling and cross-selling opportunities and drive subscribers through the sales funnel
  • Automate your email marketing campaigns with visual workflows that engage with audiences based on their real-time interactions and behaviors

With everything you need to send highly effective email campaigns and the tools, you need to continue to grow your subscriber base — this tool provides you with it all. 

  1. Pabbly

Pabbly is an automation software that allows you to connect with your audiences through email marketing and continue to grow your subscriber list with a simple form-building tool.

Creating new, engaging emails doesn’t have to be a challenging task. With the easy-to-use email building tool, anyone on your team can quickly build new emails without having to have a specialty in design or coding. Image courtesy of Pabbly

Manage all of your email marketing efforts from one central location with the Pabbly software to connect with your current audiences while tapping into the form-building capabilities to continue to grow your list. 

Highlighted Capabilities: 

  • Quickly build various types of forms, from lead capture forms to grow your subscriber list to payment forms, event registration, and more 
  • Automate your email marketing efforts from nurturing campaigns to revenue-driving campaign efforts
  • Send automatic follow-up emails as autoresponders or re-engage subscribers who didn’t open your previous message
  • Track clicks and opens for all your email campaigns to understand how each message is performing and what your subscribers are most engaged with

If you’re looking for a platform that can help you drive subscriber growth through website forms and connect with your audiences through email marketing, this is a tool you’ll want to consider. 

Tips to Increasing Email Subscriber Growth 

If your main focus is growing your email subscriber list, then you’ll want to hone in on a few specific growth ideas. Knowing when to ask your audiences for their email address and what content is valuable enough for them to convert is the first step towards success. 

While there are plenty of different ways to reach new audiences and grow your subscriber list, we’ve shared two effective ways to continue growing your subscriber base. 

Add Pop-Ups to Your Website

Website pop-ups are a great way for you to reach new subscribers in a quick and effective way. 

You’ve most likely seen these on most of the websites you visit regularly. A quick pop-up that lets you know about an upcoming sale, special discount, or simply promotes joining an email list. 

There are a variety of different ways to grab the attention of your audiences. Here are a few common types of pop-up campaigns you can use to increase your subscribers: 

  • Exit-intent pop-ups that appear before someone leaves your site
  • Countdown pop-ups that add a sense of urgency to the request
  • Social proof pop-ups that include a customer review or positive rating
  • Floating bar pop-ups that offer an easy way to engage customers

Knowing what type of pop-up to integrate into your website and when to share it is important. When done right, you have the possibility to reach conversion rates as high as 9% — but most should expect conversion rates around 3%.  

When it comes to website pop-up form conversions, the top performers have the ability to reach up to 9%. But don’t be surprised if your campaigns don’t convert quite that well. As long as you’re getting around a 3% conversion rate, you’re still doing well. Image courtesy of Sumo

Many marketing automation platforms will allow you to easily integrate website pop-ups on your website and feed that data into your content management system. This will allow you to easily collect and manage customer data — and build highly relevant email marketing campaigns. 

Create Lead Magnets 

Lead magnets are another great way to drive conversions and increase your email subscriptions. 

A lead magnet is a high-quality piece of content that is valuable enough to your audiences for them to provide their email address. They’re typically a longer-form content piece that provides the reader with valuable information they cannot get elsewhere. 

Blogs, infographics, and videos are not good content candidates for lead magnets. They don’t provide the customer with enough value in exchange for requesting their email address. 

You’ll want to think about creating content like ebooks, whitepapers, and webinars when developing a lead magnet — but don’t forget you have to add value to it. Just making a whitepaper doesn’t mean it’s quality content your audiences want. 

This is a great flowchart that helps you determine whether your content is high enough quality to warrant gating. If it’s not, then you should consider another topic or content type for your subscriber building lead magnet. Image courtesy of Hubspot

Once you’ve determined if your content is lead magnet quality or not, then it’s time to start creating it. 

Here are a few tips to creating an effective lead magnet

  • Help solve a problem your customer is experiencing
  • Help your customer accomplish a win
  • Focus on one topic and provide detail and deep learnings
  • Make sure your content is digestible to keep readers engaged
  • Allow people to download the content on-demand from a landing page rather than wait for an email
  • Demonstrate your authority to build thought-leadership and credibility

When done right, lead magnets can bring in a large increase in subscribers in a short period of time. Having a growth strategy around creating and sharing lead magnets will allow you to not only continue to increase your email subscribers but also start to position your brand as a thought leader in your industry. 

SMS Marketing Platforms 

Last but not least, the platforms that focus on SMS marketing. 

Each of these platforms will provide you with everything you need to build a substantial SMS subscriber list and connect with your audiences regularly. Whether you want to integrate website pop-ups, use text to join campaigns, or run contests to attract new subscribers — these platforms can help you achieve your goals.

  1. Zingle

The Zingle messaging platform provides you with all the tools you need to connect with your customers via SMs messaging to drive engagement and revenue growth.

With the ability to personalize content and automate messages, staying connected with your customers has never been easier. You can easily build unique customer journeys that can elevate your customer experience and service. Image courtesy of Zingle

With Zingle you can easily convert leads and new business through group messaging, custom fields and profiles, and dynamic segmentation. 

Highlighted Capabilities: 

  • Use real-time personalization to have real conversations, increase engagement, and customer satisfaction through the messaging channels they prefer
  • Automate your messaging strategies through AI and intent recognition to increase staff efficiencies and streamline your operations 
  • Increase revenue through targeted promotions through identifying and serving the most relevant offers to your customers at the right time
  •  Increase conversions with mobile nurture campaigns that help you to build strong relationships and drive users towards completing a purchase

Whether you’re looking to improve customer engagement and drive more sales through targeted messages or want a messaging platform that will help elevate your customer service — Zingle is a great option. 

  1. SlickText

The SlickText marketing platform is a tool that will allow you to drive traffic, increase engagement, and boost revenue by sending text messages to your customers. 

SlickText provides you with a reliable shortcode service and will help you make converting new subscribers simple. It will provide you with the deliverability you’re looking for and the features you need to connect with your audiences. Image courtesy of SlickText

No matter what industry your company is in, SlickText has the resources you need to reach your audiences from retail, restaurant, schools, churches, and ministries, and more.

Highlighted Capabilities: 

  • Encourage new subscribers to join your SMS and MMS subscriber lists with text to win contests, text to join campaigns, and more 
  • Easily send mass text messages to all of your customers within minutes to keep everyone up to date on the latest news
  • Engage in two way text messaging conversations to let your subscribers reply to your campaigns and send you direct messages
  • Develop drip campaigns that nurture new subscribers and build relationships with continuous, automated interactions

SlickText is a great text messaging platform for businesses looking to increase their subscriber base and communicate with their customers most effectively via smartphones. 

  1. Community

Community is a text message marketing platform that makes it simple to start conversions with your audiences at scale and create experiences that leave an impression. 

Growing your subscriber list has never been easier. Simply embed a sign-up form on your website that asks for a customer to drop their number. From there you can start to learn more about them and create personalized experiences to improve future engagement. Image courtesy of Community

There are a variety of different ways that you can grow your SMS subscriber list with Community including, sign up forms, keyword enrollment campaigns, and more. 

Highlighted Capabilities: 

  • Use sign up forms to grow your subscriber base that are easy to embed on to your website and require only a 1 click sign up process 
  • Group your subscribers together based on their interests to ensure you’re sending the content they’re most interested in and want to see
  • Tap into message suggestions to find inspiration and new ideas on how to connect with your audiences 
  • Collect the data and campaign insights you need to learn more about your audiences and determine what is working and what’s not

If you’re looking for a versatile text marketing platform that will give you plenty of options to grow your subscriber list, create personalized messages, and increase engagement — definitely consider Community. 

Tips to Increasing SMS Subscriber Growth 

SMS marketing is a highly effective channel to engage with your audiences. But if you don’t have a solid subscriber base, then you might find your metrics aren’t quite what you were hoping to see. 

Luckily, there are a number of different ways you can work to grow your subscriber base and reach more audiences directly on their smartphones. Let’s take a look at two tips that will help you grow your SMS subscribers and see improved results. 

Provide Exclusive Incentives and Content

Asking someone to hand over their phone number is a little more personal than asking for an email address. This is often one of the reasons that you might have more success connecting with your audiences via email. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use SMS marketing as part of your strategy. It just means you need to make sure you’re providing your subscribers with content that is worth them giving away their personal phone number. 

One of the best ways to do this is through exclusive incentives and content. Give your SMS subscribers something no one else has, and then let those missing out on it know.

In fact, incentives and exclusive content are two of the top three reasons why people choose to subscribe to SMS marketing campaigns. 

Incentives and exclusive content work. They’re some of the top reasons why people subscribe to SMS marketing campaigns and keep people engaged and wanting more. By integrating these two things into your strategy, you’ll quickly notice an increase in subscribers. Image courtesy of Listrak

So when you’re trying to grow your subscriber list, think about what offers or content might entice your target audience to convert. Whether it’s an extra 20% off their order or access to a subscriber-only section of your blog — make it exciting and worth their time.

Use SMS Messages to Keep Customers Up-to-date

SMS messages are a great way to keep your customers up-to-date on everything from their order status to a reminder for an upcoming appointment. 

Receiving information on order details such as shipping, status, and service updates are some of the messages your customers are more interested in receiving. Appointment and event reminders also top that list of the messages people want to receive. Image courtesy of SimpleTexting

These types of messages work because they provide the customer with something that is relevant to their current needs. They update customers on a purchase they recently made or remind them about an upcoming appointment they may have made months ago.

Keeping customers up-to-date on their recent orders will help your company build a positive reputation. It’s been shown that 77% of consumers have a positive perception of companies that use text messages to keep them in the know. 

Consider sending these types of messages to keep your customers in the know: 

  • Order confirmations
  • Order status
  • Shipment tracking
  • Delivery details
  • Reminder messages

Anything you can update your customers on about a recent order will go a long way, but what happens if you don’t actually sell products — rather a service? Think appointment reminders. 

Appointment reminders are a great tool to let your customers know about an upcoming appointment they have and cut back on no-shows at your office. These can be used across various industries from healthcare to technical service appointments and everything in between. 

Make 2022 the Year of Subscriber Growth 

No matter what channels you’re looking to grow your subscriber base on, you’ll be more successful with the right tools. Choosing to invest in a marketing platform that can help you reach new audiences and continue to nurture them once they’ve converted will allow you to continue growing your digital presence. 

Knowing what you need now and into the future will help you know which platform is the best choice for you — but hopefully, this list gives you a good starting place to make 2022 a successful year for your brand. 

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