Planning A Wedding? Here’s How to Make People Remember the Party

If you're planning a wedding, chances are that it'll be one of the most memorable days of your life. It's also likely that you want to make sure everyone remembers the party! In this article, you will learn how to plan a memorable event and what steps to take in order to ensure people remember your party for years to come.

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Create A Trend With A Memorable Catchphrase 

Use social media to your advantage and create a special trend just for your special day. Try to make some awesome hashtags for weddings and use them to promote this event. Include all your guests and tell them to use it for all their posts. This way, your wedding will become even more popular and you can create a lot of social media buzz! You could also include some funny or interesting catchphrases which are related to this occasion in order to make the trend even better.

Creating a memorable catchphrase for planning weddings is an excellent idea since it will help people remember all about your special day. Use hashtags on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to promote upcoming events. Make sure that everyone knows about these hashtags by letting them know ahead of time so they won't miss out on anything fun! 

Have A Special Entrance 

Everyone will remember that first moment they see the bride and groom, so why not have some fun with it? Choreograph a special entrance to make planning a wedding even more fun and entertaining. First, think about the best way to get peopleโ€™s attention when you walk in the room (without having them stare at your back). Whether it is with bubbles or confetti, planning ahead for that one moment will be worth it! Make sure everyone knows what you are doing so they can get into character beforehand. You do not want half of your guests thinking this was planned but really spontaneous!

Here are some ideas:

  • WWE Wrestlers music 
  • Football players 
  • Ballet
  • Flashmob 
  • Dance routine for the newlyweds 
  • Parachute entrance 
  • Limo 

Create A Special Theme 

Make a special theme both you and your partner would enjoy reflecting your personalities and decorate the venue that way. It is important that you plan a memorable wedding party by planning ahead and creating a special theme that suits both of you for an unforgettable experience on the big day! 

You can probably find a place in your town that allows for custom-made decorations that will be unique to your special day. Young couples from all around Texas like to find an event venue in Austin that's flexible and allows them to adjust the space to their own taste. Work closely with them to make sure everything looks nice and is functional!

It can be something like having lots of pink flowers with fairy lights to create the perfect atmosphere or planning to have ice sculptures at every table instead of traditional centerpieces. Be sure what kind of decoration goes well with your venue though; it needs to suit its surroundings as much as possible! 

Include Unconventional Food 

The food at your wedding doesn't have to be boring and traditional. There are many ways to make your wedding food unique and memorable for guests, such as including unconventional foods that people may not expect at a wedding party or planning the menu around an interesting theme.

You can also try making some of the dishes yourself! If you want to serve Greek cuisine at your reception, consider doing this by cooking up recipes like spanakopita (spinach pie), baklava (a dessert made with layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened), kalamata olives, lamb chops marinated in oregano and garlic, tzatziki sauce (cucumber yogurt dip) and Greek salad.

This will allow you to have a more personal wedding, especially if you're planning on making the recipes from scratch. If this is too ambitious for you, consider planning your menu around a common type of cuisine (such as Italian or Chinese), and then asking the caterer to make your favorite dishes within that type of cuisine.

Don't Limit Yourself To Cliche Wedding Songs 

Add some rock'n'roll in the mix and get a band that will make people remember the party. Keeping it simple is great, but planning a memorable wedding should not be limited to just this idea. 

Don't limit yourself to cliche wedding songs. Rock'n'roll, jazz, or pop, are great options to consider when planning the entertainment for your big day, as people are sure to remember it afterward. 

There's no need to have the same old string quartet or DJ playing over and over again at weddings nowadays. Planning a memorable wedding should not be limited by these ideas.

Make An After-Movie 

Your guests won't be able to forget your wedding if you give them a copy of the after-movie. It's a really fun and inexpensive way to give your guests something special that they will keep for many years to come, as well as remind them of the party you threw!

Don't just film it with one camera- hire someone or set up several cameras because there are so many fun things you don't want to miss out on. Make sure to include lots of fun details, speeches, and important moments throughout the day!

Your wedding is your special day and if you make a trend about it on the Internet it will be even more so so get some good hashtags in there. Make a special entrance with your partner and have a theme that reflects both of you. Serve some unconventional food and have a better playlist. Another great thing to do is to create an after-movie. Have fun and enjoy your special day!

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