Pirate Baby Shower: Our Baby Bash {Details}

I wrote yesterday about the co-ed baby bash that was graciously thrown for us and shared all the details about how the party went down… now there are some details that were put together by the moms, Jen, and I did help… a little. I can’t help myself!


Like I mentioned before… it was at a local Irish pub. Maybe not baby shower appropriate… but baby BASH perfection! ๐Ÿ˜‰

That day’s beer selection. They always have good cider. I’m certainly missing that! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Cake #1 — Made by the husband’s relative. A cannon complete with cannon balls! LOL
Cake #2 — A marble Publix cake. Nom nom nom. I ate a piece every day for a week until I forced myself to throw it away.
Favor bags all lined up in a row…on the bar. Ha!
What was inside: A lollipop, a snack size bag of Pirate’s Booty [major props to Jen for finding these! My local stores were sold out and they seemed to be nonexistent in the Tampa area!], and…. a little bottle of Captain Morgan Rum…. hey, it was a pirate party….
We had extra mini bottles so those became prizes for some of the games…and well, handed out to whomever until they were gone…
Some prizes. These were beer steins with pirate-y stickers filled with a pirate tote and more Captain Morgan!
The tote unwrapped. We had “girl” prizes and “boy” prizes. The girls had a tote with a daiquiri blue cup inside and three pouches of those various frozen drinks… a daiquiri, a margarita, and something that I MUST TRY — a frozen wine pouch. Must have.

The “games” we played [I didn’t really want there to be that many GAMES… I wanted us more to just hang out but I thought we figured out some cute ideas that weren’t too boring]:

  • First to arrive
  • Last to leave [though by that point we had a group of people not wanting to go home so we had to draw random numbers… ;)]
  • Baby bottle game
  • The two guessing games on the table [Guess Cannon’s birthday and Guess how much candy is in the jar]
  • Baby Bingo!
Everyone filling out their cards

The Guestbook:

A copy of Where the Wild Things Are. I asked the husband what his favorite children’s book was and he didn’t hesitate and selected this one. I do love the illustrations [who doesn’t?!] but it also had a lot of nice open pages for signatures. ๐Ÿ™‚
Signing the guestbook!
And, just for fun, this sign was hanging up near the party area…
Gotta love it.

I am so thrilled to have had a great get together back home and am glad we were able to catch up with friends! Now that July is here and the baby bump is getting bigger… it’s crazy to think first off, how far we have come and also … that we could have a baby pretty soon. I have my good days and my bad days as far as how I’m feeling…but overwhelmingly they have been good. I hope there aren’t any curve balls up ahead but we have made it this far and are doing well! Though… I think it’s time to go… the only thing about this pregnancy that has been annoying is how badly I want SWEETS all the time. I need Ben & Jerry’s. Now.

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